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Subject:Origins of De La O Family in Acapulco, Mexico...
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Hello, everybody, I'm writing from Mexico city, hope you can understand my english. My name is Daniel De La O I was born in Acapulco (1974) in one of the oldest families in the port. I'm a researcher for the Mexico College, and during my masters degree I made an investigation about one of the first De La O in the pacific of Mexico. I was surfing the net when I discovered this site about the De La O genealogy and I was amazed to read your mails about the origins of the name. I don't know exactly about the other family lines from which you may decent, I do know that the cuban line is the one that migrated to florida, and that there are three mexican origins known of the De La O: Veracruz, Guadalajara and Acapulco. This last one, goes all the way back to 1561 when Fray Andres de Urdaneta receives the order of sailing from Acapulco to the philipines, with the objective of finding islands nearby the chinesse continent and japan that may serve to the spanish rute of silver and gold. One of the companions of Urdaneta was the young Alonso De La O who came to Mejico with his brother in search of fortune. His brother stayed in Veracruz and became a merchant, I havenīt found much about him, although there is a lot of De La O's in Veracruz. Perhaps your parents come from that line... Anyway, Alonso didn't stay with his brother because he wanted to follow the religious path, and started the process to become an agustino like urdaneta, but it wasn't an easy thing, because the De La O in Spain from which these two brothers came, had Moro blood in their veines. This is why if you feel like you have a nose or some other arab like characteristics you don't know were they came from, well, ok, you are not crazy. As matter of fact, you have to know that Spain had a couple of centuries of ocupation by the moros. There is not a clear reason of why Alonso didnīt go with the others to Japan, but the thing is that he stayed in Bahia de Santa Lucía, today Acapulco to build the first chapel. We know this because Urdaneta, as most agustinos, kept a record of his travels and evangelizations, and in the Acapulco old archive is a copy of these records. He stayed in the port working in the construction of the chapel, which didnīt go well because it was more urgent the edification of a fort, eventually the fort of San Diego. Alonso started to make money when the turnaroute was ready, but sorry he didnīt became one of the richest colonizers on the port, however he was married to Anita (don't ask me the surname) and had children and died. How do I know about that marriage? Thanks again to the agustinos, who keep records of everybody married in those years, and were kind enough to receive my petition in Spain for the information concerning this affairs. That's all I could find about Alonso, it took a lot of research in the old, I mean OLD mexican archives, so donīt expect to be able to google something about it with out a bunch of readings before you. The next I can tell you is that Alonso and his children, and his brother in Veracruz, lived in a very special time, marked with the continuous crossing of merchandise and people. So is not surprise to speculate that they had children with different people over those years. For example, in Acapulco was a small but very well registered slave trade for the portuguese and holland. A lot of De La O in Acapulco are clearly african descendent, so of you have black characteristics in your resemblance it may be possible that you come from this line. Although the veracruz De La O have a lot of mixture with black people too, there are more mulatos, white person with black, that the acapulco's (black with indigenas). In other things more recent, you may probably be related to María De La O a very important women rights' fighter in Mexico. And perhaps you are related with Genovevo De La O who fought the revolution following the Zapata's ideals, he tried to help the poor and is consider a hero.
Finally, my research has pointed one of the origins of the surname in France, in the region of la Vierge de l'eau. Which means Virgin of the Water, this place is famous because the Virgin Mary apeared over a water spring. Someone took the surname De l'eau, -probably happened around the 1485 by orders of the Vatican (long story)- and consequently when he or she moved to Spain the name changed from eau to O, because the word eau is pronounced exactly like the letter "O" in spanish. I'm sure that the ones of you who speak spanish will understand it better. After one or two generations the name became De La O, hiding it's relation to the virgin. This may be the origin of De La O and it would say that your surname actually means: of the Water... Daniel of the Water...
Well is almost four in the morning here in Mexico, and I hope I've been helpful to you. I'm at your orders in this mail and at the (52)55 56623166.

I wish to you all the best, the best of fortunes, the best of lucks, the best of health the best of everything, my dear brothers, my dear sisters, where ever you are...