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Taliaferro Will Book A (1826 1866) 1043 1058
Taliaferro Will Book B (1866 1922) 1058 1071
Taliaferro Will Book C (1922 1949) 1072 1080
Taliaferro Will Book D (1949 8/6/1956) 1080 1084

Taliaferro Co. Will Book A (1826 1866)

JOHN ANDERSON, 9/24/1831: 3/6/1837. page 14 15.
Children: James F. Anderson, Lydia Anderson, Faithy Anderson, Lucy Anderson. Exr: 3
daughters and Nolen R. Lewis. Wits: Sherod Towns. William R. Luckett, Walter Nunnelee.

ARMISTEAD ATKINSON , 5/18/1830: 11/27/1832. pp, 86 87.
Wife: Sally T. Atkinson. Children: William A. Atkinson, Elizabeth T., Wife of John W. Battle,
Katharine T., Wife of R. I. Dickinson. Exr: Wife: Sally, John W. Battle, R. I. Dickinson. Wits:
Jonathan S. Hogue, Absalom Janes, James H. Ragan, Felix G. Callaway.

JAMES BALLARD, 11/5/1826: 12/1/1826. page 12.
Children: James Ballard, Elijah Ballard and issue: James A., Thomas H., Elizabeth A., John J.,
William, and Daniel S. Son in law: Britton Womack. Exr: Elijah Ballard. Wits: Chesley
Bristow, Singleton Harris, Matthew Stewart.

WILLIAM S. BATTLE, 12/22/1826: 9/1/1828. page 45 49.
Wife: Sarah Battle. Children: Joseph John Battle, Jesse Brown Battle, Selina Countes Bunkley,
John William Battle, Serena Ragan Stroud, Lazarus Whitehead Battle, Sarah Carter, Susan
Fawsett Long. Grdau: Susan Battle Mercer, dau of Hermon Mercer. Exr: sons Jesse and John,
son in law William Stroud. Wits: James Claxton, Wiley Allen, Larkin R. Gunn.

CHARLES BEAZLEY, 4/21/1856: 1/24/1863. pp, 296 299.
Wife: Catharine Beazley, dau of John Stewart, decd, of Virginia. Children by decd 1st Wife:
William A. Beazley, Waiter A. Beazley, Edmund N. Beazley, Charles A. Beazley. Children by
present Wife. Mary F. E. Overton, John S. Beazley, Frederick S. Beazley, Arthur G. Beazley,
Julia C. Beazley, Isabella H. Beazley, and Emma J. Beazley. Exr: John S. Beazley and William
A. Beazley. Wits: Alex. H. Stephens, Guinea O'Neal, and Singleton Harris.

FRANCIS BILLINGSLEA, 10/11/1847: 10/4/1852. page 212 219.
Wife: Lucinda. Children: Cyrus, Francis Alex., James and his dau, Sarah S. Exr: Garland
Wingfield, Lucinda Billingslea, Francis Alex. Billingslea. Wits: Alexander H. Stephens, Edward
W. Alfriend, George B. Bird.

BUFORD BIRD, 9/13/1851: 11/7/1853. page 226 228.
Children: George L., Gustavus H., Philemon, Buford, Wily, Mary Catharine, Matilda Lane,
Frances Elizabeth Ware (decd) and issue: Mary and Leviney. Exr: George L. Bird, Gustavus H.
Bird, Philemon Bird. Wits: Thomas B. King, L. E. Moore, E. W. O'Neal.

DR. GEORGE L. BIRD, 10/23/1858: 12/6/1858. page 259 260.
Wife: Martha. Children: George, Buford E., Catharine, Mary E. Bros: Philemon. Exr: Wife:
Martha and George F. Bristow. Wits: Esau Ellington, Charles W. Gee. George H. Downing.

JOHN L. BIRD, 10/1/1853: 11/7/1853. page 232 233.
Bros: George B. Bird. Sis: Sarah F. Baker. Legatee: Alexander H. Stephens. Exr: Alexander H.
Stephens. Wits: Francis A. Billingslea, A. G. Grier, George L. Bird.

WILLIAMSON BIRD, 5/2/1839: 1/2/1843. page 172 174.
Wife: Harlow. Children: Williamson, Jr., Sarah, and Frances. Grson: Williamson B. Lawson.
Exr: Wife: Harlow, Williamson Bird, Jr., Alex. H. Stephens. Wits: Thomas Chaffin, Quinea
O'Neal, A. G. Stephens.

Taliaferro Co. Will Book A (1826 1866)

THOMAS D. BOROM, 4/7/1843: 9/5/1843. page 173 176,
Property divided between Wife: and children, not named. Exr: George Telly, James Googer,
Alexander H. Stephens. Wits: Thomas Chaffin, James A. Thornton, E. W. Alfriend. Wit to
Codicil : Margaret Z. Woodall, Dorothy Reynolds, A. H. Stephens.

BENJAMIN B. BOWLES , 1/5/1836: 11/7/1836. page 111 112.
Mother: Amelia Bowles. Sis: Mary Bennett. Bros: H. P. Bowles and issue, Benjamin, Mary, and
Sary, Others Unidentified: Jesse Bowles, Kerdelia, Anaitia Bowles, John Bowles. Exr: William
T. Fluker. Wits: John Lunceford, Edward Meadows, Jesse C. West.

JOHN J. BOWLES, 5/26/1827: 7/2/1827. page 21 23.
Mother: Amelia Bowles. Sis: Mary Bennett. Bros: Benjamin B. and Henry P. Exr: Benjamin B.
Bowles. Wits: John Lunceford, John Boswell, John Harrison.

MYLES BURK, 9/18/1837: 1/1/1838. p, 130.
Wife: Nancy. Children: Thomas. Exr: son Thomas. Wits: William R. Luckett, Hugh Ward,
Terence Roarke. Legatee: Roman Catholic Church of Locust Grove (now located at Sharon).

FRANCIS BUTLER, 8/10/1829: 7/5/1830. page 71 73.
Children: Edward Butler, Hannah Butler, Mary. Wife of John Rudicell, Ann, Wife of James
Wooten, and Mourning, Wife of James Daniel. Other Legatee: Edmond Butler. Exr: son Edmond
M., son in law John Rudicell. Wits: John P. Claxton, Benjamin Jones, William Hightower.

JOSEPH CAMPBELL, 9/22/1843: 11/14/1843. page 176.
Children: Joseph, William H., John P., James R., Martha, Caroline Taylor, and Harriett Allison.
Exr: Joseph Campbell. Wits: William Matter, Fleet Fallin, Elisha Moore.

JOHN CHAPMAN, 7/22/1857: 5/6/1860. page 266 268.
Wife: Rachel B. Chapman. Bros: S. W. Chapman. Children: Susan M. Alln and Sarah Jane
Chapman, children of Ist Wife: (mentions the girl's grandfather King); William C., Samuel N.,
John T., Rachel Ann Judson Chapman (by 2nd Wife:). Exr: William C. Chapman, Samuel N.
Chapman, John T. Chapman. Wits: Samuel W. Chapman. Josiah R. Henry, Jackson Henry.

THOMAS CHAPMAN, 10/25/1852,: 11/7/1853. page 228 231.
Wife: Sarah. Children: Nathan and his dau Elizabeth, William H. and his children, Nancy
Reynolds and her dau Georgia Ann, James R. Exr: William H Chapman, Alexander H. Stephens.
Wits: John L. Bird, Peter G. Rhone, D. A. Williams. Wits to Codicil: Jesse Spikes, Benjamin
Jones, Greene Baker.

Taliaferro Co. Will Book A (1826 1866)

JAMES CHIVERS, 11/22/1826 : 9/3/1827, page 34 35.
Wife: Sally E. Children: Eliza May Bruce Chivers. Cordelia Ann Chivers, Sarah H. J. Chivers.
James Thomas Chivers. Joel Josiah Robert Chivers, William Richard Francis Chivers. Legatee:
Frances E. Daniel. dau of William S. and Nancy E. Morgan, of Putnam Co. Exr: Robert Chivers,
James D. Gresham. Wits: Daniel Owen. Zelotes Adams. Francis Wilkerson.

ELIZABETH CHRISTOPHER, 4/21/1827 : 12/8/1829, page 67 68.
Late of Greene County. GrChildren: Thomas. Christopher. Polley. Nancy. Elizabeth, and Fanny.
Exr: Richard Asbury. Wits: Daniel Bethune. Thomas Hart. Cordial N. Daniel.

CHARITY COLCLOUGH, 10/28/1846. : 11/12/1846. Ppage 192 193. Children: John.
Alexander, William. Charles H., Patsy, Wife of Simon Morris. Elizabeth. widow of Harrison
O'Neal, decd., and Rachael. Wife of John Chapman. Exr: sons Alexander and William. Wits:
Singleton Harris, Reuben H. Stewart, William F. Stewart.

SYLVESTER B. J. CRATIN, 1/8/1834: 11/2/1835. page103 104.
Wife: Eliza. Children: not named. Gdn: Thomas Foster. Exr: Eliza Cratin. Quinea O'Neal,
Thomas Chaffin. Wits: Pearse O'Leary, John W. Birdsong. C. A. Wheeler.

BENJAMIN CRENSHAW,6/13/1850 : 7/8/1850.Warren Co.,copied in Taliaferro Record. Page
Wife: Polly. Children: Ann Allen. Elizabeth Baker. Mary Allen, Henry Crenshaw. Joseph
Crenshaw, Benjamin Crenshaw (decd) and issue.Grson: Benjamin Beckwith. GR DAU: Mary
Ann Darden. Others mentioned: Elisha Allen, Elbert Darden. Exr: Linton Stephens. Wits: James
Wynne. Jethro Darden, and Howell Hight.

HENRY A. DANIEL, 10/6/1827: 11/5/1827, page 14 15.
Wife: Mary. Bros: Gideon Woodruffe. Exr: Wife: Mary. Wits: J. W. Perkins. Henry Perkins.
Simeon Meadows.

JOHN DANIEL,12/11/1839 : 12/26/1844, page 186 188.
Children: Jane C., Wife of John B. Leonard, Mary Ann. Wife of Joseph Billups, Wife: and
children of William H. Daniel, decd.Nephew: William B. Ellington. Exr: William B. Ellington,
J. B. Leonard, Joseph Billups. Wits: Silas Stevens. George G. Morriss, Tyre G. Ellington. Wits to
Codicil: G. G. Morriss, Reubin S. Mitchell, J. F. Neely.

JESSE DARDEN, 6/5/1855 : 6/9/1856, page 247 248.
Names 4 children had by a colored woman Named Rose, now the property of Jethro Darden. and
named Alphonso. Gilbert, Hilary, Almira. Exr: David E. Darden. Wits: Joshua Morgan, William
J. Flynt, Augustus W. Flynt.

Taliaferro Co. Will Book A (1826 1866)

WILLIAM DARDEN, 1/2/1839: 6/6/1842, page 166 168.
Children: Lucinda, Wife of Benjamin F. Nunnelee, Caroline, Wife of Henry H. Kirkland,
Elizabeth Ann, Wife of William A. Morris, Mary Ann. Wife of Absalom Gresham, Abner,
William F. Exr: sons Abner and William F. Wits: Silvester V. Luckett, John Harris, Patrick

JAMES B. DARRACOTT, 5/8/1850: 9/1/1851. page 210 212.
Wife: Tabitha. Children: Sarah Ann, John W., and Elizabeth C. Cunningham. Exr: John B.
Darracott, Garland Wingfield, William M. Harrison. Wits: Quinea O'Neal, Linton Stephens,
John T. Bristow.

PAUL DAVIDSON, 8/9/1859: 9/5/1859. page 263 264.
Wife: Sarah. Children: Sarah Burtha, Arthur C., Mary D., Henrietta J., and infant daughter
unnamed. Nephew: Stephen Jackson, of Burke Co. Exr: William A. Dyer. Wits: William C.
Wright, John A. Durham, Thomas J. Overton. Note: James A. Flynt was appointed guardian to
the 3 oldest children, Mary, Henrietta, and Arthur.
SALLEY DAVIS, 4/3/1827: 2/15/1828, page 43 44.
Bros: Thomas Edwards. Sis: Elizabeth Dunn. Exr: brother Thomas. Wits: B. M. Sanders, G.
Scott, and William Davis.

HENRY DEWBERRY, February 1826: 1/11/1827, page 14 15.
Wife: Martha. Exr: William Darden. Wits: James H. McFarland, Robert R. Hammack, John

SEABOURN DOSSEY, (no date): 6/11/1838, page 142.
Bros: Lemuel and William Dossey. Sis: Rebeccah Pearson. Exr: brothers. Wits: A. B. Linton,
James Davis, Joseph S. Foster.

WILLIAM DOSSEY, 10/5/1841: 6/8/1842, page 165.
Mother: Nancy Lawson. Sis: Rebecca Pearson. Half Bros: John Lawson Tatum. Other Legatee:
Francis H. Cone. Exr: Francis H. Cone. Wits: William T. Fuker, H. P. Bowles, John J. Bowles.

ELIJAH EVANS, 7/12/1838: 11/5/1838, page 143.
Children: Judith H., Jeremiah, Robert S., George, John, Martha Dawsey. Ann H. Freeman, and
Sarah S. Hixson. Exr: John Harrison. Wits: Williamson Bird, David H. Culp, John F. Neely.

REBECCA JANE EVANS, 6/9/1854: 9/5/1854, page 238 239.
All property to her mother, not named. Mrs. Rebecca Wiggins. Wits: Absalom Rhodes, John
Rhodes, Sr., Henry A. Perkins. Dr. John H. Trippe.

Taliaferro Co. Will Book A (1826 1866)

WILLIAM EVANS, SR., 3/24/1849: 9/10/1841, page 161 162.
Children: Absalom, William Jr., Jesse, David, Elijah, John, Tabitha Evans Irby, Elizabeth Evans
Irby, Nancy Evans Bickers, Emily Evans Rhodes, Martha Evans Leverett, and Rachel Evans
Ray. Exr: son John and son in law William Rhodes. Wits: Asbury Ogletree, Richard A.
Ogletree, and Williamson Hampton.

CHARLES FALLIN, 10/10/1837: 1/8/1838, page 132 133. Wife: Mary. Children: Mary, Charles
B., and Rebecca Chandler. Exr: Wife: and son. Wits: Fleet Fallin, Elizabeth Moore. Elisha

JAMES FARMER, 2/10/1853: 3/7/1853, page 222 224.
Wife: Sinthia. Children: Martha A.. Silvester J., Mary Jane. Wife of John F. Mims. Deida. Wife
of James Lockett, and Lucinda Harrell. Other legatee: Henry Perkins, son of Nancy Perkins. Exr:
son Sylvester and John F. Mims. Wits: Peter C. Rhone. Daniel A. Williams, Jos. D. Hammack.

GILBERT GATLIN , 10/27/1843: 11/1/1843, page 178.
Bros: Garrett Gatlin. Others: brothers and sisters (not named), Oglethorpe University. Exr:
brother. Wits: Alex King. Silas Stevens. John B. Lennard.

HENRY B. GIBSON, (no date) : 3/7/1831, page 77 78.
Named (no relations given): Augustus H. Gibson. Springer Gibson. Robert C. Gibson. Fenton M.
Gibson, Peter L. Gibson. Felix G. Gibson and Wife: Blanche. Exr: A. H. Gibson, Springer
Gibson, and F. M. Gibson. Wits: Swepston C. Jeffries. Sherod Towns. Isaac N. Guise.

JOHN GIBSON, 4/11/1826: 2/6/1827, page 41 42.
Wife: Mildred. Children: Benjamin, George. Mildred Bull, Lucinda Maddox, Matilda Allison,
Sarah Lewis and her husband Jacob Lewis. Grson: Owen Willis. Other Legatees: Thornton
Gibson's children. Exr: A. Lewis. David Allison. Wits: F. Ficklen, M. D., John Dewberry, and
Robert Allison.

JAMES D. GRESHAM, 12/26/1829. : 1/11/1830, page 68 69.
Wife: Mary. Children: Nancy E., Jane Y.. James D., Mary Lovicia Ann, Sarah Ann, John
Caroline D. Gresham Nunnelee. Exr: Archibald G. Janes, John H. Gresham. Wits: Thomas W.
Gresham. David Ellington. Edward Janes.

BRIG. GEN. AARON W. GRUER , 1/13/1864 : 4/4/1864, page 304 306. Wife: Malinda.
Children: Aaron G.. Waiter P. and James A. (of Warren Co.). Exr: Walter P. Grier and
Alexander H. Stephens (a nephew). Wits: James M. Triplett. Owen D. Moore, and John T.


Taliaferro Co. Will Book A (1826 1866)

MARTHA GRIFFIN, 6/16/1859: 11/4/1861, page 282 286.
Wife: deceased. not named. Children: Patrick Henry, James (of Miss.). Thomas H., John
England. Robert Emmett, Ann Elizabeth. Josephine. Sarah Semmes. William O. S. (decd). Exr:
son James. Patrick H., and A. H. Stephens. Wits: Charles W. Gee. Esau Ellington. Quinea
O'Neal. "Son John England Griffin to be sent to Georgetown College. D. C.

GEORGE W. GUNN, 10/28/1850. : 12/2/1850, page 208 209.
Wife: Eliza Elizabeth. Children: Richard Jefferson, Nancy Ann, Elizabeth Treasie Ann, Sarah
Frances, and Georgia Ann. Uncle: Jonathan Gunn. Exr: Wife: and uncle. Wits: William Gunn,
William N. Gunn. E. W. Alfriend.

WILLIAM GUNN, SR., 2/2/1854 : 4/3/1854, page 234 235.
Wife: Pleasants. Children: William N.. Richard, Nancy. John R., and Mary Askin. Exr: sons
William N. and Richard, son in law Frederick E. Askin. Wits: William Rhodes, Nathan Gilbert,
Absalom Rhodes.

JOHN HALL, 1/25/1825 (Greene Co.) : 9/5/1826, page 8 10.
Wife: Lucy. Gr Children: John Hall Todd. Henry Wareing Todd. Aphiah F. B. Todd. Ann Waring
Beatie and her father John J. Beatie. Exr: John J. Beatie, John Hall Todd. Wits: James Peek.
Henry Collier, John Oliver.

LUCY HALL, 1/17/1833: 11/17/1834, page 99 100.
Gr Children: John Hall Todd. of Florida; Henry W. Todd. "of this county"; Aphiah B. Todd
Fauntleroy; Ann W. H. Beatie. Exr: Henry W. Todd. Wits: F. G. Callaway, Ruben Jackson.

JOSEPH HARRISON, 2/26/1828: 3/3/1834, page 92.
Wife: Elizabeth. Children: William M. Harrison. Exr: son William M. Wits: Loedishe Harrison,
William Rhodes, Henry Perkins.

MARY HARRISON, 11/9/1837 : 1/1/1844, page 177.
Children: Mary, John. Wits: Edward Meadows, Daniel H. Meadows, Silas M. Meadows.

ELI HART, 5/17/1831: 7/9/1831, page 81 83.
Mother: not named. Sis: Mary. Rebecca. Bros: Samuel, James (decd). Exr: brother Samuel. Wits:
Ann Page Hardin. James Read. James M. Fannin.

SUSANNAH HART, 11/22/1830 : 5/1/1837, page 115 116.
Children: Samuel and Eli. Legatees: John Hart and his son Samuel; William Hart. Rebecca Hart.
Mary Hart; Nathan Chapman's children. especially son Samuel W.; Benjamin Chapman's
children: Thomas Chapman's children; James Veazey's children: orphans of James Hart. decd.,
of Illinois. Exr: sons Samuel and Eli. Wits: William Johnson. Eliz. Jones. and Malcom
Taliaferro Co. Will Book A (1826 1866)

MATTHEW HOWELL, 6/4/1840: 2/2/1841, page 157 158.
Nephew: Abram R. and John J. Howell. Exr: Abram R. Howell. Wits: Samuel Johnson. William
Johnson. Silas M. Johnson, Ashfield Johnson.

MATTHEW C. HOWELL, 8/18/1834 : 9/6/1834, page 93.
Wife: Sarah M. Children: Samuel Armstrong and Mary Jane Howell. Exr: William Johnson.
Wits: Jesse O'Neal, Albert A. Simonton, James V. Crier.

ELENOR HUTTON, 6/20/1825 (Wilkes Co.): 7/5/1826, page 3 5.
Dau: Elizabeth Cohorn. Exr: John W. Butler. Wits: Charles Wingfield. Charles Pettus, Thomas
W. Butler.

MARTHA IRBY, 11/8/1864 : 1/9/1865, page 313 314.
Mother: Tabitha Irby. Sis: Elizabeth Virginia Broom and dau Martha Florence. Exr: Dr. John S.
Beazley. Wits: Silas M. Echols, William Heard, Waiter A. Overton.

SIMEON R. JANES, 12/2/1837: 3/9/1838, page 133 135.
Wife: Elizabeth. Children: Mary. Lovicia Ann Elizabeth. Martha Selah Henrietta. Exr: William
D. Cowdrey, Absalom Janes. Wits: E. H. Richardson. Mary Richardson. Page L. Janes.

WILLIAM JANES, 3/16/1827 : 9/3/1827, page 31 33
Wife: Selah. Children: Thomas G., Absalom, Edward. Archibald G., William Jr., Simeon R.,
Selah G., David H., Mary Ann Frances, Lovicia Janes Mercer, Susannah Janes Calloway,
Elizabeth Janes Gibson. Exr: sons Thomas. Absalom, and Archibald. Wits: James B. Marlow,
Archibald Gresham, Jonathan Davis.

JOHNSON TERRELL JARRETT, 1/7/1853 : 1/22/1853, page 246 247.
Wife: Malinda. Sis: Louisa Arnold of this county and Sophronia Bowen. of Randolph Co. Bros:
George W. Jarrett. Exr: Wife: and brother. Wits: J. J. Robertson, James Smith, A. C. Harrison.

SWEPSTON C. JEFFRIES, 9/14/1837 : 11/6/1837, page 127 128.
Wife: not named. Parents mentioned.. Sis: Permelia and Julia Ann. Exr: John Dewberry, Joel E.
Mercer, Jonathan Davis. Wits: Simon Morris, Gustus Lockett, and Thomas R. Simmons.

ANNA JOHNSON , 9/8/1855: 3/1/1858, page 254 255.
Children: Mary P., Celia Ann, Tabitha Louisa, and Martha Aletha Crawford. Grdau: Martha A.
C. Johnson. Exr: daughter Tabitha and William W. Moore. Wits: Samuel Johnson, Jr., Samuel
A. Howell, William W. Moore.

Taliaferro Co. Will Book A (1826 1866)

CINCINNATUS JOHNSON, 3/3/1862 : 3/2/1863, page 299 301.
Sis: Malinda. Wife of Gen. Aaron W. Grier. Bros: Charles M. Johnson. Exr: Aaron W. Grier.
Wits: S. H. Perkins, Seaborn N. Acree, Edmund N. Beazley, and George F. Bristow.

SAMUEL JOHNSON, 3/19/1858: 5/3/1858, page 256 258.
Bros: Silas M. Johnson and issue: Samuel Johnson and Catharine Reynolds, William Johnson;
Ashfield Johnson and issue: Narcissa Humphrey; John Johnson (decd) and issue: William
Samuel and John F. Johnson and Mary Cain Armstrong. Sis: Hannah Parker. Elizabeth Caine.
and Susan Slaughter. Nephew: Silas M. Johnson and son Samuel. William P. Johnson and son
Samuel.Niece: Marinda H. W. Moore (decd) and son Samuel J. Moore. Almirea Howell and
Mary Jane Moore. Cou: Mary Adkinson and son Samuel. Others: Newton Humphrey and Sam
Howell. Exr: Samuel Johnson, Samuel A. Howell, William W. Moore. Wits: Seaborn L. Jordan,
John Johnson, and John W. Reynolds.

SARAH JOHNSON, 8/21/1841: 5/5/1845, page 184 185.
Children: Elizabeth Greeson (decd) and issue: Martha Ann, Paschal, Lucy Mariah. and Archibald
Butts Greeson, Sarah Harty (decd) and issue: Honora and Edmund Harty, Mary Jane. William
Joseph, and Ann Elizabeth O'Kelly. Father: Howell Bite, decd. Exr: Abner Darden. Wits:
Silvester V. Luckett and Ann Sheffield.

BARTHOLOMEW JOHNSTON, 5/15/1826 : 7/3/1826, page 6 7.
Wife: Sarah. Children: Jesse, Nancy. Polly, John, Betsey, Mariah, Hessy, and Cartwright. Exr:
Wife: Sarah and sons Jesse. John, and Cartwright. Wits: A. Bennett. Micajah Bennett. John J.

BARNABAS JONES, 7/22/1864 : 10/3/1864, page 307 308.
Wife: Harriett. Children: not named. Exr: Harriett Jones and Lawson Stewart. Wits: Lawson
Stewart, Oliver S. Stewart. and Washington J. Rees.

BENJAMIN JONES, SR , 8/3/1863: 9/7/1863, page 252 253 and 302 303.
Wife: Mary. Children: Henry B., Seaborn J., John N. T.. Martha T., wife of Dr. Reuben F. Seay.
and Nancy Ingram, deceased. GrChildren: Ella Frances Jones and William Paschal. Exr: Henry
B. Jones, John N. T. Jones. Seaborn J. Jones. Wits: James Sharpage, Henry L. Sharpage, Henry
D. Smith.

ELIZABETH JORDAN, 5/29/1852: 9/2/1861, page 278 279.
Son: Seaborn L. Jordan. Exr: son. Wits: John W. Reynolds. Phabian M. Hart, Theophilus Pearce.

ALEXANDER KEENAM , 2/2/1838: 5/6/1839, page 150.
Wife: Claricy. Children: Parmealy S. Morris and Luranah W. Johnson. Exr: Francis O. Smith.
Wits: Elizabeth Lightfoot, Anderson J. Lightfoot, and J. A. Lightfoot.

Taliaferro Co. Will Book A (1826 1866)

JACOB B. KENDRICK, 12/8/1842 : 1/11/1848, Page 200.
Wife: Eleanor. Children: Martha A. Arnett and Others not named. Exr: Aaron T. Kendrick. Wits:
Joseph Brooke, John W. Gossett, James R. Brooke.

RACHAEL KING, 6/9/1854 : 11/6/1865, page 315 316.
Dau: Elvy. Wife of Jackson Henry, other children not named. Exr: Jackson Henry and John
Chapman. Wits: Z. F. Bishop, Josiah R. Henry, and Rebecca C. Henry.

JOHN A. LIGHTFOOT, 1/30/1855 : 12/5/1855, page 244 245.
Wife: Asenath. Children: Anderson J., Allen, William, Edwin, John (and daughter Catharine),
and Collin Lightfoot (and daughter Julie). Exr: William W. Moore and Elisha P. Jarrell. Wits: E.
P. Jarrell. J. D. Moore, and R. F. Jackson. Jr.

CAGE LITTLE, 11/9/1837: 1/8/1838, page 129 130.
Bros: Littleberry and William Little. Exr: brothers. Wits: Joel E. Mercer (only one).

DAVID LOCKETT, 1/13/1829 : 3/2/1829, page 50 53.
Wife: Mary. Children: James R., Catharine. Mary, Martha, and Eliza. Wife of James Gassaway.
mentioned, William Cothron. Exr: Mary Lockett, James R. Lockett, and William Peek. Wits:
William Little, William T. Quinlan, and Henry B. Thompson.

ELIZABETH LUCKETT, 9/4/1837: 1/7/1839, page 144 146.
Children: Mariah, Mary Ann, Andrew, Sylvester V., and Eliza Griffin. Son in law: James
Tarley. Grchildren: Elizabeth and Sophiah McSwinney. Exr: Sylvester V. Luckett. Wits: Peter
Whelan R. C. Priest, Robert O'Reilly, and Hugh Ward.

THOMAS H. LUCKETT, 10/4/1827: 1/7/1828, page 39 40.
Wife: Elizabeth. Children: Sylvanus and Others not named. Bros: William R. Luckett. Exr:
Wife: son (above). and brother. Wits: John Barrey, Joseph Brooke, and Micajah Crenshaw.

WILLIAM LUNCEFORD , 8/7/1827: 9/7/1829, page 59 62.
Wife: Barbara. Children: Fidella, Washington, Ruben, Barbara Hollan, Polly, John, Hoziel, and
Esther Mabry. Grdau: Nancy Ann Thompson. Exr: Peter Lunceford. William Lunceford. Wits:
Thomas Wilkinson, John Sigis, William Robertson.

JAMES LYLE, 5/16/1862: 5/6/1864, page 311 312.
Wife: Mary Jane. Children: Mary Elizabeth and Others not named. Exr: Wife:. Wits: George F.
Bristow, Absalom Rhodes, and John Rhodes. Jr.

ANDERSON MADDOX, 9/13/1826 : 9/3/1827, page 29 30.
Parents: William and Anna Maddox. Wits: James Seay, Elizabeth Edge, H. B. Thompson,


Taliaferro Co. Will Book A (1826 1866)

JAMES S. MADDOX, 3/5/1838: 3/16/1838, page 136 137.
Wife: Elizabeth. Bros: John. Exr: Gilchrist Overton. Wits: A. H. Stephens, T. Foster, Thomas
Wynne. Jr., T. C. Overton, and W. J. Overton.

WALTER MADDOX, 6/17/1837 : 7/3/1837, page 116 117.
Estate to friends Mr. and Mrs. George Tilley and their daughters Sarah and Virginia Tilley. Exr:
George Tilley. Wits: William H. Chapman. J. B. Darracott, Swepston C. Jeffries.

WILLIAM MADDOX, 10/2/1832 : 11/2/1835, page 105 107.
Wife: Anna. Children: James, John. Jesse, Benjamin (decd). Polly Gibson. Leonard (decd). his
Wife: Polly Turner and son William. Exr: James S. Maddox and Jesse Maddox. Wits: T. T.
Towns. Stephen Baker. James R. Brooke.

ELIJAH MEADOWS, 3/7/1862: 5/5/1862,.page 286 287.
Wife: Delila. Children: Thomas E. Meadows and Others not named. Exr: R. E. McGinty. Wits:
Nathan Gilbert. W. B. Darden. William H. Pilcher.

THOMAS A. MITCHELL, 2/17/1859 : 11/4/1861. page 279 282.
Bros: John G. Mitchell, Hugh C. Mitchell, Joseph S. Mitchell and son Jacob W. H. Mitchell,
George W. Mitchell. Sis: Elizabeth Alsop (deceased half sister), Matilda Heard and son John T.
Heard. Eliza Evans, Margaret C. Rhodes, and Sarah N. Forester (decd). Exr: brOthers John,
Hugh. and George. Wits: Guinea O'Neal, George F. Bristow. Esau Ellington.

MARTHA MOORE, 7/14/1841: 9/6/1841, page 164.
Son: A. E. Moore and issue: Emily and William C. Moore. Exr: son. Wits: William Peavy.
Thomas Pittman.

JOSHUA MORGAN, 4/28/1860: 1/12/1863, page 292 295.
Children: Sophia. Mary, Fanny, Thomas, Emily. and Henrietta. Wife of N. F. Powers.
Son in law: John W. Reid and his son James M. Reid. Exr: John W. Reid. James M. Reid. Wits:
Bryant Ivey, Sam. H. Woodall, David E. Darden.

CHARLES MORRIS, 7/6/1844 : 3/23/1846, page 189 190.
Wife: Nancy. Son: Alexander C. Exr: son Alexander and Richard T. Asbury. Wits: Alexander H.
Stephens. Quinea O'Neal. and Richard V. Asbury.

SIMON MORRIS, 9/19/1834: 11/3/1836, page 95 97.
Wife: Susanna. Children: Charles, Simon Jr., William A., Frances, Hannah Rice Overton, Nancy
Darden, Susan Woodall. Grdau: Missouri Ann Morris and Rice Ann Clark. Exr: Simon Morris
Jr., and Charles Morris. Wits: Malachi Murden, Richard A. Murden, Thos. Thompson.

Taliaferro Co. Will Book A (1826 1866)

THOMAS L. MORRIS , 4/26/1829: 7/4/1829, page 57 59.
Wife: Rachel. Children: Missouri Ann. Bros: Simon. Exr: Wife:. Wits: George G. Morris, Simon
Morris Sr., and Simon Morris, Jr.

MARY MULKEY, 2/1/1827: 3/14/1827, page 16 17. Children:
Elizabeth, John, and Littleberry Jefferson Mulkey. Exr: William Little. Wits: Jacob Pool and
Wiley Saxon.

THOMAS MULLALLY, 9/20/1862: 5/7/1866, page 320 321.
FRIENDS: Patrick Burke and his Wife: Catharine, John Maher. Exr: John Maher. Wits: B. F.
Moore, John B. Flynt, Romulus Frazure, and George F. Bristow. (This is the last will recorded in
Book A.)

JOSIAH MULLIKIN, 12/9/1858: 12/16/1858, page 261 262.
Children: Felix, George, Harrison, William Thomas, and Mary Ellen Mullikin. Exr: A. W. Grier
and John Brooks. Wits: S. H. Perkins, Mary Phillips, and Thomas Arnold.

PATRICK NORTON, 10/14/1843: 11/14/1859, page 265 266.
Wife: Hanora. Children: Phillip O'Connell, Patrick Henry, Sarah Catherine, John Thomas, and
Mary Ellen Norton. Exr: John Harty and Hugh Ward. Wits: Michael Ryan, Patrick Ryan, and
James Ryan.

WILLIAM O'KELLY, JR., 7/31/1837: 11/6/1837, page 125 126.
Wife: Sarah. Children: not named. Others named: J. McCordill, J. Decins, Peter Cody, P. and B.
Murry, John Cleary, and T. Rourk. Wits: Murtha Griffin, John Kelly, and Mary A. Kelly,

GILCHRIST OVERTON, 9/19/1860: 11/5/1860, page 273 275.
Wife: Amanda Overton. Children: Eliza, William A., Susan F. Brooke, Martha A. Thornton, and
Harriet A. Richards. Grchildren: Sarah A. Richards and John S. Flynt. Exr: son William A. Wits:
John C. Durham, William L. Tuggle, Joel F. Thornton, Titus Richards, Henry C. Thornton, and
William Tuggle, Jr.
RICHARD PARKER, 1/6/1848: 6/5/1849, page 201 203.
Children: Molly, William (decd), Tabitha, Bethena Wilson, Celia Caldwell, Susannah Holland,
and Anna, Wife of Henry Johnson, and her issue: Mary, Celia, and Tabitha Louisa Johnson.
GrChildren: William Tobias Holland, Joseph Roberts Parker. Exr: Joseph Roberts Parker and
Sam. Johnson. Wits: Samuel Johnson, Isaac Moore, and William W. Moore.

AMZY PARKS, 6/10/1857: 9/1/1862, page 288 289.
Heirs: Ruthy Brook and sons John, Josiah, and Thaddeus; Josiah Mulligan, Martha Mulligan,
and Elizabeth Mulligan. Exr: Aaron W. Grier. Wits: James A.Moore, Jas.A.Grier, Walter P.
Taliaferro Co. Will Book A (1826 1866)

BENJAMIN PAULL, 10/3/1843: 11/13/1843, page 175.
Wife: Catharine. Children: Omar and Allathear. Exr: John W. Wilson and Turner Clanton. Wits:
Asbury Ogletree, Lee L. Evans. C. H. Wilson.

MARGARET PEER, 7/12/1865: 12/4/1865, page 318 319.
Husband: James Peek Sr., decd. Dau: Frances A. Tilley. Exr: dau. Wits: George F. Bristow.
Thomas J. Peek, Nancy Moore.

WILLIAM T. PEER , 4/22/1857: 10/6/1860, page 269 271.
Bros: Richard D. L. and Felix Peek. Exr: Thomas Peek and Richard D. L. Peek. Wits: Alexander
H. Stephens, Alexander S. Pinkston, Wesley W. Webster.

JOHN PERKINS, 10/27/1838. : 11/3/1839, page 152 155.
Wife: not named. Children: Lunceford Perkins, Elizabeth Bryant, Obediah Perkins. John W.
Perkins, Alford Perkins, and Patsy Portwood. decd Wife of Benjamin Portwood. Exr: Gilbert
Kent. Thomas Chaffin. Wits: A. H. Stephens. L. M. Stephens. T. C. Campage Codicil: "daughter
Elizabeth Bryant now Elizabeth Jones." Wits. To Codicil: A. H. Stephens, Thomas C. Campage
Susan Campage

JOHN PHILLIPS, 6/27/1853. : 6/27/1854, page 240 242.
Wife: Nancy. Children: William T. and Elizabeth Lewis. Legatee: Henry T. Phillips. Exr: son
and William A. Dyre. Wits: George W. Jarrett. Josiah Mullikin, Jesse Moore. and John W.

THOMAS POLLARD, 11/24/1826: 3/28/1827, page 26 27.
Children: Lucy, Eliza, Harrison, Richard, Nancy Paxton, and Sarah Hyde. Exr: John J. Murphy.
Wits: William Robertson. William Murphy. William L. Anderson. Wife: Nancy. Children:
Daniel S., Isham J., Jared, William D.

WILLIAM POUNDS, 8/20/1838 : 11/5/1844, page 182 183.
Zachariah B., Martha, A. S., Lucy J., and Sarah J., Wife of Wildon L. Bankston. Exr: Robert C.
Daniel, of Oglethorpe Co., and David C. Daniel. Wits: William T. Fluker. Samuel Glenn. and V.
T. Matthews.

WILLIAM A. RAY, 1/28/1854: 9/4/1854, page 236 237.
Wife: Mildred A. Children: not named. Exr: Wife:. Wits: John M. Tilley, W. B. Moore, James R.
M. Reid.

JAMES REID, 12/17/1855: 11/3/1856, page 249 250.
Children: John S.. Amanda. James R. M., William T., Ann Askew. Martha S. Burch, Sarah W.
Cothorn, Mary Simonton. Susan Williams, Elizabeth Peek, decd. Wife: Rebecca. Exr: son John
S. Wits: John W. J. Jones, James L. Sharp, and Benjamin Jones.
Taliaferro Co. Will Book A (1826 1866)

SELAH RHODES, 12/23/1834: 5/4/1835, page 102.
Children: John Rhodes, Redden, Wilie, Ruth Taylor and Sally Rhodes. Exr: son John. Wits:
Mary H. Harrison, Chesley Bristow.

JOHN ROGERS, 9/14/1829 : 9/5/1836, page 107 108.
Wife: Nancy. Children: Thomas and Abner. Sons in law: William Peek, Armstead R. Ransone.
Exr: Nancy Rogers. Armstead R. Ransone, George Tilley. Wits: Marcus Andrews, Ebenezer
Smith, Stephen Stevens.

DR. IGNATIUS SEMMES, 7/27/1832: 9/1/1834, page 146 149.
Wife: Mary. Children: Francis. John, Catharine. Nancy Ward. Jane Turley. and Henrietta
O'Leary. Exr: Mary Semmes, George Hargraves. Thomas Semmes, H. B. Thompson. Wits: H. B.
Thompson, Margarett Ruby, and Elizabeth Parks.

REUBIN E. SHACKELFORD, 6/10/1837: 9/4/1837, page 120 122
Children: John and William Shackelford. Bros: Jefferson Shackelford. Sis: Mary Rawson. Exr:
brother. Wits: Mary Frances Rawson, Esther N. Shackelford. James M. Sanford.

ANDREW B. STEPHENS, 5/1/1826: 7/4/1826, page 1 2.
Wife: Matilda Marbury Somerville Stephens. Children: Aaron Grier, Alexander H., John
Lindsay. Catharine Baskins, and Linton Hedges Stephens. Exr: Wife: and sons in regular
succession. Wits: Nathaniel Day. Mary Jones, Nemesis C. C. Gordon.

JOHN L. STEPHENS, 6/7/1856 : 10/7/1856, page 251 252
Headed Troup Co. Bros: Alexander H. Stephens. Wife: and children not named. Exr: brother.
Wits: Peter Bogert. Benj. H. Hill, John C. Cartwright.

AMOS STEWART, 3/8/1834 : 7/3/1837, page 118 119.
Wife: Martha. Children: Owen. Olive Harper. Mariah Ellington. and Tabitha, Wife of Archibald
Gresham. Exr: Archibald Gresham. Wits: Quinea O'Neal, Chesley Bristow, Hilliard J. Wilson.

JOHN W. STEVENS, 4/25/1861 : 6/3/1861, page 276 277.
Bros: Silas Stevens and issue: Sarah E.. Mary H., Albert B. Stevens. Exr: brother. Wits: George.
F. Bristow, W. T. Reid, J. W. Jackson, J. W. Swan.

LUCRETIA STEVENS, 1/27/1829: 5/5/1829, page 55 56.
Stepson: Silas Stevens. Grchildren: Caroline and Josiah Googer. Exr: George Tilley and Hubert
G. Hudson. Wits: John W. Stephens, Isaiah C. Fitten, Garrett Gatlin.

Taliaferro Co. Will Book A (1826 1866)

SUSANNA SWAIN, 5/5/1832 : 3/4/1833, page 89 90. Children:
John S. Swain and Others not named. Exr: son John S. Wits: Richard Swain, James Brantley.

JOEL TERRELL, 3/25/1837 : 9/26/1837, page 122 124.
Children: David M.. Edward B., Nancy B., Peter O., Joel H., and Catharine G. Tuggle.
GR Children: Leonidas B. Mercer and Joel T. Mercer. Exr: William Tuggle, David M. Terrell,
Edward B. Terrell. Wits: William Matter, Charles W. Terrell, and Francis Wilkinson.
ELIZABETH M. THOMPSON, 2/8/1830: 11/1/1830, page 74 75.
Husband: Joseph Thompson, decd. Son: Henry Bradford Thompson. Grchildren: James B.
Thompson, Benjamin Lancaster Thompson, Teresa Elizabeth Thompson. Elizabeth Hargraves,
George Hargraves, Henry Bradford Thompson. Jr., and John Creten Thompson. Son in law:
George Hargraves. Exr: son. Wits: Leroy Mims, Nancy Gamage, M. E. Hargraves.

HENRY BRADFORD THOMPSON, 7/26/1842:3/18/1843, page 180 182.
Headed Russell Co., AL. Wife: Louisa Sophia. Children: George Hargraves Thompson. John
Creten Thompson, Others not named. Nephew: George Columbus Hargraves. Bro in law:
George Hargraves. Exr: nephew. Wits: Robert Allen. Bluford Colwin, Joel Reese.

SAMUEL THOMPSON, nuncupative LWT , 9/6/1837: 5/7/1838, page 140 141.
Wife: Priscilla. Children: Daniel and James Thompson. Exr: Wife:. Wits: R. I. Dickinson. E. H.
Macon, Charles Morris. William M. Acree and Jesse Evans filed a caveat, there was a jury at
the January term 1838, Superior Court. composed of: Malachi Murden. James Edge, Charles
Johnson. Thomas P. Harris. John W. Towns, William Fluker. William Johnson. Elijah Jordan.
Zechariah Jordan. Wilie Allen, John S. Swain. and John W. Harris. Jury found for the
propounder, Mrs. Priscilla Thompson. and fined the Caveators costs.

JOHN TILLEY, : 9/1/1862, page 290 291.
Wife: Frances A. Exr: Wife:. Wits: George F. Bristow, P. Morris. William M. Harrison.

REBECCA TOWNS, 8/20/1847: 9/25/1847, page 194 195.
Children: Lucinda Billingslea, Nancy Luckett, Hockey L. Towns (decd), Thomas T. Towns.
Mary, wife of John Dewberry, and Elizabeth, Wife of Bressie O'Brian. Others Mentioned:
Francis Billingslea, Abner Sturdivant. Exr: Abner Darden. Wits: Malinda Jarratt, Francis A.

JOHN TURNER, SR., 11/4/1820:1/3/1825, page 18 20.
Headed Columbia Co. Wife: Patsy. Children: Stephen, James S., Eliza M., D. Coleman, William
H. Martha, and Sarah. Wife of Francis Billingslea. Grchildren: Martha Rebecca Coleman. Exr:
James Turner and Francis Billingslea. Wits: Thomas White. John Parks, and Robert Johns.

Taliaferro Co. Will Book A (1826 1866)

JOHN VEAZEY, 3/29/1847 : 12/7/1847, page 196 199.
Wife: Jane. Children: John Veazey, Elizabeth McLellan, Martha Hart. Sarah Burneley, Nancy.
Wife of Thomas Neel. and Mary Whaley (decd) and her issue: Eliza Jane Medlock and William
Sanders Whaley. Exr: Thomas Neel. John Veazey, and Thomas R. Moss. Wits: W. J. Harley.
Daniel Grant. and James Rudisell.

ZEBULON VEAZEY, 12/20/1826: 7/2/1827, page 23 25.
Wife: Nancy. Children: Jesse Veazey: Polly Cain and issue. Timothy Cain; Ezekiel Veazey and
issue. Isaac Veazey. Exr: son Jessey. Wits: Ezekiel Veazey. Isaac Moore. William Moore.

JUBAL WATTS, 8/8/1831. : 9/5/1831, page 84 85.
Wife: Nancy. Children: Sarah Watts. unborn child. Bros: Richard H. Watts. Sis: Mary and
Martha Watts. Exr: David S. Watts. Cordial N. Daniel. Wits: Henry C. Bragg, Daniel Bethune,
Richard Asbury.

JEREMIAH WILLBOURNE, 12/22/1828: 11/2/1829, page 64 65.
Wife: Mary. Children: James, Thomas. George Willbourne, Eliza Lawson, and Juliann Daniel.
Exr: A. B. Linton, Simon Morris Jr. Wits: R. A. Steele. George Hixson, L. B. K. Freeman.
THOMAS WILLIAMS, 1/18/1853: 2/7/1853, page 220 221.
Sis: Mary and Frances Williams. Bros: Daniel A. Williams. Exr: brother. Wits: E. W. Alfriend,
James R. M. Reid, Esau Ellington.

JOHN WILSON, 7/20/1833: 3/3/1834, page 91.
Children: John Wilson and Daniel Wilson (decd). Sons in law: Richard Runnels, Archelaus
Wilson. Starling Acree. Grchildren: Sarah Ann Elizabeth Wilson. Exrs: Richard Jones, Tyre
Goyne. Wits: Jesse O'Neal, Wooten O'Neal, and George T. Harris.

Taliaferro Will Book B (1866 1922)

S. N. ACREE, 2/24/1898: 8/1/1898. Page 250.
Mentioned: Willie Acree, Wife of S. O. Acree: Mrs. Delia Boswell, Mrs. Mary Kelly. T. E.
Bristow, John A. Caldwell, Nancy Moore, Mrs. Ellen Stewart. Exr: David Page Henry. Wits:
Titus Richards, Paul G. Lucas, Thomas J. Evans.

JOHN W. ALLEN, 8/17/1909: 12/6/1909, Page 305.
Children: Walter H., Samuel H.. Anton J. Allen. and Mrs. Katie Stewart. Exr: sons Walter and
Anton. Wits: C. L. Thaxton, F. C. Chapman, H. M. Allen.

Taliaferro Will Book B (1866 1922)

EDWARD I. ANDERSON, 10/31/1904: 12/1/1913, Page 329.
Wife: Allera C. Children: James A.. Robert H., Fannie L. Anderson, and Leila M. Stephens.
Grchildren: Carroll A. Griffin. Exr: Wife: and son James A. Wits: W. C. Chapman, U. S. Gunn,
S. E. Allen.

JOHN V. ANDREWS, 11/3/1913 : 8/3/1914, Page 333.
Wife: Laura. Children: Mrs. A. R. Taylor (decd), Norman Andrews (decd), W. C. Andrews, R. L.
Andrews, Mrs. Roxie Callahan, and Miss Gordon Andrews. Grchildren: Glenn and Robert
Taylor. Wife's Sis: Jettie Gunn (decd). Exr: Hawes Cloud and W. C. Andrews (who died
5/25/194 and was replaced by son in law J. H. Callahan). Wits: W. O. Lunsford, Joseph A.
Rhodes. M. R. Saggus, U. S. Gunn, W. J. Sturdivant.

CHARLES V. ASBURY, 9/20/1905: 8/2/1909, Page 301.
Bros: James R., DeWitte N., Francis L. Sis: Eva T. Mentioned: Thomas A. Lyne. Exr: 3 brothers.
Wits: M. Z. Andrews, D. S. Stewart, J. A. Beazley.

MRS. FRANCES O. ASBURY, 1/27/1893: January 1901, page 259
Husband: James W. Children: V. D. Evans and J. C. Asbury. Grchildren: Kate Evans. Exr:
husband. Wits: John M. Murden, Frank Mitchell, E. I. Anderson.

MOURNING ASBURY (colored) , 12/5/1873: 5/1/1876, page 82.
Husband: Adam. His dau: Sarrah Asbury. His grchildren: Rosanna Leslie and Martha Asbury.
Mentioned: Roberta James, dau of Whitman James. Exr: nephew James Floyd. Wits: Quinea
O'Neal, Claude D. Wynne, James C. Stephens.

MRS. MARY A. ASKIN, 5/28/1888 : 7/6/1891, Page 215.
Legatees: F. E. A. Banchelle. son of Dr. Louis B. Banchelle; Nancy Gunn; Susan Delia Gunn;
Elizabeth Gunn; William N. Gunn; Ross Gunn: G. R. Gunn; Simon Chapman; Juddie Gunn;
Robert Gunn; Salem Baptist Church; the Crawfordville Baptist Church; Ladies Missionary
Society of the Crawfordville Baptist Church, Indian Missions. Exr: William N. and Ross Gunn.
Wits: John F. Holden, William O. Holden, Edward H. Ogletree, J. D. Hammack, Julia Hammack,
and W. F. Hammack.

SARRAH ATKINSON, 9/11/1867 : September 1873, page 64.
Dau: Catharine T. Thornton. Grchildren: Jesse and Milton Battle; John T. and W. I. Dickerson;
Richard A. Dickerson (decd) and issue; A. I. and Z. B. Dickerson. Exr: John T. Dickerson. Wits:
James W. Asbury, William A. Overton, and Cordial N. Daniel.


Taliaferro Will Book B (1866 1922)

CHARLES AXT , 1/4/1858: 3/4/1869. Page 35.
His negro woman Edy Ann and her children (3) to be transported to one of the free states of the
Union and to be settled there in comfort, his estate going for that purpose. Exr: Hank
Muhlinbrink, of Fulton County, Ga. Wits: C. Brackham, John T. Segur, and Luther J. Glenn.

MARY LULA BATTLE, 12/7/1897: 8/6/1900. Page 256.
Father: Lawrence Battle (decd). Bros: James H. Battle. Sis: Minnie B. Allen. Exr: sister. Wits:
John F. Holden, Carl H. Holden, and M. F. Griffith.

MRS. CATHARINE BEAZLEY, 7/17/1868: 12/7/1868, Page 29.
Children: Arthur G.. Emma Jane, Julia C., John S., Frederick A. Beazley. and Frances E.
Overton. Exr: son Arthur G. Wits: George F. Bristow, George W. Mitchell, and Wiley Rhodes.

MRS. CORDELIA BOSWELL , 7/28/1915. : 6/5/1916. Page 343.
Father: Etheldred Edwards. Niece: Mrs. Eleanor Maltbie and her issue: Esther, Robert. Frances.
and William Maltbie. Exr: W. W. Bird. Wits: F. G. Reid. A. J. Melton, and H. I. Bowen.

XENOPHON J. BRACY, 3/9/1918: 7/7/1919. Page 352.
Wife: Viola. Children: not named. Exr: Wife: Wits: J. F. Wright, J. T. Lunceford, Ralph W.

WILLIE BRADY (colored) , 7/12/1921: 1/2/1922, page 377
Bros: John C. Brady. Exr: brother. Wits: Hawes Cloud, W. Y. Fate, Ralph W. Golucke.

GEORGE F. BRISTOW, 12/21/1883: 6/10/1886, Page 154.
Bros: Abner A. Bristow. decd. and his Wife:, Polly Ann Bristow, other brothers and sisters, but
not named. Exr: Thomas E. Bristow and Joel E. Rhodes. Wits: Thomas J. Stewart. Omar Taylor,
and John N. Chapman.

MRS. HELEN V. BRISTOW , 8/1/1883 : 8/13/1883, Page 126.
Headed Warren County. Husband: Thomas E. Bristow. Parents: Joel T. and Frances McGinty.
Bros: F. H. and V. A. McGinty. Son: Homer C. Wright. Other named: Robert L. Wright. Exr:
Stephen B. Wright, of Richmond County, Ga. Wits: E. H. Williamson. M. M. Jones. and R. P. H.

HOWELL F. BUNKLEY, 3/22/1909: 8/28/1909, Page 303.
Children: not named. Exr: J. A. Beazley and J. C. Murden. Wits: J. W. Park, J. B. Murden, and
T. C. Edwards.

Taliaferro Will Book B (1866 1922)

JAMES R. CAMPBELL, 9/11/1884: 5/4/1885, Page 139.
Wife: Sarrah Woodson. Dau: Elizabeth Campbell. Grchildren: Lula and Lusetta Ellington. Exr:
Wife. Wits: E. S. O'Brien. F. P. Johnson, and Jacob Rocker.

REV. JOSEPH ANTHONY CARTER , 8/4/1880 : 11/1/1860, page 103
Wife: Elizabeth Thomas Lunceford Carter. Son: John J. Carter. Exr: Wife:. Wits: William A.
Overton, John M. Murden, G. G. Hixon.

WILLIAM A. CARY, 4/9/1912 : 6/3/1912, page 318.
Wife: Annie F. Children: James Guy, William Watson. Frances Cornelia (minor). Jesss Leroy
(minor). Mrs. Lee Anna Bentley. and Mrs. Mildred Jonie Rhodos. Exr: W. W Bird. Wits: James
T. Jackson, M. E. Moore, W. P. Jones, L. E. Credille.

JAMES R. CHAPMAN, 12/29/1896 : (no date), page 248.
Children: Mary F. Hill. W. T. and J. S. Chapman. Exr: 2 sons. Wits: William C. Chapman.
William T. Parker, and Clarence C. Rhodes.

RACHEL B. CHAPMAN, 10/8/1864: 9/6/1875, page 77.
Children: Missouri A., Rachel A. J., John T. and Samuel N. Chapman. Exr: sons Samuel and
John. Wits: J. M. Butler, L. L. Veazey, Jackson Henry.

THOMAS A. CLEMMONS, 3/10/1910 : 8/15/1911, page 316.
Nephew: Morgan Dunn (also step grandson by marriage). Wits: S. A. Caldwell, J. F. Mapp, Ida

JOHN B. CLOTWORTHY, 3/5/1904: 7/4/1916, page 345.
Headed Aiken Co.. S.C., and all witnesses listed Aiken as their addresses.) Wits: L. S. Trotti.
Herbert E. Gyles, F. B. Henderson. Wife: Sue L. Clotworthy. Exr: Wife:.

ABRAM COLLINS, 8.21.1881: 8/19/1881, page 118.
Children: Jesse. Romalus, and Madison Collins. Exr: son Romalus. Wits: Alexander H.
Stephens. John M. Graham, John A. J. McDonough.

DAVID E. DARDEN , 11/25/1873 : 2/2/1874, page 68.
Wife: Amanda T. Bros: Moses. Jesse E., and William B. Darden. Oldest dau: Barthalla. Oldest
Sons: Eugene E. and George E. Youngest Children: Carlisle B. and Fanny. Exr: Wife: and 3
brothers. Wits: Alexander H. S. Moody, Jesse A. Woodall, and Samuel J. Flynt.


Taliaferro Will Book B (1866 1922)

MRS. TABITHA DARRACOTT, 8/22/1888 : 11/23/1889, page 202.
Son: John W. Darracott. deceased. Gr Children: Margarett Ophelia. Wife of Nathan Allen, and
Mary Jane. Wife of Joseph T. Harrison. Exr: Wesley A. Wright. Wits: J. E. Darden, W. R. Reid,
A. G. Beazley.

JOHN DAVIS, 5/24/1879: 8/9/1882. page 115.
Wife: Ellen. Children: George C., Augustus V.. Beverly A., Leroy W. Davis, Mary Wolfe.
Martha, wife of John S. Ward, Sarrah, wife of Joshua O'Neale, and Emily, wife of Albert I.
O'Neale. Exr: H. D. Murden. Wits: J. D. Hammack, Thomas J. Stewart, and Sylvester Stewart.

BEVERLY DRAKE , 7/5/1872 : 11/4/1872. page 53.
Bros: Pleasant and Vines Drake. Mentioned: Queen Ann Drake, Tobias Holland. Morris Drake.
Cornelius Marchman, and John Johnson. Exr: John Johnson. Wits: William W. Moore,
C. Moore, and John Johnson.

LEILA A. DUNN, 2/3/1920:7/5/1920, page 359.
Husband: J. W. Dunn. Dau: Cinnie Belle and Elmer Dunn. Son: J. M. Dunn. Grchildren: Earl
and Gertrude Ogletree. Exr: Miss Elmer Dunn. Wits: G. C. Rhodes, E. C. Taylor, J. P.

ETHELDRED EDWARDS, 3/3/1865: 10/1/1866, page 1
Children: Thomas, Rebecca, Cordelia, Emma, Williams C. Edwards, Mrs. Mary E. Brown, Mrs.
Martha Bird, Mrs. Mildred Bird, Mrs. Harriet Z. Clifton, and Mrs. Sarah Bell (decd).
GR Children: Etheldred Bird, Son of Wiley Bird, decd. Exr: George F. Bristow. Wits: Daniel A.
Williams, Esau Ellington, John J. Kent. Wits to Codicil: Thos. A. Lyne, Ezekiel T. Nunn, L.
Acree, and Obed M. Saggus.

ISAIAH ELLINGTON, 1/11/1898: 6/25/1902. page 260.
Wife: Emiline. Children: Dorson E., Allen Webster, Primus, Mary Harris, and Linton. Exr: J. W.
Farmer, John Harris. Wits: M. F. Griffith, J. F. Holden, and Carl H. Holden.

S. S. ELLINGTON, 3/17/1914: 5/4/1914. page 331.
Wife: Sarah Elizabeth. Children: Paul and Amanda Ellington. Grchildren: Annie, dau of C. H.
Ogletree. Exr: son Paul. Wits: Hawes Cloud, Joseph A. Rhodes, John S. Jackson.

JAMES L. EPPS, 7/8/1920: 9/6/1920, Page 366.
Wife: Annie Maude. Bros: C. C. Epps and R. L. Epps. Exr: 2 brothers. Wits: R. W. Campbell,
Charles C. King, and C. O. Nixon.

Taliaferro Will Book B (1866 1922)

ELIZA M. EVANS, 6/8/1870: 8/1/1870, page 44.
Husband: John Evans, decd. Children: Walter A. Overton, John T. Overton, Hester A.
Colclough, and Susan J. Walker. Exr: son John T. Wits: George T. Bristow, James W. Asbury,
George W. Mitchell.

ROBERT A. EVANS, 7/25/1921: 9/7/1921, page 375.
Wife: Sallie. Children: Howard Shelton, Agnes Angle, Emmett Harvie Evans, and Willie Ada
Miller. Bros: E. W. Evans. Exr: E. W. Evans. Wits: Hawes Cloud, Ralph W. Golucke, and J. S.

JOHN FAGAN, 3/24/1874: 5/23/1874, page 71.
Children: Hugh, James Thomas, and Margarett Ann Fagan. Others: Mrs. James Webber (in
Buenos Aires, Argentina). US Exr.: Alex H. Stephens. Exr in Argentina: Andrew C. Bean. Wits:
Valentine Cunningham, MD, and James Webber (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

MRS. EMILY S. FARMER, 9/18/1888: 1/6/1896. page 237.
Children: Catharine H., Joseph W., George W. Farmer. and Malissa A. Lary. Exr: son Joseph W.
Wits: H. M. Holden, W. J. Norton, C. H. Golucke.

MRS. HATTIE C. FARMER , 12/3/1913 : 9/6/1915, page 341.
Former Husband: Dr. Smith. of Milledgeville. Ga. Aunt: Mrs. Sallie A. Branan and her son
Arthur Randolph Butts. Others: Mary Fannie Harris. Mrs. Maude Evans, David T. Butts. Arthur
I. Butts. and the Baptist Orphanage. Exr: Arthur R. Butts. Wits: E. C. Gunn, W. C. Chapman, and
L. N. Gunn.

JOSEPH W. FARMER, 12/14/1906: 12/2/1907, page 288 289.
Wife: Hattie C. Dau: Ida, wife of R. E. L. Harris. Grchildren: Mary F. Harris. Other: Southern
Baptist Convention. Exr: W. C. Chapman. Wits: John F. Holden. V. J. Henry, Joseph A. Rhodes.

SYLVESTER J. FARMER , 7/11/1891 : a/5/1891, page 221.
Wife: Salle A. Children: Marcia Farmer. Rosa Blanchard and Mary Wright. Exr: wife. Wits:
William N. Gunn, Joseph T. Harrison, Marshall Z. Andrews.

MRS. ELIZABETH AGNES FLYNT, 5/3/1889: (no date), page 194
Children: Thomas Joseph, Elizabeth Agnes. George Washington (decd but whose children live in
Texas), and Nicholas Joseph Flynt , decd. Others: Christopher C. Carrol; Rev. A. G. Semmes,
pastor of R. C. Church at Sharon. Ga.; Rev. Fr. Nelson H. Baker. of Buffalo, N.Y.; and Rev. Fr.
J. M. O'Brien, of Washington. Ga. Exr: son Thomas and A. C. Davison. Wits: W. T. Flynt,
Amanda C. Kendrick, and George N. Wright.


Taliaferro Will Book B (1866 1922)

REBECCA A. FLYNT, 6/9/1884 : 8/3/1896, page 246.
SON: William T. Flynt (land from estate of James H. Flynt). Dau: Eugenia C. Mershon. Exr:
son. Wits: John H. Stone. William O. Wright, and James M. Triplett.

NANCY GAMAGE, 9/27/1870 : 8/10/1880, page 100.
Niece: Frances O. Asbury, Catharine Mitchell, and Mary Ann Rogers. Nephew: Percy E.
Trippe. Others: James W. Asbury and Thomas L. Asbury. Exr: James W. Asbury and Catharine
C. Mitchell. Wits: Germon Tucker, W. O. Wright. and Micajah L. Jones.

MARY GILBERT, 7/11/1896: 3/2/1903, page 266.
Dau: Sevain, Maggie. and Jesse Gilbert. Grson: Charlie Taylor. Exr: George E. Griffith. Wits: G.
O. Gunn, G. S. Griffith, G. E. Griffith.

JOHN R. GUNN, 5/3/1887 : 6/4/1888, page 186.
Children: J. Ross, William N., Miss M. E. P.,. Susan A. E., N. Adelia Gunn. Emmeline J.
Chapman. S. Emily Akins, wife of James Akins. Exr: 2 sons. Wits: S. H. Chapman, J. P.
Perkins, S. W. Chapman.

NANCY GUNN , 5/25/1888 : 8/20/1888, page 189.
Legatee: James Chapman (colored). Exr: Edward S. O'Brien. Wits: C. E. Coombs, W. J.
Ellington, Edward S. O'Brien

JOSEPH HOWELL, 5/26/1862 : 3/3/1868, Page 27.
Headed Henrico Co., VA., while Joseph M. Howell was a private soldier in Co. D., 15th
Inf. Regt. Ga. Vols., Stephens Home Guards. LWT : by his brother, E. T. Howell.
Parents: Abram R. and Mealey Howell. Bros: E. T. and Abram R., Jr. Sis: Texana and Martha.
Exr: none named. Wits: J. N. Bledsie. P. G. Veazey, S. J. Farmer (later Dr. S. J. Farmer).

WILEY JACKSON, 9/13/1876: 6/7/1886, Page 152.
Legatee: Rebecca (presumably his Wife: but not so stated). Son: Radford G. Jackson and Others
not named. Exr: son Radford Wits: S. W. Chapman, J. T. Chapman, and John Rhoads.

OLIVIA B. JETER , 9/20/1915: 7/4/1921. Page 373.
Son: Aylett R. Woodson. Exr: son. Wits: J. A. Mitchell, C. S. Akins, Alvin G. Golucke.

CYNTHIA JOHNSON, 6/13/1872. : 6/20/1872. Page 50.
Headed Greene Co. Decd husband's nephew: Silas Mercer Johnson and his son John. Decd
Husband's grnephew: Samuel A. Howell, deceased. Decd husband's breatniece: Mary Jane
Howell, deceased. Others: Mrs. Elmina Howell (a relative) and her son, William Johnson
Howell. Exr: Dr. Isaac D. Moore. Wits: P. M. Moss. W. L. Grant, J. H. Mapp, and J. H.


Taliaferro Will Book B (1866 1922)

SILAS M. JOHNSON, 10/4/1919: 9/6/1920. Page 364.
Wife: Annie. Children: Alex H. and Others. not named. Exr: son Alex H. Wits: E. B. Atchison.
Percy Phelps. and J. A. Beazley.

WILLIAM JOHNSON, 10/19/1876 : 8/7/1882. Page 112.
Wife: Celiann. Children: Samuel. Silas J., Susan Johnson, and Francinia Shirling. Others: Mary
P. Johnson. Exr: sons. Wits: William W. Moore, Elisha T. Moore, John Johnson.

MARY KEATING, 11/18/1889: 6/6/1891. Page 213.
Children: Kate Kendrick, Mollie Edwards, Mary Ellen Darden, Maggie and Joanna Burke. Exr:
son in law Eugene E. Darden and Dr. A. C. Davidson. Wits: John O'Keefe and William L.
Kendrick. Other: $20 to Rev. Fr. A. G. Semmes 'that prayers may be offered for the repose of my

WILLIAM BULL KENDRICK, 3/29/1888 : 5/7/1888. Page 182.
Wife: Ann Prather. Children: Charles Shaw. William Gabriel, Wilson Bull, Aaron David, John
Robinson, Susan Lovelace, and Ann Elizabeth Brown. Exr: Dr. Charles Shaw Kendrick and
George W. Brown. Wits: Jacob H. Jones. George E. Griffith, and Arthur C. Davidson.

GILBERT KENT, 5/4/1867: 10/4/1867, Page 20.
Wife: decd. not named. Children: Isaac C. Kent; John J. Kent; Mary Lanier; Solomon Page
Kent, decd and issue, William C., and Gilbert K., Elizabeth Ghan, decd, and issue. Sarah Ann
Elizabeth Wife of Lilburn Acree. Decd Wife's dau: Bethany Perkins. Exr: sons Isaac and John.
Wits: S. J. Farmer, J. W. Darracott, William H. Hidell, G. W. Mitchell.

THOMAS J. KINCHLEY, 7/26/1893: 8/7/1893. Page 235.
Niece: Pauline Kinchley (daughter of Ed. T. Kinchley, of Augusta, Ga., now known as Sister
Cecilia in Convent at Macon, Ga.'). Nephew: Albert Austin. Others: E. E. Darden and Catharine
Traice ("now known as Mother Clemence of the Sacred Heart Convent, Sharon, Ga.'). Exr: Ed.
Croake. Wits: W. L. Kendrick, E. E. Darden, J. H. Fallin.

J. M. LACY, 8/7/1908: 12/7/1908. Page 294.
Wife: Mary Ann. Children: Charles P. of Taliaferro Co.; C. Hill: Mrs. Corinne Johnson, Georgia
Johnson, Pearl Johnson, and Jesse McKinley, of Greene Co., Mrs. Willie Clark, of Fulton Co.:
Mrs. Senie Clark, decd. Exr: C. C. King, W. C. Davidson. Wits: John S. Jackson, R. L. Smith, J.
B. Simmons.


Taliaferro Will Book B (1866 1922)

MRS. MALISSA A. LEARY, 2/21/1913: 11/1/1920, page 371
Husband: J. H. Leary. Children: Martin F. Leary and Others, not named. Sis: Mrs. Catharine H.
Chapman. Exr: son Martin F. Wits: W. C. Chapman, E. C. Gunn, and Angus Richards.

JOHN LUNCEFORD, 2/20/1868: 6/6/1870. Page 41.
Children: William Madison; Margarett; Solomon and issue, Martha; Strozier and issue.
Alexander and John D.; Columbus and issue, John C. and William. Exr: William M. and
Margarett. Wits: Samuel Glenn. W. L. Nichols, and John L. Wright.

WILLIAM LUNCEFORD, 4/6/1871: 8/4/1873. Page 58.
Children: Sarrah P., Elizabeth T., William E., Jones Page, Peter H., John W., Bolin E.
Lunceford, Barbary Hammack, and Susan C. Combs. Exr: daughters Sarrah and Elizabeth. Wits:
George F. Bristow, William H. Poss, John C. Fluker, Henry T. Poss, Jr.

THOMAS A. LYNE, 3/25/1887: (no date). Page 198.
Niece: Sarah F. Asbury and her son Charles V. Asbury. Nephew: James W. Asbury and Otis S.
Thornton. Exr: 2 nephews. Wits: John F. Heard, T. M. Morris, E. I. Anderson.

MICHAEL MAHER, 9/3/1875: 6/5/1876, Page 85.
Legatees: Mary Keating, Patrick Keating, Edward Croake, Patrick and John Maher, of Yazoo
County, Miss. Exr: Patrick Keating. Wits: Brien Maguire, Edward A. Harty, John Burke.

JOHN T. MANN, 5/1/1891: 5/2/1892, Page 229.
Wife: Ellen. Children: Charles H., James N., Frank Porter, Rubin J., Edwin A., John F. Mann.
Frances Lutitia Johnson, Ella Virginia Wheeler, Georgia C. Bunn, and Ann Elizabeth Davis. Exr:
Rubin J. Mann, Charles H. Mann. Wits: P. G. Veazey, S. J. Jones, J. T. Cooper.

D. H. MEADOWS, 10/24/1896: 1/23/1905, Page 279.
I wish to be buried at my father's burial ground on A. K. Mathis' place in said county.') SON: J.
G. Meadows. Exr: J. H. Jackson, John T. Chapman, of the 'State of Florida.' Wits: J. W. Eckles,
W. S. Mathis, W. H. Poss.

GREEN B. MEADOWS, 6/21/1877: 10/1/1877, Page 88.
Niece: Mary A. Cox. Wife of Alexander Mathis. Nephew: Edward D. Cox. Exr: Edward D. Cox
and Alexander Mathis. Wits: John L. Wright, Felix G. C. Peek, John J. Daniel. C. T. Boggs.

C. B. MITCHELL, 12/29/1903: 2/1/1904, page 276.
Bros: H. F. and W. O. Mitchell. Sis: Mary L. Mitchell. Sarah A. Murden, Margaret F. Heard and
issue, Love Heard. Exr: C. J. Thornton. Wits: W. H. Lunceford, M. R. Brown, and J. C. Ingram.


Taliaferro Will Book B (1866 1922)

GEORGE W. MITCHELL, 8/21/1875 : 10/4/1875, page 79.
Sons: George Hardin and Frank Mitchell. Sis in law: Mrs. Frances Asbury. Exr: J. W. Asbury
and G. H. Mitchell. Wits: W. G. Stephens, C. E. Smith, John T. Heard.

OWEN D. MOORE , 9/2/1907: 9/5/1910. Page 307.
Children: James L. Moore. William R. Moore. Della Barnett. Gr children: Henry D. Moore and
Sadie T. Barnett. Exr: Two sons. Wits: John O'Keefe. J. W. Fallin, T. Seals Darden.

JOHN MOORE, 7/28/1902: 7/6/1903. Page 272.
Children: Tillman Moore, Mary E. Avery, Frances M. Moore. Emily V. Edwards, Anna Moors
and issue, George W. and Beatrice Moore. Exr: John R. and George W. Moore. Wits: S. J.
Flynt, S. N. Wright, and H. J. Taylor.

ANN E. MURDEN, 7/20/1914 : 11/2/1914. Page 339.
Husband: J. C. Murden. Children: W. B., H. R., James Murden, and Ruth Cook Hixon. Exr: W.
B. Murden and J. A. Beazley. Wits: Robert R. Gunn, F. L. Asbury, and J. A. Beazley.

JOHN M. MURDEN , 11/7/1911 : 12/1/1919. Page 354.
Wife: Sarah E., decd. Sis: Emily R. Fluker and Fannie L. Ellington. Decd Wife:'s Bros: J. M.
Fluker. Niece: Mrs. Lille Taylor and issue, J. M., E. A., and Fley Taylor. Exr: W. W. Bird. Wits:
Ralph W. Golucke, Hawes Cloud, W. W. Bird, John A. Rhodes.

MARY E. MURDEN, 6/6/1904: 9/8/1920, Page 368.
Sis: Sarah W. Murden. Fannie Ellington, Emily R. Fluker. Exr: William H. Fluker and Mrs.
Fannie Ellington. Wits: R. C. Dickinson, J. A. Beazley. and O. H. Murden.

WILLIAM H. MURDEN, 6/4/1890 : 12/7/1891. Page 225.
Wife: Elizabeth. Children: Joseph C. and Redmond S. Murden. Exr: 2 sons. Wits: John T. Heard.
George C. Davis, and Augustus V. Davis.

LULA HALL McCORD, 9/12/1908: 9/25/1908. Page 292.
Husband: Joseph W. McCord. Children: Ocie McCord Taylor, Lucyle McCord Hall, Mary
McCord Golucke, Myra McCord, Irene McCord, Alice McCord. and Henry McCord. Exr: Ralph
W. Golucke. Wits: Sallie Jackson, Mrs. Eliza Rhodes, and Alvin G. Golucke.

MRS. M. E. NORTON , 8/7/1915: 5/6/1918. Page 349.
Dau: Mrs. Mattie Thompson and Mrs. Ella Beazley. Grchildren: James Davis Chapman and
Kenneth Landrum Chapman. Exr: W. C. Chapman. Wits: H. F. White. W. C. Rhodes, Joseph A.


Taliaferro Will Book B (1866 1922)

ARCHIBALD PEEK: (colored) , 4/24/1890: (no date). Page 205.
Wife: Sendelia. Children: Percy, Felix, Dock, Willie, and Lula. Exr: Casper Myers. Wits: M. Z.
Andrews, J. R. Moore, and J. S.

RICHARD D. L. PEEK, 7/12/1865: February 1869, page 38
Wife: Marian A. M. (very little property was left to his Wife:, for 'The property I have herein
given to my Wife: is as much as the treatment she has always given me deserves, for she has
never been to me either a kind, affectionate, or dutiful Wife's Children: Arabella and Octavia
N. Sis: Frances A. Tilley. Bros: Felix G. C. Peek. Father: James Peek, Sr., decd. Cousin Thomas
J. Peek. Exr: brother and cousin. Wits: G. F. Bristow, Joel G. W. Taylor, James H. Peek.

ABSALOM PERKINS, 5/21/1885: 7/6/1885. page 146.
Wife: Fannie. Children: David A. Perkins, Mrs. Felix D. Meadows, Canada Taylor, and Mrs.
Elizabeth Hughes. Others: Maddle, widow of E. L. Perkins; Anna, widow of Henry C. Perkins.
Exr: David A. Perkins and William T. Flynt. Wits: Felix F. Darden, William T. Brooke, James
M. Triplett.

JANE E. PONCE, 9/4/1865: 9/3/1873. Page 63.
Headed Sparta, Hancock Co. Husband: Dimas Pence. Niece: Susan H. Hardy. Exr: niece. Wits:
R. W. Hart, A. W. Berry, and Thomas J. Little.

VINCENT R. PORTER, 3/15/1894: 3/2/1896. page 243.
Wife: Mary Ann. Children: Adora A., Joseph M., George W., Vincent Randall, Felix H.,
Theodore T. Porter, and Lucy Ann, Wife of Jesse O. Stewart. Exr: Titus Richards. Wits: James F.
Reid, Thomas J. Evans, Omer Taylor.

JESSE PORTWOOD, 1/24/1911: 7/1/1912. Page 320.
Children: H. R., Julius, and James Bartow Portwood. Others Mentioned: Lula Ogletree, Hattie
Bird, Stella Edwards, Fannie Portwood and John F. Portwood. Exr: John F. Portwood, Stella
Edwards, and Julius Portwood. Wits: J.C.Murden, S.A.Daniel, and W.Y.Edwards.

HENRY POSS, 12/21/1867: 11/7/1870, page 46.
Wife: Sarrah. Children: William H., George M., Joseph, John M., Henry Thomas Poss. Exr: sons
William H. and George M. Poss. Wits: Samuel Glenn, R. E. Moss, James H. Glenn, John L.

GEORGE M. POSS , 11/17/1899: 6/1/1903. Page 270.
Children: R. F., Lilla, and Leneva Poss. Exr: William T. Nash. Wits: W. T. Combs, R. W.
Meadows, J. C. Poss.

Taliaferro Will Book B (1866 1922)

C. D. RAINWATER, 2/16/1907: 8/5/1907, page 286.
Wife: Sarah. Exr: Wife:. Wits: J. W. McCord, J. L. Williams, J. I. Bowen.

NANCY REID, 6/30/1887: 8/21/1906, page 285.
Children: Redden J. Reid: Anna C. Hall and issue, Ella Reid Hall, Nannie Leverett Hall, Sarah
Lois Hall, and Thomas Stocks Hall. Exr: Son. Wits: S. J. Farmer, C. U. Jordan, W. A. Wright.

MRS. SARAH R. REID, 5/10/1886: 8/12/1886. Page 158.
Husband: Joseph F. Reid. Children: James E. Reid and Launie, Wife of William H. Yarbrough.
Exr: husband. Wits: William T. Martin. J. W. Roberts, Charles Bergstrom.

WILLIAM REID, 3/25/1881: 8/12/1886. Page 162.
Wife: Nancy. Children: Alex. H. Reid and Anna, Wife of Thomas Stocks Hall. GR Children:
Della Asbury Tappan. Exr: son and son in law. Wits: Thomas E. Bristow, William T. Brooke,
and John J. Kent.
NANCY REYNOLDS, 3/2/1867: 4/1/1867. Page 16.
Husband: John W. Reynolds, decd. Sis: Mrs. Pheriba Pierce and Mrs. Emily Jourdan. Nephew:
Jabez M. Lacy and his son, Charles P. Lacy. Niece: Mary Frances Jourdan. Bro in law: S. L.
Jourdan. Other: Mary. Wife of Dr. John J. Kent. and the Georgia Baptist Convention. Exr: G. F.
Bristow, Dr. John J. Kent, Rev. L. R. L. Jennings. Wits: Bery R. Reid. John W. Darracott, G. W.
Farmer, and Elizabeth Moore.

JULIAN RICHARDS, 4/27/1920: 5/22/1920. Page 358.
Bros: Frank. Wits: T. M. Richards, W. W. Bird, T. H. Edwards. NOTE: This will was , at the
Crawfordville Depot just before Julian Richards was to be put aboard a train for the hospital in
Atlanta. Earlier that day, Richards had been found shot in the stomach. He was shot by his
brother, Garnett Richards, who was later convicted and sent to the penitentiary. They were
quarrelling, ostensibly, over the division of a deceased sister's property. The train was due within
30 minutes after Richards was found, so he was taken to the Georgia Railroad Depot to be taken
to Atlanta for an operation. At the Depot, he called the above witnesses and , this oral
(non cupative) will.

JOHN RHODES, SR. , 1/25/1866: 4/1/1867. Page 10.
Wife: Nancy. Children: Absalom, William, Thomas J., John Jr., Emily S. Rhodes, Eliza J., Wife
of Benj. R. Reid, Lavicey, Wife of Solomon H. Perkins, and Martha A. E. Frazier. Exr: 4 sons.
Wits: J. W. Darracott, Isaac C. Kent, Columbus L. Burke, and William N. Gunn.


Taliaferro Will Book B (1866 1922)

JOHN RHODES, JR. , 12/15/1885: 4/18/1887. Page 170.
Wife: Cornelia Mildred. Children: James Wynn Rhodes; Sarah Elizabeth, Wife of Thomas
William Chapman: Cornelia Celia, Wife of William Oscar Holden. Grchildren: James Pilcher
Rhodes. Nephew: William Rhodes. Exr: W. O. Holden and William Rhodes. Wits: B. R. Reid, S.
G. Rhodes, W. R. Gunn.

MARY RHODES, 3/25/1884: 5/5/1884. Page 132.
Bros: Henry T. Rhodes. Sis: Lena Rhodes; Nora. Wife of Isaac Taylor; Coma, Wife of William
H. Wynne. Exr: J. D. Hammack. Wits: J. W. Farmer, J. J. Kent. William H. Stewart.

NANCY RHODES , 6/29/1875: 5/12/1884. Page 136.
Children: Absalom; John; Thomas J.; Eliza J., Wife of Benj. R. Reid; Lavicey, Wife of Solomon
H. Perkins; Emma, Wife of John T. Akin: Martha, deceased Wife of William C. Wright, and
issue, Lovich L., and Harriet Leu; Dr. William Rhodes. deceased. and issue. Henry. Coma. Nora,
Mary, and Lena. GR DAU: Elizabeth Frazure. Wits: W. F. Holden. W. J. Norton. W. R. Gunn.

THOMAS RHODES, JR., 4/26/1907. : 8/5/1907, page 287.
Children: G. S., J. A., and J. L. Rhodes; Burma M. Cox, Estelle V. Lavender, Ella E. Fouche.
and Nora Dilla Harrison. Exr: sons G. S. and J. A. Rhodes. Wits: W. R. McGibony, Alex. H.
Beazley, and J. A. Mitchell.

ELIZABETH T. SAGGUS, 10/21/1882. : 12/5/1892. Page 233.
Nephew: John M. Murden and his Wife: Sarah E. Exr: nephew. Wits: W. A. Overton, Jesse
Asbury, and G. G. Hixon.

ARTIMICIA SELF, 2/15/1908. : 2/1/1909. Page 297.
Dau: Ella, Wife of J. W. Phelps, and Ada Parker. decd. Grson: Percy Phelps. Bros: William
Jordan, decd. Sis: Jane Jordan. Exr: Percy Phelps. Wits: M. H. Pennington, G. T. Rhodes, W. W.

MICHAEL J. SHEEHAN, 3/2/1870. : 8/7/1873. Page 95.
Wife: Fanny. Son: Michael J. ("now a little over 3 yrs. of age.") Sis: Mary McNorman (in
Ireland). Other: Catholic Bishop of Savannah, Georgia. Exr: Edward Croake and Daniel O'Keefe.
Wits: A. H. Stephens, William G. Stephens. Quinea O'Neal.

Taliaferro Will Book B (1866 1922)

ALEXANDER HAMILTON STEPHENS, 7/15/1881: 4/2/1883, Page 121.
Bros: John Stephens; Linton Stephens (decd) and issue: Rebecca Salter (decd) and children John
and Agnes Emiline Salter, Emiline Stephens (decd), Miss Claude Stephens. Nora Stephens.
Alexander Stephens, Rose Mary Stephens. and Mary W. Stephens, their mother and Linton's
widow. Sis: Catharine Grier. Nephew: Clarence. Linton A., and John A. Stephens. Niece: Mary
S. Corry. Other: Micajah Jones, decd Wife: Minerva, son Carey. Servants: Harry Stephens, decd.,
his widow Eliza. and daughter Jane Moors. Quinea and Fanny Stephens, Alexander Kent. and
Dora Stephens. Exr: John A. Stephens.Wits: J. J. Kent, J. T. Chapman, J. D. Waddell.

ELIZA STEPHENS, (colored) 10/8/1917 : 1/7/1918. Page 347.
Dau: Dora Stephens Williams. Exr: daughter. Wits: R. D. McDowell, G. W. Power, T. F. Cain.

GEORGE STEPHENS, (colored) , 6/8/1891: 7/4/1892.
Legatee: Janie. Wife of Green Moore. Exr: Green Moore. Wits: D. Page Henry, J. E. Darden.
William A. Mitchell.

ARABELLA TAYLOR, 7/15/1878 : 11/14/1878. Page 92.
Mother: Mrs. M. A. M. Smith. Son: Lovell Taylor. Sis: Octavia Wagnon. Cousin: James L.
Battle. Exr: James L. Battle. Wits: Henry D. Smith, Cosby Wagnon. Millard Wagnon.

JOE W. TAYLOR, 3/25/1909: 5/3/1909. Page 299.
Wife: Madora.Children: Robert L., T. W., Joel, and Others not named. Exr: 3 sons. Wits: L. R.
Brown. W. M. Kendrick, J. R. Kendrick.

LIONEL L. VEAZEY, 10/11/1900: 7/13/1906. Page 284.
Niece: Anna F. Wheeler and issue, Lincoln Frazier Wheeler, Macon Sanford Wheeler, and
Cleveland Manche Wheeler. Other: Jordan Howell Sanford. Exr: niece. Wits: Marshall Z.
Andrews, Frank B. Taylor, Charles H. Golucke.

LOUISA WILLIAM, 1/1/1885: 7/2/1890. Page 208.
Sis: Kate Kent. Father: Daniel A. Williams, decd. Wits: J. J. Kent, W. J. Norton, Casper Myers.

LUCINDA WOODALL, 8/18/1890: 8/7/1905. Page 281.
Children: Martha Ann Gunn and John T. Woodall. Grchildren: James W. and Frances G. Gunn.
Exr: daughter Martha Ann Gunn. Wits: W. C. Taylor, A. R. Taylor, and Juttie Gunn.

Taliaferro Co. Will Book C (1922 1949)

ROBERTA J. AKINS, 1/13/1910 : 10/29/1927. Page 36.
Husband: Thomas Akins. Others: Dr. Henry F. White. Thomas E. Beazley. Exr: none. Wits: W.
O. Lunceford, S. A. Daniel, William N. Maltbie.

FRANK ALEXANDER, JR. (colored) , 8/22/1931 : 3/31/1941, page 114
Wife: Annie. Dau: Lassie Sneaze. Grchildren: Booker T. Alexander. Exr: Wife. Wits: Ralph W.
Golucke. S. W. Wynne, W. O. Lunceford.

HENRY M. ALLEN, 2/12/1945: 3/4/1946. Page 143.
Wife: Bessie E. Exr: Wife. Wits: W. M. Reynolds, F. C. Gunn, C. J. Hill.

V. S. ALLEN, 2/7/1930: 6/5/1939. Page 106.
Dau: Janette Allen.Grdau: Maggie May Amerson. Grson: Percy Poss. Wits: E. C. Gunn, H. F.
White, F. L. Gunn, V. F. Akins.

WAGNER H. ALLEN, 12/31/1936 : 11/7/1938. Page 98.
Headed Richmond Co.Wife: Sallie Leu. Exr: Wife. Wits: Minnie Beattie, Robert J. Beattie, G.
P. Coffin.

JAMES A. ANDERSON, 9/2/1936: (no date). Page 88.
Headed Wilkes Co. Wife: Clarice B. Exr: Wife. Wits: Hawes Cloud. Mrs. W. H. Callaway,
Henry C. Brooks. Jr.

M. Z. ANDREWS, 8/21/1928: 4/1/1929. Page 47. Wife:
Mary. Niece: Mrs. Roxie Callahan. Nephew: Fred G. Reid. Others: Mrs. Carrie Golucke, R. W.
Golucke. W. W. Bird, Hawes Cloud. Exr: W. W. Bird. Wits: H. W. Paschal, C. E. Wills, G. T.

HENRY ATKINSON, SR., (colored) , 2/1/1919: 8/6/1923, Page 7.
Children: Henry Jr., George. John. Love. Martha Jackson, Malinda Edwards, Lena Stewart, and
Sarah Sigman. decd., and her issue: Mattie and John Henry Sigman. Exr: son Henry Jr. Wits: G.
W. Power, J. H. Power, A. G. Taylor.

ROSELLA S. BARNETT, 3/23/1925 : 5/2/1927. Page 32.
Husband: W. B. Barnett. Children: Nelle, Eliza Anne (Lila). Joseph W., Jabe H., and Jack J.
Barnett. Son: Henry D. Moore. Stepdau: Sarah Barnett Feeny. Exr: O. G. Stone. Wits: B. W.
Moore, T. Seals Darden, Arthur D. Brown.

Taliaferro Co. Will Book C (1922 1949)

WILLIAM BEALL BARNETT, 6/1/1935: 9/19/1936. Page 86.
Now resident of McDuffie County, Georgia. Wife: Margaret Knox McMannon. Children: Nelle.
Lila, Jabe H.. Joseph W., James Jack Barnett. Sarah Barnett Feeny, and Henry D. Moore (decd.
step son). Exr: Jabe H. Barnett. Wits: J. W. Holladay, G. L. Flynt, and E. C. Moore.

B. L. BATTLE, 1/4/1907: 4/5/1926. Page 24.
Headed Warren Co. Wife: living but not named. Sons: Lawrence and Allen Battle. Bros: J. H.
Battle. Exr: brother. Wits: D. L. Wicker, C. R. Fitzpatrick, W. C. English, Jr.

ELLA JANE NORTON BEAZLEY, 9/8/1945: 3/4/1946, Page 141.
Husband: J. A. Beazley, deceased. Mentioned: Thelma Thompson, Decatur, Ga., Floyd
Thompson, Decatur, Ga.; Norton Rivers Thompson, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Mrs. Mary Emily
Thompson McKinney, Appalachia, Va. Exr: Norton R.Thompson, Mrs. M. E. T. McKinney.
Wits: Osgood O. Williams, Lola Mae Hubert, Jack Hubert.

MARTHA BRADY, (colored) , 3/28/1935: 5/4/1936, Page 82.
Dau: Theodosia (Ocie) Mumford; Stella Mitchell, decd., and issue: Martha Turner, Titus Lee
Mitchell, Eddie Lee Mitchell, Johnny Claud Mitchell, Mattie Mitchell, George Love Mitchell,
Willie Mitchell, Curtis Mitchell. Exr: dau Theodosia. Wits: Hawes Cloud, W. W. Bird, R. W.

L. BURNLEY, 6/3/1947: 8/4/1947. Page 148.
Wife: Daisy, decd. Sis: Mrs. T. M. Booth, and Mrs. Hugh H. Park. Bros: Dr. R. T. Burnley.
Niece: Mable Aldred; Mrs. Cloa Duke Harvey (nee Ruby Duke), and issue, Cloa and William
Charles Harvey; Daisy Thomas Harvey (namesake of my precious Wife); and Charlotte Harvey.
Others Mentioned: Leola Armstrong, Lina Armstrong, James Armstrong, Jr., Rev. and Mrs. J. B.
Armstrong, Rev. E. C. Thurston, Mrs. Calvin Lineman ('namesake of my precious mother•),
Asbury College and Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Ky. Wits: O. O. Williams, R. W. Golucke,
and Mrs. Mary A. Lyle. ("It is my unchangeable desire that my body be placed beside that of my
Wife:, Daisy, on lot in Elmhurst Cemetery, Elberton, Ga.

MRS. J. C. CALLAWAY, November 1925: 5/8/1941, page 120
Children: Florence, Annie, W. M., and J. S. Callaway and his daughter, Willie Myrtle Callaway.
Exr: W. M. Callaway. Wits: H. A. Mathis, Mattie Mathis, Albert Poss.

MRS. CATTIE H. CHAPMAN, 1/13/1927: 10/6/1930, Page 64.
Headed Talbot County. Niece: Mrs. Ida Farmer Harris. Grniece: Mary Fanny Harris. Exr: Rev. R.
E. L. Harris. Wits: Benson Maxwell, John A. Smith, L. I. Skinner.

Taliaferro Co. Will Book C (1922 1949)

MATTIE G. CHAPMAN, 7/31/1937: 11/26/1938, Page 100.
Only Children: Christine Chapman. Exr: daughter. Wits: Hawes Cloud, Ralph W. Golucke,
William H. Jackson.

MITCHELL C. CHAPMAN , 4/14/1949: 6/6/1949, Page 154.
Wife: Hattie. Exr: Wife:. Wits: W. H. Dozier, Denis Sanders, Osgood Williams.

MARY ANN CROAKE, 12/30/1912 : 10/21/1939, page 109.
Nephews: Joseph Maher, John W. Burke, and Joseph P. Burke. all of Augusta. Ga. OTHER: St.
Joseph's Male Orphanage. Washington, Ga. Exr: John W. and Joseph P. Burke. Wits: C. S.
Akins, C. H. Stone, Alvin G. Golucke.

AGLEN EDWARDS, 2/7/1921: 5/7/1923. Page 4
Wife: Harriett. Ch and grchildren: Thomas L. Edwards, John Edwards and Wife: Minnie. Redden
Edwards, Nancy Edwards. Mamie McWhorter, Jessie Stewart, Louisa Stewart. Exr: Thomas L.
Edwards. Wits: Hawes Cloud, R. W. Golucke, C. D. Rhodes.

J. W. FALLIN, 1/31/1940 : 4/7/1941, Page 117.
Children: Mrs. Ethline Kendrick and Mrs. Eva Fallin Moore, of Sharon, Ga.; Mrs. M. Joe
Alderman. of Atlanta. Ga.; Mrs. Lyntte Bense, of Los Angeles, Calif. Exr: Mrs. Ethline
Wits: W. F. Moore, B. C. Wright, Louise Harris.

W. D. FAMBROUGH , 12/27/1928 : 12/5/1932. Page 74.
Wife: M. S. Fambrough. Others: Earllenan Whitley, Mamie V. Simons, George Head, Jr., and
Mamie Weatherford. Exr: none. Wits: S. A. Chapman, C. J. Brinkley, and E. C. Gunn.

THOMAS O. GUNN , 11/6/1936 : 12/27/1938. Page 102.
Wife: Amanda S. Children: Mrs. Nellie Saggus, W. Fred Gunn, Claud Thomas Gunn. Clem O.
Gunn, R. W. Gunn and his son. Wesley Gunn. Exr: son W. Fred and son in law M. R. Saggus.
Wits: Hawes Cloud, William H. Jackson, and Aubrey H. Lyle.

U. S. GUNN., 6/23/1936: 9/6/1937. Page 90.
Wife: Olive Belle Alford. Children: Robert R. Gunn and Mary Olive Gunn Howard. Exr: son.
Wits: J. P. Ellington, William H. Jackson, C. T. Gunn.

MRS. LUCILE McCORD HALL , 9/20/1940 : 2/2/1942, Page 128.
Husband: T. S. Hall. Sons: Thomas Joel, William Jarrell, and Henry Lewis Hall. Exr: sons T. J.
and W. J. Hall. Wits: Mrs. C. J. Webster, Mrs. L. S. Matheson. Miss I. V. Banderson.

Taliaferro Co. Will Book C (1922 1949)

MRS. JOHN K. HARPER, 6/7/1932 : 9/5/1932. Page 72.
Children: Gus Reese and Others not named. Exr: Gus Reese. Wits: Hawes Cloud. Jesse W.
Flynt. J. O. Grant.

JOHN HARRIS (colored) , 8/3/1939: 2/5/1940. Page 112.
Wife: Mary. Children: Arthur and Others, not named. Exr: son Arthur. Wits: T. E. Beazley, A. J.
Allen, and Milton F. Brown.

JOHN THOMAS HARRISON, 3/17/1919: 2/14/1924. Page 8
Having passed my ninety first birthday. Children: Mrs. Fannie Elizabeth Flynt. Mrs. Anna
Estella Moore. Mrs. Margaret Ophelia Allen. and Mrs. Mary Jane McGiboney. Exr: M. E.
Moore. Wits: T. F. Cain, W. A. Bird. and G. W. Power.

MRS. ANNIE B. HILLMAN , 9/29/1916 : 8/2/1927. Page 38.
Headed Wilkes County. Son: Meade Hillman. Sis: Mrs. Helen M. Burton and her son, Pegram
Burton. Others: Mrs. Annie Olivia Stowers, Mrs. Emma L. Daniel. Mrs. Fannie Bussey. Wits:
Carroll D. Colley, E. B. Cade, R. E. Lowe.

HORACE M. HOLDEN, 1/2/1935 : 6/19/1936. Page 84.
Wife: Mrs. Horace M. Holden.Children: Frank A. and Howard L. Holden. Exr: sons. Wits:
Myrtice Lee Beattie, Samuel L. Eplan, W. R. Hewlett. (Will filed Fulton Co.)

ISAAC HAMILTON HOLDEN , 8/6/1948: 9/1/1948. Page 152.
Headed Fayette Co., Ky. Son: Ivan Hamilton Holden. Exr: son. Wits: Blanche Grimes, Betty J.
Tuttle, H. H. Anderson, Frank A. Holden.

JOHN F. HOLDEN, 8/11/1932 : 2/6/1933. Page 75.
Sis: Stella Holden. Bros: Claude, Horace M., and Oscar Holden (decd.). Niece: Mrs. Ora
Beazley. Exr: Horace M. Holden. Wits: Hawes Cloud, J. P. Ellington, S. W. Wynne.

JOHN H. JACKSON , 7/19/1924 : 9/1/1924. Page 18.
Wife: Laura R. Children: Sarah Pauline Jackson, Laura Catherine Jackson, John H. Jackson. Jr.
Exr: Laura R. Jackson, H. A. Mathis. Wits: Dr. Thomas C. Nash, J. N. Wall, Willie Hall, T. M.


Taliaferro Co. Will Book C (1922 1949)

MRS. NORA K. JACKSON, 5/7/1948 : 6/6/1949. Page 156.
Husband: L. S. Jackson, decd.. and his nephews, Hoyt and Will Elliott. Nephew: Roland
Moore. Grnephew: Richard C. Moore Jr. Grniece: Nita Lee Moore Adkinson. Mentioned: Mrs.
Belle Kuhnell, Mrs. Valla Davis Griffin, G. W. Davis, Charles Davis. Wilson Davis, Ida
Kuhnell. and Lenora Course. Exr: Wyman Dozier and Roland Moore. Wits: B. R. Darden, Rose
Page Hendricks, and H. T. Harris.

SAMUEL JOHNSON, 2/23/1918, 2/14/1927, Page 30.
Wife: Mary Ann. Children: James P., Paul, Daniel K. Johnson, and Susan Senia Lenord. Exr:
sons James and Paul. Wits: L. M. Jernigan, R. H. Truesdel, M. H. Tappan.

WADE H. JONES , 9/19/1918: 3/1/1943. Page 134.
Sis: Ida Jones. Exr: sister. Wits: J. W. Park, S. E. Gunn, J. S. Jackson.

MRS. FANNIE MOORE KENDRICK , 5/6/1938: 8/18/1939, Page 107.
Dau: Georgia. Wife of W. A. Wagnon. Exr: daughter. Wits: E. E. Shirley. J. Smith Johnson, C. L.

NATHAN AND JANE KENNEDY (colored) , 5/3/1918 : 5/5/1930, Page 58.
Children: Margie, Sammy, Douglas, Willie, Ed, Julia, John, Green, Mary Jane, Henrietta.
Bertha. and Katie Kennedy. Exr: Homer Moore. Wits: Hawes Cloud, J. H. Callahan, J. S.

MRS. MARY BIRD LANNEAU, 8/10/1929: 10/12/1929, Page 52.
Headed Habersham Co. Children: Rene. Charlie. and Frank Lanneau; Mrs. Marie Lucas; Mrs.
Louisa Fry. Exr: son Charlie. Wits: J. C. Barren, C. L. Garrard, W. F. Mixwell.

CORA B. LIGHTFOOT, (colored) , 10/6/1941: 4/5/1943, page 136.
Sis: Leola Shorter, Athens. Ga. Exr: sister. Wits: Hawes Cloud, Jack H. Hubert, Ralph W.

ALEXANDER S. LUNCEFORD, 7/19/1939 : 2/2/1942, page 126
Children: Mrs. Grover Rhodes, Eula Edwards, Ora Agee, Ralph Lunceford. Grchildren: Anita
Sanders and Leo Chapman. Exr: son Ralph S. Lunceford. Wits: C. S. Harrison, J. A. Mitchell, J.
O. Colclough.

L. LUNCEFORD , 3/21/1930:4/7/1930. page 56. Children:
Grover and Macon M. Lunceford, Cleo Mathis, Daisy Combs, Edna Evans. Wife: Emma, decd.
Exr: D. W. Lunceford, Bairdstown. Ga. Wits: B. C. Mansfield, R. E. Meadows, D. E. Mansfield.


Taliaferro Co. Will Book C (1922 1949)

THOMAS GIRDWOOD MACFIE, 6/12/1936. : 2/7/1944, page 139
Wife: Elizabeth Wilhelmina Taute. Children: John Ballot and Thomas Girdwood Tauts Macfie.
Exr: Wife:. Wits: Hawes Cloud, Winnie Thaxton, William H. Jackson.

JOE MEADOWS, (colored) , 4/2/1935 : 4/7/1947. Page 146.
Wife: Pearl. CH.. Willie May. Annie, J. C., Hattie, Lessie, Douglas, Mattie. Exr: Wife:. Wits:
Hawes Cloud, R. M. Moore, and W. P. Snelson.

MRS. CORINNE MOORE, 6/3/1931 : 9/5/1938. Page 96.
Husband: Lucius A. Moore, decd. Dau: Lucie Corinne and Frances Elizabeth Moore. Exr: dan
Lucy. Wits: J. M. Kendrick, B. W. Moore, J. W. Fallin.

JANIE MOORE, (colored) , 7/31/1922: 7/7/1924. Page 16.
Husband: Green F. Moore. decd. Husband's Niece: Zettie Evans. Adopted dau: Minnie Yeagins,
of Fulton Co., Ga. Others: Johnnie, son of Ara Johnson; Bernice, son of Willie Johnson,
Clarence Stephens; Greene Moore: Lula. dau of Emma Bailey; Stephen's Chapel C. M. E.
Church. Exr: Rev. C. A. Wise. Wits: John L. Sisson, A. H. Beazley, J. A. Beazley.

LUCIUS A. MOORE, 3/7/1917:10/6/1930. Page 6
Wife: Corine. Children: Owen S., Richard G.. Lucie Corine, Frances E. Moore, and Sarah Lucile
Burton. Exr: Corine. Owen, and Richard Moore. Wits: Boyce Ficklen. C. D. Colley. Col. A. T.
Colley. USA, all of Washington, Wilkes County, Ga.

MARION E. MOORE, 1/29/1924:4/7/1924. Page 10.
Wife: Annie E. Children: Henry G., Tom, and Annie Laurie Moore, and Rosa Mandy, Wife of
Ned Taylor. Exr: son, Henry G. Wits: Hawes Cloud, Alvin G. Golucke. B. R. Trotter.

SARAH A. MURDEN, 7/22/1910:9/2/1929. Page 50.
Husband: R. S. Murden. Children: William H., O. H., and Etta C. Murden. Exr: husband and
sons. Wits: R. W. Shank, E. L. Davis, G. C. Davis.

SARAH W. MURDEN, 6/6/1904: 5/14/1924. Page 14.
Sis: Mrs. Fannie Ellington, Mary E. Murden. and Emily R. Fluker. Exr: Mrs. Fannie Ellington
and William H. Fluker. Wits: R. C. Dickinson, J. A. Beazley, and O. H. Murden.

S. T. OGLETREE, 4/26/1918: 9/1/1924. Page 20.
Wife: Eufaula, extrx. Son: J. T. Ogletree, decd., and his children. Wits: W. W. Bird, M. R.
Saggus, Joseph A. Rhodes.

MRS. D. A. PERKINS, 9/21/1928: 2/4/1929. Page 41.
Bros: L. L. Wright. Exr: brother. Wits: J. L. Moore, P. S. Barnett, A. T. Ray.
Taliaferro Co. Will Book C (1922 1949)

PARTHENIA PLEDGER, (colored) , 4/28/1924: 3/7/1938.
Husband: Alex Pledger. Children: Fred Pledger: Willie, wife of Garnie Stewart, and issue, Callie
Mabel, Castella, Emma Kate, Alma, Willie Osgy; Mabelle, wife of Ed Hale, and issue. Willie,
Lillian, Ruby, Eddie, and Raymond. Wits: Thomas J. Roberts, N. B. Morgan, Ed Evans.

MRS. FANNIE PORTWOOD, 9/7/1929: 8/1/1932. Page 70.
Legatee: Asbury Edwards. Exr: C. S. Edwards, Mrs. Alice Edwards. Wits: G. T. Edwards, E. D.
Howell, H. F. Johnson.

PAULINE BRISTOW RICHARDS, 1/1/1912: 8/11/1926, Page 28.
Legatees: Claude (Mrs. Hawes) Cloud, Hawes Cloud, Thomas E. Bristow, Rebecca Bradley,
Stacey Bristow, Lurline Bristow, Mary Bristow, Emmie Kate Bristow. Exr: Hawes Cloud. Wits:
Charles W. Gee, Joseph A. Rhodes, Thomas F. Hollis.

G. T. RHODES, 1/7/1915: 9/1/1924. Page 22.
Wife: Rosa. Children: J. A., G. C., G. W. Rhodes. Mamie Taylor. Maggie Hobbs, Maude
Andrews, and Blanch Wheeler. Exr: 3 sons. Wits: L. A. Brake. C. L. Thaxton, J. A. Beazley.

GOLDEN STEWART, (colored) , 3/8/1919: 11/5/1928, Page 43.
Wife: Martha Turner (2nd Wife: 'married 3 yrs. ago'). Children: (•all children of my first
marriage") George Love (youngest). Gaddis, Garney. Frank, Octavis, Daniel, Willie, Clarence,
Columbus. Stella, Robertus, Katie. and Ada. Exr: sons George, Daniel, and Gaddis. Other:
Friendship Baptist Church (colored), Crawfordville, Ga. "For 40 years, I have served as a Deacon
of the Friendship Baptist Church, colored, and a part of this time I have served as Treasurer.
During all these years I have tried with patience and in meekness to follow the example of the
Great and Lowly Nazarene." Wits: E. C. Moore, Hawes Cloud, Alvin G. Golucke.

TIM STEWART, (colored), 11/2/1929: 9/1/1930. Page 60.
Wife: Corinthis. Children: Dock, Allen, and Hattie. decd. Exr: Dock. Nephew: Thos. L. Edwards.
Wits: Hawes Cloud, L. E. Thaxton, M. R. Saggus.

MRS. C. TAYLOR, 2/21/1931 : 7/1/1935. Page 80.
Children: Mrs. Emmie Stanford; Adell Marable and issue. Jack Marsble; Murray Taylor and
issue, Georgia. Elizabeth. and Jesss Murrey Taylor; Alva Taylor and issue, Emmie D. and H. M.
Taylor. Grchildren: Mrs. Frankie Weathers and issue, Billy Weathers. Exr: Alva Taylor. Wits: O.
G. Stone, George T. Moore, A. S. Barnett.

GEORGE T. TUCKER, 8/13/1919. : 5/7/1923. Page3.
Wife: Leila. Children: George, James, and Bertha Tucker. and Mrs. Eva Nunn. Exr: Hawes
Cloud. Wits: G. V. Taylor. J. P. Ellington, Joseph A. Rhodes.

Taliaferro Co. Will Book C (1922 1949)

MARY BRADY USHRY, (colored) , 10/14/1933. : (no date), Page 79.
Husband: Marion Ushry. Children: Jimmie, Willie Love, and Willie Mae Ushry. Mentioned:
George Love Mitchell. Exr: Jimmie Ushry. Wits: John H. Partee, Otis S. Reid, Sam Evans.

ANNA WHEELER, 7/12/1907: 4/10/1922. Page 1.
Husband: Joseph H. Wheeler. Uncle: L. L. Veazey. Children: Cleveland Manch Wheeler
(youngest). Lincoln Hugh Wheeler, Jesss Hugh Wheeler, and Macon Sanford Wheeler. Son's
Grparents: last name Frazier. Exr: sons Lincoln F. and Macon S. Wheeler. Wits: Ralph W.
Golucke. M. Z. Andrews, Hawes Cloud.

DORA STEPHENS WILLIAMS, (colored) , 4/18/1931 : 6/1/1931, page 68.
Niece: Eugenia Sampson. Cousin: Lucius Adkins. Mentioned: Emma Bishop and issue, Essonia.
Orlene, Susie; Daisy Heath; Mrs. H. M. Holden; Mrs. Anna Weaver; Mrs. W. R. Jennings;
Friendship Baptist Church (col), Crawfordville, Ga.; United Daughters of the Confederacy,
Crawfordville, 'who are and have always been my good friends.' Exr: Hawes Cloud. Wits: Ralph
W. Golucke, Foster Rhodes, J. W. Stewart.

ANNIE ELIZABETH WILLIAMS, 11/22/1938: 12/2/1946, Page 144.
Husband: John Linton Williams. decd. Sis: Rosa, Mrs. C. E. Jones. Children: Ellie Willie and
Harry Raymond and Others. not named. Exr: sister. Wits: Hawes Cloud. William H. Jackson, A.
J. Melton.

BOYKIN C. WRIGHT, 6/20/1927: 7/4/1927. Page 34.
Wife: Blanche C. Children: Beulah, Graham, and Boykin C., Jr. Exr: O. G. Stone. Wits: B. W.
Moore, E. F. Barnes, J. W. Bohler.

MRS. FANNIE R. WRIGHT, 1/15/1934: 10/8/1941, page 122
Children: B. C. (decd.). and George F. Wright; Mrs. Willie Joe Bloodworth. Mrs. Vannie Moore,
and Mrs. Annie Mae Moore. Exr: son George F. Wits: H. M. Sale, F. B. Bracey, and J. J. Barnett

W. O. WRIGHT, 8/2/1927 : 1/7/1929. Page 39.
Wife: Fannie R. Children: B. C. (decd.) and George F. Wright; Mrs. Willie Joe Bloodworth,
Mrs. Vannie Moore, Mrs. Annie Mae Moore. Exr: son George. Wits: A. S. Barnett, R. L. Taylor,
B. W. Moore.

HORACE WYNNE, 9/26/1942:2/1/1943, Page 132.
Legatees: W. B., G. P., and S. N. Wynne. Exr: 3 legatees. Mentioned: estate of B. F. and Mrs.
Mattie E. Wynne. Wits: W. H. Murden, W. B. Jackson, O. O. Williams.


Taliaferro Co. Will Book C (1922 1949)

S. N. WYNNE, 10/19/1942 : 10/19/1947. Page 150.
Legatees: Horace F., G. P, and W. B. Wynne. Exr: 3 legatees. Mentioned: estate of B. F. and
Mrs. Mattie E. Wynne. Wits: Mary Agnes Lyle, Josie Bird, Osgood O. Williams.

W. B. WYNNE, 10/1/1942 : 11/2/1942, page 130.
Legatees: Horace F., G. P., and S. N. Wynne. Exr: 3 legatees. Mentioned: estate of B. F. and
Mrs. Mattie E. Wynne. Wits: Gray Barksdale, H. M. Stewart, and J. V. Wynne.

Taliaferro Will Book D (1949 8/6/1956)

CORA ALEXANDER, (colored) , 9/25/1947: 9/5/1955, page 43
Headed Rockaway Beach, Queens County, New York. Husband: Elias (•the sum of $5 only,
because he has abandoned me and refused to support me and he is not entitled to anything
I own.') Only son: Albert Alexander. Exr: son Albert. Wits: M. E. Jacobowitz, Blanche
Grossberger, and Evelyn Rirkir (of New York).

MRS. ETHEL ANDREWS, 5/25/1950: 11/29/1955. Page 47.
Sis: Mrs. Mary Murray, of Ashburn. Ga. Exr: sister. Wits: O. O. Williams, G. E. Williams. C. W.

HENRY T. ATKINSON, (colored) 6/20/1947 : 7/15/1953, Page 22.
Children: Irvin Atkinson. Viola Evans, and Anna Stewart. Exr: son. Wits: Harold H. Kendrick,
Ralph W. Golucke, Osgood O. Williams.

SUSAN M. BARTLETT , 6/1/1954: 4/25/1955. Page 37.
Headed Westbrook. Cumberland Co., Maine. Children: Leland H. Crosby, Alice Miller,
Christine Barber. Grchildren: Joanne and Judith Miller. Exr: dau Christine. Wits: Ralph E.
Staples, Frank B. Spring, Armand O. LeBlanc (all of Maine).

MRS. MAGGIE ANDREWS BRAKE, 2/22/1948: 7/5/1949, page 3.
Children: Nina Haigler, Carrie Bird, Lawrence Andrews Brake, Garnett T. Brake, deceased, and
issue, Garnett T., Jr., and Benjamin Brake. Exr: son Lawrence. Wits: John D. Jackson, Jr.,
Margaret Haigler, Mrs. George F. Haigler. (Will was , in Montgomery County, Alabama.)

LAWRENCE H. BROWN, 7/2/1948: 9/8/1949. Page 5.
Headed Chatham Co. Wife: Erma Carl. Children: Mary Emma and Lawrence Carl. Exr: Wife:
and Arthur D. Brown. Wits: Estelle O. Zettler, Rose Margaret Steger, and Elizabeth J. Brannan.

Taliaferro Will Book D (1949 8/6/1956)

J. O. COLCLOUGH, 12/13/1950: 10/19/1955. Page 39.
Father: W. T. Colclough. decd. Bro and sister mentioned but not named. Nephew: J. W. and R.
O. Harrison, Colclough Evans. Exr: nephew R. O. Harrison. Wits: Annie R. Smith. R. W.
Golucke, O. O. Williams.

ELLA EVANS, (colored) , 2/11/1949: 2/5/1951, page 14.
Grchildren: Christine Paschal. Meadesville, Pa., and Mary Lee Harris. of this co. Exr: 2 grch.
Wits: W. F. Dozier, Joe Ogletree, Joe Lewis.

C. W. GEE, 1/16/1946 : 8/28/1954, page 28.
Wife: Lena. Mentioned: Mrs. Margaret Gee Nash. Miles Nash. Mrs. Mattie Gee Portwood, Mrs.
Mary Emma Gee Gunn. and Carolyn Edwards.Legatees: Home Missions. Augusta Presbytery,
and Crawfordville Presbyterian Church. Exr: Dr. E. T. Portwood and Miles T. Nash. Wits: O. O.
Williams, Lola Mae Hubert, T. H. Boswell.

MRS. ULY GUNN, 1/13/1938 : 1/5/1953. Page 19.
Children: Mrs. Homer H. Howard and Robert R. Gunn. Exr: 2 children. Wits: C. W. Gee. Hawes
Cloud, and William H. Jackson.

C. E. HARRIS, 6/1/1949: 11/6/1951, Page 15.
Wife: Nelia Ivey. Exr: Wife: Wits: William H. Jackson, Ralph W.Golucke, Osgood O. Williams.

W. L. HARRIS, 11/12/1952. : 1/5/1953. Page 19.
Children: Mrs. Annie B. Russell [oldest). Mrs. Gladys Andrews, Mrs. Mary Shelton. Nephew:
George W. Brown. Exr: nephew. Wits: J. Ruff Kendrick, Mabel A. Kendrick, Lewis B. Kendrick.

MATTIE ATKINSON JACKSON, (colored) , 10/17/1949: 12/5/1949. Page 6.
Niece: Mattie Sigman. Grnephew: Edward Jack and Curtis Sigman. Exr: John H. Sigman. Wits:
O. O. Williams, H. F. McCord, C. S. Harrison.

CLARENCE JORDAN, (colored) , 3/11/1949: 7/5/1949, page 1
Wife: Hattie (a good and faithful Wife: through the years.) Children: Mollie Belle Stewart,
Hattie Clara Heath, of Illinois, Hazel Heath, of New York. Ruble Cheeley. Gr Children:
Clarence Jordan. Jr. Mother: Nancy Jordan, decd. Other: Mattie Gunn, decd, mother of Jack
Jordan. Exr: dau Hazel. Wits: O. O. Williams, F. T. McGill, C. S. Harrison.

MRS. JAMES A. KENDRICK, 12/1948: 7/2/1956, page 52
Children: Mrs. Louisa Kendrick Lewis and Mrs. Cleo Kendrick Rhodes. Exr: 2 dau. Wits: Arthur
D. Brown, B. R. Darden, Rose Page Hendricks.


Taliaferro Will Book D (1949 8/6/1956)

ANDERSON C. MOORE, 9/20/1947: 1/2/1956. Page 49.
Wife: Annie Lou Veazey. Children: William W. Moors and Others. not named. Exr: son William
W. Wits: A. S. Howell, Jr., W. M. Jernigan, W. L. Lipscomb.

MRS. DAISY TAYLOR MOORE, 10/14/1949: 7/7/1952, Page 17.
Children: Milton B. Moore, Mildred Moore O'Rear, Myrtice Moore Bullard, Marie Moore
Phelps, and Mabel Moore Bird. Mentioned: estate of R. M. Moore. Exr: son Milton. Wits: W. H.
Jackson, R. W. Golucke, Mrs. Wales Flynt.

MRS. ETTA C. MURDEN, 11/28/1950: 12/5/1950. Page 12.
Niece:Mrs. Vera Murden Maltbie. Exr: niece. Wits: F. B.Merritt, O. O. Williams, W. H. Jackson.

MINNIE McLENDON, (colored), 4/19/1954: 10/4/1954, page 31
Husband: Marshall McLendon. Exr: Dwellie Evans and Laura Horton. Mentioned: Dwellie
Evans and Laura Horton. Wits: John Reese. H. F. Richards, Mrs. Lois Richards.

ELIZABETH CORRY McRAE, 9/14/1949: 4/13/1950, page 7
Headed Cincinnati, Ohio. Bros: Grier B. Corry. of Cincinnati, Ohio.) Other: Irene Harrison, of
416 Clark St., Cincinnati. Ohio. Exr: brother. Wits: Dorothy Steinbrecher, Richard W. Barrett,
W. L. Blum, H. T. Emerson. Jr.

MAMIE McWHORTER, 8/29/1953: 3/20/1954, page 25.
Father: Allen Edwards, decd. Bros: Redden Edwards and issue, Rev. R. E. Edwards . Other:
Nancy Edwards. Josie Stewart, Louisa Stewart. Exr: Redden Edwards. Wits: Hawes Cloud. R.
W. Golucke, G. Y. Edwards.

LULA PARK, 5/31/1946 : 2/5/1951, page 13.
Headed DeKalb Co. Son in law: C. M. Smith. Grchildren: Mildred Glynise and Minnie Olive
Smith. Exr: son in law. Wits: Mrs. Allen Ross, Miss Marion Nelson, Miss Virginia A. Wood.

BOYCE PATE, 9/4/1952 : 8/29/1955, page 41.
Six Children: June Pate Taylor. Five others not named. Exr: dau June. Wits: J. A. Mitchell, Guy
F. Beazley, Harold F. Richards.


Taliaferro Will Book D (1949 8/6/1956)

MRS. ALLIE RHODES, 12/14/1939: 6/25/1950, page 10.
Husband: Dr. John A. Rhodes. decd. Mentioned: Aubrey H. Lyle and Wife: Mary Agnes; Mrs.
Nina Rhodes, Mitchell Herbert, Charlie, Minnie, and Kenneth Lyle; Terrell Lyle and his mother,
Mrs. L. B. Lyle; Mrs. Ella Fouche, Mrs. Stella Lavender; Mrs. Burma Cox; Carl and Cuss
Harrison; Elizabeth Fowler; John Harrison; Samuel, Joe, George, and Frances Rhodes; Mrs.
Rebecca Fallin: Mrs. Lens Rhodes; Mrs. Lena Rhodes Ray; Mrs. Nada Wynn, Crawfordville
Baptist and Methodist Churches; Sandy Cross Baptist and Methodist Churches. Exr: Osgood O.
Williams. Wits: George C. Steed, C. L. Thaxton, William H. Jackson.

REV. GEORGE C. STEED, 10/23/1945:2/2/1953, Page 21.
Wife: Mabel (second). Dau: Mrs. Helen Steed Chapman. Exr:Mae. Wife: and dau. Wits: Owen
Lunsford, O. O. Williams, Mrs. Hubert.

CLAUDE H. STONE, 10/2/1954: 11/10/1955. page 45.
Wife: Annie, decd. Sis: Eula Meadows; Elma Flynt (decd.) and issue. Richard H. FLynt. C.
Lawrence Flynt, Frances Moore, and Margaret Crook. Bros: Garnett Stone, Tampa. Fla. Niece:
Helen Stone Moon, Tampa. Fla. Mentioned: Mary Agnes Lyle, Louise Meadows, James
Yearwood, Mrs. Mary E. Wright. Joseph A. Moore. and Bertie Baker. Exr: Richard H. Flynt and
Mary Agnes Lyle. Wits: Louise Moore, Josie Bird, and Ralph W. Golucke.

MRS. DAISY B. STURDIVANT , 9/22/1949: 4/22/1950, page 9
Sis: Mrs. Pearl Bentley Moore. Grson: Jack Sturdivant. Exr: sister. Wits: Mrs. J. R. Evans, Janet
S. Allen, Mrs. J. E. Dye.

MRS. SARA STEPHENS WHITE, 5/29/1953: 8/6/1956, page 56
Husband: Dr. Henry F. White. Husband's Niece: Sara Wynne. Miami. Fla. Mother: Lucinda
Frances Hammock, dau of Henry F. Hammock. Father: Dr. Linton A. Stephens, nephew of
Alexander Hamilton Stephens. Sis: Mrs. Janie Stephens Howard. Niece: Mrs. Irene Howard
Middaugh and issue, Mary Anna Searl (Mrs. Middaugh's gruncle. Charlie McKay); M. A. Searl's
maternal gr gr mother, Mrs. William Howard: M. A. Searl's graunt, Mamie Howard; M. A.
Sehrl's uncle, Linton Howard): Frances Hadaway Johnson. Niece in law: Mrs. Alice McCord
Stephens. 2nd cousin: Dr. Hadnall Weaver. Nephew: William Linton Howard. Grnephew:
Robert S. Johnson and son Allen. 1st Cousin: Dr. Robert G. Stephens. the grson of William
Simpson. 2nd cousin: Stephens A.Avary and issue. Harriet and Jane. Cousin: Ralph W. Golucke.
Wife: Mary McCord Golucke, his grgather, Edmund Golucke, and his maternal grandfather,
John Roberts. Mentioned: Thomas A. Akin, Linton Stephens, Sherburn C. Searl, Robert Blay
Searl. Mrs. Nell

Taliaferro Will Book D (1949 8/6/1956)

Sara White Stephens contd....

Wheeler Mitchell, Osgood Williams. Stella Mitchell Hennis and her son Hal, Mrs. Louise
Norris Auld of Columbia. S. C.. Dr. W. M. Battey of Augusta. Ga.. and Mrs. Nada Wynn and
her gr dau Stephanie Fleming. Legatees: Battle Hill Haven. Atlanta. Ga. ("where my husband
died'); State of Georgia (items for Liberty Hall, Crawfordville, Ga.); Crawfordville Library:
Washington (Georgia) General Hospital. Exr: Ralph W. Golucke or (after death) Frank A.
Holden. Wits: H. C. Carson. A. C. Ford. F. A. Holden. all of Atlanta. (Will in Atlanta. Fulton
County. Georgia.)

MRS. MARY E.WRIGHT, 12/19/1934: 1/3/1955. Page 33.
Niece: Nannie B. Ray and Lillis Barnett. Husband: George N. Wright. decd. Bros: John and
Wingfield Stone. Husband's Bros: Felix Wright. Husband's half bro. and half Sis: L. L. Wright,
Miss Verdie Heath. Others: Mrs. Henry Brooks. decd., and issue, Mrs. Annie B. Stone; John T.
Wright and Wife: Anna Stone, both decd., and issue, Willie. Wess. Cleve. Jewell. Pat, Mrs.
Maude Moore, Mrs. Mary Gibson; W. O. Wright, decd., and issue, George F., Mrs. Willie Joe
Bloodworth, Mrs. Vannie Moore, Mrs. Annie M. Moore, B. C. Wright, decd., and his children.
B. C. Jr., Graham. Mrs. Beulah Lovern; Mrs. Annie Barnett, decd., and issue. W. B., Lillis,
Albert S., Pat S.. N. G.. and Mrs. Nannie B. Ray, W. A. Wright, decd., and issue, Gray. Dick,
Copeland. Mrs.Gussie Seigler, Mrs. Sallie Reynolds; W. A. Stone, decd., and issue, Claude H.,
Garnett. Eula Meadows, O. G. Stone (decd.) and daughter Nell Middlebrooks, Mrs. Elma Flynt
(decd.) and her children, Margarite. Mary Frances, Richard, and Lawrence. Welbourne Stone
(decd.) and daughter Helen. Carlton Stone (decd.) and son, Sanford. Other legatees, but not issue
of W. A. Stone: Mrs. Hamie Flynt, Mrs. Annie Sharpage Jimmie Meadows. Walter Meadows. Ed
Meadows. Mrs. Mary E. Meadows. Mrs. John R. Moore. Mrs. W. F. Moore (these last two are
designated as half sisters). John Lint Stone, G. L. Flynt, Alberta Baker, William Plummer. Harve
Brown, Bolton Stone Baker. Henry Robertson. and the Raytown Methodist Church Cemetery.
Exr: P. S. Barnett. C. H. Stone. Wits: E. C. Moore. J. Page Moore. C. F. Evans.