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Subject:What Type of Test[s] should I take to find the results of....
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I am considering doing a dna test and I am particularly interested in finding out if I truly have Native American Indian ancestry in my family tree as stated by family tradition and the fact that my 3rd grt. grandfather was an Indian medicine man (as shown by documentation that I have).
However, since that line comes from the Female side of my family tree, will an mtdna test show this in my genes?
IF so which mtdna test should I request?

Also, I've been watching that show on PBS - Finding Your Roots with Henry Lewis Gates and I've noticed they use a combo of FTDNA to test with as well as 23 and Me.
Do each of these testing labs offer different results or cover different aspects of finding out your genetic heritage/ancestry? Is one better than the other for what I am trying to accomplish? Also, will either of them, or any others out there determine if I am of Scottish/Irish/English/Scandinavian ancestry as well? Will these tests break it down like that or will the results just be a bunch of numbers which will mean nothing to me as a layman? I want to see the results that these folks on TV get. I want to know what percentage of Native American Indian I might be or what percentage European I am etc.
I'm just trying to see what all I can possibly learn from having an extensive dna test done on myself.
Any suggestions or tips greatly appreciated. Thank You.