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Subject:New Info, at least new to me re. Joseph Delk 3's wife
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Without further proof, data, or other evidence the following is offered, sourced as noted:

Frances Rose Dawson (Oct. 7, 1780 -- Sept. 30, 1880), wife of Joseph Delk, is buried in the Delk Cemetary in Maury County, Tn on the bank of the Duck River between Williamsport and Hampshire, TN. Tomb is well maintained and has been in place since soon after her death.

We have never known anything about her family other than that she moved to Bedford County, TN in 1817 with her husband Joseph Delk and an extended family that included children, his sister and her husband (and children), his dead brother's widow (and five small sons) [who was sister to her husband's brother's sister's husband noted]and, it now seems, her mother. Joshua Vernon Delk (1863 - 1944) remembered her and said that she was hard to understand; he offered that she spoke with a Dutch or Deutche accent -- but we now know that it was like Irish.

In recent days I did a search on the website Rootsweb World Connect Project for "Frances Dawson", wife of "Joseph." The results were that there were postings for both "Joseph Delk" and "Joseph Dilk." Two of the postings that showed spouse as "Joseph Dilk" gave her parents as "Isaac Dawson" and "Ghaskey McElroy" --there were various spelling of Ghasley.

A search of "Gaskey McElroy" showed mulitple postings that showed ancestors that reached back into Ireland, Scotland, and England back as early as 1620. Several of these postings showed her spouse as "Isaac Dawson" first and "Dennis Grady" second. Her father was "William McElroy"; her mother was "___ Ghaskey." A more complete listing is as follows:
1. Ghaskey McElroy, b 1755
2. William McElroy, b. 23 Dec. 1717
3. __ Ghaskey, b. ca. 1720, d. btw 1784 & 1788
4. John (Mackleroy)[Sr.] McElroy b. ca 1690 in Cecil Co, MD
................................m. 1712 in Baltimore Co, MD
................................d. after 23 Nov. 1765 in
...................................Johnson Co., NC
5. Frances Durham, b. 1694 in Harford, MC; d. 1737 in NC
8. Patrick Mackelroy, b. ca. 1655 in Ireland, d. in MD
9. Rachel __, b. after 1655
10.James Durham, b. 1677, m. ca 1693, d. 1725 in MD
11.Mary Staley, b. 1677 in Baltimore City, Hartford Co, MD
20. Samuel Durham, b. 1658 in South Shields, Scotland
...................d. 23 Nov. 1735 in Stafford Co., VA
22. Thomas Staley, b. 1640 in England; m. 1676; d. ca 1700 Baltimore City, Hanford Co., MD
23. Mary Dowse, b. ca 1645
46. Edward Dowse, b. ca. 1620 in England;
..................d. 1690 in Baltimore Co., MD
47. Elizabeth __, b. ca. 1625 in England

A search of "Isaac Dawson", esp. when limited to one born in NC provided multiple postings showing "Isaac Dawson" with spouse "Ghoskey McElroy". One posting, seemingly by Roy Banks, jr., shows a summary of Isaac Dawson's will, dated 22 Oct 1787, recorded in Wake County, NC in "Wake Co. Will Bk. C, pg. 01 -03." This will shows that six minor children were to benefits from the will when they came of age, variously listed as 18, 21, or upon marriage: William, Mary, Nacy (Nancy), Agnes, Sarah, and FRANCES (caps. mine). He shows Isaac's father to have been William Dawson --who was appointed one of two exectors of the will AND notes that Isaac's son William was to be given the property on which "my father" William then (1787)lived.

A search of "William Dawson" on the website noted does not yield a great deal --maybe his wife's first name. Care would need to be taken to examine county of residence in North Carolina, names of children, etc. One William Dawson left a will that gave something to his son Isaac in 1807 --twenty years after the William for which we are seeking's son died.

I don't have any evidence other than what is noted but the totality of data which seems to agree with each other and with what we already knews seems to call out for examination.

Also, there are notes on Ghaskey McElroy that say that after Isaac Dawson died that she married a second time to Dennis Grady and had one daughter Elizabeth. Roy Bank,jr. says that the marriage was not happy and that when Joseph Delk and Frances Dawson and family moved to Bedford County, TN in 1815 (actually 1817) that Ghaskey moved with them. In 1833 Dennis Grady left a will that gave Ghaskey a lifetime dowrey to a farm in Wake County, NC and a lifetime dowrey to multiple slaves --provided that they remained in North Carolina. Banks reports that Ghaskey died in Bedford County, TN 1n 1837. I'm not aware of this tomb at Hall's Mill or Crowell-Anderson or other cemetaries in that portion of Bedford County, TN; I will seek to look.

Migrations from the Britich Isles to Maryland to eastern North Carolina, to Tennessee seems consistant with historical migrations.

This is not intended to be taken as proof, rather it is here supplied to prompt others to examine and confirm [or refute] the data from sources others than computer postings.

James V. Delk