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Subject:Re: Isaac Fonda, Saratoga Dist., Albany Co., NY 1779
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Thanks for clearing up that St. Robert thing. I only meant to indicate it was an interesting fact, but your explaination certainly makes sense.

As I do not know which Fonda line you consider your direct ancestors, I will go back as far as I am able in the Fonda history in a direct line from Douw Jellis Fonda Who came here from the Netherlands.

Douw Jellis Fonda, b.1641 married Rebecca Leendertse Coyne, b. 1645.

Jellis Douwse Fonda, b. 1604 married Hester Douwdr Jans, b. 1615

Douwe Evertse, b. 1580 married Hellentgen Claesdr, b. abt 1595

Evert Benedictus, d. 1610 married N. N.

Benedictus Jacobse, d. 1582 married Aecht Eernstdr

Jacob Harmens married Bot Hennedr

I can flesh this out with many siblings. Jacob Harmens was possibly a contemporary of Christopher Columbus. Before about 1600 the family name was not used in legal records. In Northern Europe, the 'name of records' or legal name was taken from the first name of the father. For example, in the above instance, Benedictus Jacobse was the son of Jacob. Indicated by the 'se' or son addition to Jacob. His wife Aecht Eernstdr was the daughter of Eernst. The 'dr' added to indicate daughter of Eernst. (Now those strange Dutch names seem to make sense.) Although the Fonda name does not appear in records, they were certainly aware of their family name. Friends and neighbors probably refered to them as 'the Fondas'.

The Fondas are first found in an area of Northern Slovenia and are believed to have moved there from Trieste a short distance away. In this area, Family names are used, and if records can be found, the family line can be once again picked up. Dominicus Fonda is mentioned in the town archives of Piran, Slovenia in the year 1230. A building named palace Fonda is also located in Piran. It is about five stories tall but otherwise not too impressive. I have a photo.

From Slovenia our Fondas (or a Fonda) moved to Northern Italy, possibly Genoa, in some way connected to mercantile trade. From there they arrived in Friesland, again in connection to mercantile trade, between 1400 and 1500.

I have maps of the Fonda ancestral homeland in Slovenea which I will send to your email address as an attachment.

I can send a printed descendant tree to a postal address. It will not be a complete tree as I have about 4800 members in my tree. The first 18 pages should pretty well outline the early Fondas as we know them..