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Thank you for the map of Zavoral distribution in the Czech Republic and for the Czech Genealogical resources link. I will study both.
I have an arrival manifest, but I'm still not sure it is the right Frank Zavoral...same for the petition for naturalization. The birth dates that are on them don't seem to match up. I cannot find any marriage document. He would have married my Grandmother in Chicago sometime in early 1919 as far as we can figure it out. They were definitely married by the time of the 1920 Chicago census, which must have taken place before 13 Mar 1920 because my Aunt Rose, who was born on that date, is not mentioned in it....only her half sister Emily who was 6 in 1920...Grandma Rose's daughter from a previous marriage.
I have recently been made aware of two sisters of Frank Zavoral and there seems to be more information available on them. The town names of Perolec Cechy and zLubny Cechy (there seems to be a small "z" before the capitol letter L...maybe a letter, maybe just a curlicue) have popped up on two birth certificates of one sister's children as being her birth place. This was a Marie Zavoral, born about 1885 in Bohemia. Haven't found a full birth date for her yet. She married a Joseph Pitlik in Bohemia, had a son Victor, then immigrated in 1909 and settled in Berwyn, a suburb of Chicago.
Her sister Agnes Zavoral, who married a Joseph Vessel,was born 10 May 1888 in Bohemia and according to her death record, her mother's maiden name was Pohorska.... possibly Anna. Their records are from Los Angeles CA. I have more digging for information to do on their 3 daughters.
So, with lots of help from others on the Genforum, I have made some progress towards maybe finding where my Frank Zavoral was from, his true birth date and his family from Bohemia.
Anyways, now I am trying to run down all I can on these two sisters. Maybe more information will shake loose.
Thanks for your help.