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Subject:Re: Is there any Cypriot web sites?
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You're welcome. I wish so too. It happened one Christmas. . . well, there used to be more.It isn't really "polite" to bring that up. You know, it is not "politically correct".We can trace our past history and our ancestry here. I figure it is about a third of what it was. But it has been a whole lot more. Like one time all the kings in Christendom bowed to the king of Cyprus and Jacques de Molay was going to win Jerusalem back. The kingdom of Cyprus was combined with the kingdom of Jerusalem and the order of the sword of Cyprus was combined with the order of the holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. There used to be talk of healing the Great Schism dividing the Orthodox from the Catholic and of reuniting Christianity.The Cypriot kings were not as they seem in the history as it is told now they were a lot closer to Comnenid relatives than it now seems. They made some attempt to combine the rites which is rarely told and only as a failure but it was an attempt to do something nobody can even conceive of today. Nobody even knows what that means. Now. . .we have to tiptoe around being us apologetically. Romantics like me are a little off our rockers maybe dreaming of the past and people cough politely pretending they don't know what I'm saying but what do we have except history? Look for it in stories for it is no more. To think of it as anything but the past is absolutely not allowed. Even the one website is like there is nothing but the Republic, the Greek Republic. You can say nothing about kings or monarchy but they are the romantic dreams of the past.