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It should clarify any possible remaining confusion to explain that the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th husbands of Isabella I were: (2) Conrad of Montferrat (Conrad I of Jerusalem, by right of his wife or, "jus uxoris" of course); (3) Henry of Champagne; and, (4) Amalric of Lusignan (Amalric I of Cyprus but, Amalric II of Jerusalem).
By her 2nd husband Conrad I of Jerusalem, Queen Isabella I had a daughter Maria la Marquise who m. John of Brienne and was succeeded by their daughter Isabella II who m. Frederick II "Barbarossa" the Hohenstauffen emperour who was succeeded by his son Conrad IV (Conrad II of Jerusalem) who, in turn was succeeded by HIS son Conradin (Conrad III of Jerusalem). This, of course is the Hohenstauffen line of which, the British monarch is the current representative.
By her 3rd husband Henry of Champagne, Queen Isabella I had a daughter Alice who m. Hugh of Lusignan (Hugh I of Cyprus) and had three children: Maria, the mother of Hugh of Brienne; Henry I of Cyprus, the father of Hugh II of Cyprus; and, Isabella who m. Henry of Antioch, the parents of Hugh III of Cyprus (Hugh I of Jerusalem), of the house of Antioch-Lusignan.
By her 4th husband Amalric of Lusignan, Queen Isabella I had a daughter Melisende who m. Bohemund IV of Antioch. This couple had a daughter, Maria of Antioch.
It is worth noting that, Isabella's successor, the child from her second marriage, was called Maria la Marquise because, her father Conrad was the marquis of Montferrat. This, is one example of a last name taken from the title of the head of a family.
It would be too complicated here to get into the hereditary line of "baillis" except to note, that, Jean d'Ibelin the "Old Lord of Beirut" was the 1st bailli (regent).