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Hi again Judy, Highlands County...Avon Park. I used to live in West Lake Wales, and I think I still have a cousin there in Avon Park. If so, it is Dorsey Chancey, he used to own the Western Auto Parts Store there...and may still, I don't know. I think Dorseys first name is Hugh, I just cannot remember..but could be a throw back to the early Hugh.

I'll write a lady that helped me a lot with the ancestors of James T Peacock and see if by any chance she has any children for Henry Easterling Peacock and anything more for his two wives.

Can you tell me in what state the children were born in?..this will help trying to figureing out when Henry moved to Florida.

As I said in my last post, we do not know how any of the early Chanceys were related. They came to Georgia about 1800 +/- 5 years or so, Jeremiah settled in Ware, which later became Clinch County, Christopher settled in what is now Pierce County...Samuel and Hugh were in Camden County, in what is now Charlton County. If Edmund was a son of Hugh Chancy that was in Camden County in 1820, and his decendents say he was born at Burnt Fort in what is today still Camden County on the border of Charlton County, he would almost have to be the son of Hugh. I simply have surmised that Samuel, my ggreat gfather may have been a brother to Hugh...this is a big guess, based on how siblings tended to stick pretty close together when settling these new wild frontiers..and, according to the 1820 census, Samuel and Hugh were the only two Chancys there at the time. The early Asa apparently died in an Indian raid, or died from something, as the state records show that the "orphans" of Asa Chancy was awarded land from the 1827 Cherokee Land lottery. We do not know anything about Asa...he could possibly be the father of Edmund.

I added the following to my notes in my data base.

NOTE: 02/29/00. Asa has been added as a son of Joseph Hugh according to an article written on the Reverend Edmund Lafayette Chancey, October 29, 1815 - November 28, 1884, wherein the interview included the brothers of Edmund as Tiner, Asa and Jacob. [Christopher is AKA Tiner] [Joseph Hugh may have been the father of Hugh, Samuel, Asa and others]

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