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Subject:Re: Ahmed Osman,?Turkish Cypriot UK? 1900's
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The Ottoman archives are situated in Girne (Near to the main hospital). It is open to the general public and I have found the staff to be very helpful. The original script has been translated to latin Turkish (in 1873). However this is only for the persons name, date of birth, relation to other household member and village. Items like height, eye colour and general physical appearance has been left in the Arabic/Persian script of Turkish. There is a full time member of staff always present who could translate these miscellaneous items for you. This registry mentioned is for the early 1800's, the one before this I have been told is in Crimea (Due to Turco Russian wars) I need to investigate this further to confirm. I have copied the registry of two villages: Agios Iakovos (Aynagofo or Altionova) and Sinda (Sinde or Inonu). If you are researching these villages I could e mail you these.

For further research I would also look at the land registry especially in Turkey. For investigation in Turkey on Turkish genealogy I would start by looking at:

Sultan Ahmet
Basbakanlik Devlet Arsivleri
Osmanli Arsivi
(Genel mudurlugune bagli)

Hope this has been of some help. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.