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Subject:Re: My Ekstrom family
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You make an excellent point, that the poster should have said thank you.

I am so startled by the response you got: "You cannot say thanks to a person if the information is wrong."


If this poster's grandmother gives her a sweater for Christmas, will she open it, look askance at it, and complain, "This is the wrong size."


That's not how we talk around the Christmas tree at my house!

One wants to get the genealogy right, of course! That goes without saying. The discussion can continue, exploring and probing the findings. That's what a genealogy thread IS.

Giving thanks is an entirely separate issue. The thanks are due to all helpers, regardless of their skill level, and regardless of whether the information is RIGHT OR NOT.

Help in this forum is FREE. The only fee that a person with a query must pay is to pay attention and give thanks. I often wonder whether, if a fee were charged, perhaps people with queries would be more respectful!

It just so happens Flemming is regarded as of the highest level of skill in the world. Without realizing, this poster hit the jackpot. But that doesn't matter - a gracious response to Flemming - with a speedy and enthusiastic THANKS! - is absolutely required (by good manners) regardless.

Perhaps this is a good moment, Paul, to note your unfailing kindness, consideration, graciousness, and unstinting generosity as you participate in Danish genealogy forums. I've learned a lot from you along the way.

Saying a mere thank you is only the beginning of what you do to create an enjoyable online environment.

Thank you!