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The following is a brief article by John C. Downing from a Richmond, VA, newspaper column "Know Your Name", circa October 1974, about the name FITCHETT. Unfortunately, no citations are provided about the information. I have attempted to type everything here exactly as it appears in the article.

FITCHETT - This name is derived from the old French word Fiche, meaning "an iron point," and would denote a maker of sharp-pointed iron objects, such as nails, pikes (sic), spears and the like. The names Fiche, Fiquet and the diminuitve forms Fichet and Fichot are fairly common in France.
The Normans brought the name to England. hugh, Robert and Walter Fichet lived in Counties Dorset and Northumberland in 1176-94. Henry Fychet lived in Somersetshire in 1327. Thomas Fitchett lived in London in 1691.
In Scotland William Fichet lived in Aberdeen in 1317 and Richard Fichet was elected to the council there in 1398. William Fichet and his wife were described in the court records of Aberdeen in 1411 as "common pikares (petty thieves)." John Fochet was alderman of Aberdeen in 1441 and John Fychaitt was a merchant there in 1541.
Burke's General Armory describes the Fitchett arms.
Virginia records show that John Fitchett obtained a 32-acre grant in 1642 and patented 8.5 acres in 1654 for which he paid an annual rental of "one bushel and three pecks indian corne shelled."
The 1790 census records for Virginia and North Carolina list the spellings Fitchet, Fetchet and Fitchee.