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Subject:Re: Clan Akins society
Post Date:August 19, 1999 at 07:25:58
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I don't usually go to these lengths when dealing with rabble, however I deeply resent your remarks regarding any notion of economic enterprise is relation to the Clan Akins Society. The web-site which you so rabidly criticize was the product of a labor of love by one of our dedicated clan members who volunteers to maintain it. Neither she, myself, nor anyone involved with the Clan Akins Society gain any economic reimbursement for the duties which we volunteer to fulfill. The Clan Akins Society is a not-for-profit organization which makes no money off of our membership. All proceeds received from members go toward paying the cost of printing and mailing our quarterly newsletter, The Clan Akins Journal, which is received by all of our members, as well as their copies of our Clan information booklet, and brochures which we make available to interested persons. The Clan Akins exists, whether you like it or not, and it is here to stay. Your incidious commentaries have already prompted a number of complaints from those who use Gen Forum for the purpose which it was intended to serve, and I for one find your petty bickering tiresome and irrelavant. You claim to speak on a subject which you know nothing about, as you are not a member of the Clan Akins Society and have no idea of what this organization is about. In the three years since this organization began, we have yet to hear a single complaint from any of our members, and to the contrary we constantly receive letters of appreciation for the work we are doing and will continue to do. I would suggest to you that you find something more constructive to do with you time, rather than wasting it on your obsessive compulsion toward negative thinking. I certainly will not wast any more of my time responding to your rhetorical dribble.