Posted By:Morgana Le Fay
Subject:How could my mitrochondrial DNA be a U5a1a when I am supposedly Greek?
Post Date:February 20, 2008 at 08:26:34
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My husband got me a DNA genealogical test as part of my Christmas present. (National Geographic) I thought I was mainly Northern Greek with a bit of Yugoslavian as well. I knew my mother's grandmother was from a village called Velushina in the FYR of Macedonia. Well I got back my results yesterday! Haplogroup U5 Subclade U5a1a Mutations:
16192T, 16256T, 16270T, 163999G. HALF of the population of FINLAND has my subclade. This group is mainly "Norman" in Finland, North Western Russia etc. HUH? I am also from the oldest group of homo sapiens to enter Europe. Clan Ursula. Did my ancestors possibly come in the first wave and not go all the way up North? Could the Normans have invaded the Balkans? If so, when? Does anyone have any ideas? I know this is only my female line but ??? I am still in shock. DO Slavs ever belong to this group?