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George Roberts marriages to Sarah.

I did the search without Sarah's second name in case the the one you had turns out to be incorrect. If she was widowed before she married George Roberts then she would be married using the name of her first husband, but her maiden name could still be Collicot. Possible it's a mis-spelling of Cauldicot too.

Marriages Jun 1879
Brodel Sarah Glanford B. 7a 1407
ROBERTS George Glanford B. 7a 1407

Marriages Mar 1879
Roberts George Wolverhampton 6b 540
SMALLMAN Sarah Wolverhampton 6b 540
or WESTWOOD Mary Ann Wolverhampton 6b 540

Marriages Dec 1878
Hollinshead Frances Macclesfield 8a 225
or LALLY Sarah Macclesfield 8a 225
ROBERTS George Kennerley Macclesfield 8a 225

Marriages Jun 1878
BOTT Sarah Sleaford 7a 769
or FLINTHAM Jane Sleaford 7a 769
Roberts George Sleaford 7a 769

Marriages Dec 1877
Greaves Elizabeth Oldham 8d 1014
or HOWARTH Sarah Ann Oldham 8d 1014
ROBERTS George Oldham 8d 1014

Marriages Jun 1877
ROBERTS George Nottingham 7b 435
SWANN Sarah Nottingham 7b 435
or Swinscoe Annie Nottingham 7b 435

Marriages Jun 1877
Croxford Sarah Leighton-B. 3b 658
or Horley Sarah Leighton B. 3b 658
ROBERTS George Leighton B 3b 658

Marriages Mar 1877
Morris Sarah Swansea 11a 643
or Rees Maggie Swansea 11a 643
ROBERTS George Swansea 11a 643

Marriages Sep 1876
HUMPHRIES Sarah Ann Leeds 9b 591
Roberts George Leeds 9b 591

Marriages Mar 1876
Albut Sarah Ann Bromsgrove 6c 497
or JUGGINS Rebecca Bromsgrove 6c 497
Roberts George Bromsgrove 6c 497

Marriages Dec 1875
ISTED Mary Battle 2b 93
or MERCER Sarah Battle 2b 93
ROBERTS George Battle 2b 93

Marriages Dec 1875
Gorby Anne Wortley 9c 357
or HARRISON Sarah Wortley 9c 357
ROBERTS George Wortley 9c 357

Marriages Dec 1875
BURNS Sarah Liverpool 8b 305
or MCCARTHY Ellen Liverpool 8b 305
ROBERTS George Liverpool 8b 305

Marriages Sep 1875
BOOTH Sarah Salford 8d 133
or HUTCHINSON Sarah Jane Salford 8d 133
Roberts George Salford 8d 133

Marriages Jun 1875
CAUDLIN Sarah Selina Wellington, Sh. 6a 1393
or Griffiths Hannah Wellington, Sh. 6a 1393
Roberts George Valentine Wellington Salop 6a 1393

Marriages Jun 1875
Cuthbert Mary Ashton 8d 855
or Middleton Sarah Ann Ashton 8d 855
Roberts George Ashton 8d 855

Marriages Jun 1875
Carville Alice Isabella Woolwich 1d 1195
or ELLIOTT Sarah Hannah Woolwich 1d 1195
or PLUMRIDGE Elizabeth Woolwich 1d 1195
Roberts George Woolwich 1d 1195

Marriages Jun 1875
FULLER Sarah Ann Dartford 2a 544
Roberts George Dartford 2a 544

Marriages Dec 1874
Roberts George Worksop 7b 107
CLARKE Sarah Elizabeth Worksop 7b 107
or Wilson Anne Worksop 7b 107

Marriages Dec 1874
BUTT Sarah Jane Birmingham 6d 50
or FREEMAN Ellen Birmingham 6d 50
Roberts George Birmingham 6d 50

Marriages Sep 1874
Abbott Emma Aston 6d 462
or Allen Sarah Elizabeth Aston 6d 462
ROBERTS George Aston 6d 462

Marriages Sep 1874
ROBERTS George Hendon 3a 141
DEWBURY Harriet Hendon 3a 141
or Spicer Sarah Hendon 3a 141

Marriages Mar 1874
Roberts George William Hunslet 9b 327
Ward Sarah Ann Hunslet 9b 327
or Jackson Hannah Hunslet 9b 327

Marriages Mar 1874
Roberts George Chorlton 8c 815
Stapleton Eliza Chorlton 8c 815
or Winstanley Sarah Anne Chorlton 8c 815

Marriages Dec 1873
ROBERTS George Zechariah St.Geo.H.Sq. 1a 698
ASHWORTH Elizabeth Grace St. Geo. H. Sq. 1a 698
or SKIPPER Sarah St.Geo.H.Sq. 1a 698

Marriages Dec 1873
ROBERTS George Festiniog 11b 768
Jones Ellen Festiniog 11b 768
or MORRIS Sarah Festiniog 11b 768