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I’m not related to any member of this family.

1930 is the last available census at this time.

Facts you should know about the early census records -
All census records [1790 – 1840] prior to the 1850 census ONLY listed the head of household; whether male or female.
NO specific age was stated for any family member
NO place of birth was stated – city, state, or country
NO city, town, or village is stated – only the county; however some census takers listed the township
NO street address was stated
NO marital status was stated – single, married, widowed, or divorced
NO family relationship was stated – brother, sister, cousin, son, daughter, wife, inlaw, etc…
NO occupation was stated
NO parental birthplaces are stated                     
NO race was stated [but assume “white”]
1850, 1860 & 1870 census records do not show family relationships, marital status or parental birthplaces.

Step children are not enumerated as “step” children
Adopted children are not enumerated as “adopted”
Grand children are not enumerated as “grand children”
Orphaned children were not enumerated as "orphan"

1850 is the 1st census that shows all family members

1880 is the 1st census that shows parental birthplaces +++

1850 -
Name:       Asa Rood
Age:       57
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1793
Birth Place:       New York
Gender:       Male
Home in 1850 (City,County,State):Alamo, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Asa Rood 57, NY
Hannah Rood 58, NY
Bolivar Rood 20, NY
Abraham Rood 18, NY
Clihm Rood 14, NY
Francis Rood 13, MI

1850 -
Name:       Alpheus Rood
Age:       34
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1816
Birth Place:       New York
Gender:       Male
Home in 1850 (City,County,State): Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Alpheus Rood 34, NY
Fanny Rood 29, MI
Herbert Rood 9, MI

1860 -
Name:       Leonidas Rood
Age in 1860:       40
Birth Year:       abt 1820
Birthplace:       New York
Home in 1860:       Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Gender:       Male
Post Office:       Kalamazoo

Leonidas Rood 40, Ny - farmer
Electe Rood 26, NY
Carrie Rood 9, MI
Lorine Rood 7, MI
Mary Rood 2, MI
Edwin Root 20, NY

1860 -
Name:       Alpheus Rood
Age in 1860:       45
Birth Year:       abt 1815
Birthplace:       New York
Home in 1860:       Cooper, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Gender:       Male
Post Office:       Kalamazoo

Alpheus Rood 45, NY - farmer
Fanney Rood 39, OH
Hobert Rood 18, MI
Austin Rood 8, MI

1860 -
Name:       Boliver Rood
Age in 1860:       30
Birth Year:       abt 1830
Birthplace:       New York
Home in 1860:       Pavilion, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Gender:       Male
Post Office:       Augusta

Boliver Rood 30, NY - farmer
Elizabath Rood 26, OH
Edna E Rood 2, NI

1870 -
Name:       Dernidas Rood
[Leonidas Rood]

Birth Year:       abt 1820
Age in 1870:       50
Birthplace:       New York
Home in 1870:       Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Race:       White
Gender:       Male
Post Office:       Kalamazoo

Dernidas Rood 50, NY - farmer
Electa M Rood 36, NY
Loren A Rood 17, MI
Mary Rood 13, MI
William Rood 9, MI

1870 -
Name:       Alpheus Rood
Birth Year:       abt 1814
Age in 1870:       56
Birthplace:       New York
Home in 1870:       Cooper, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Race:       White
Gender:       Male
Post Office:       Schoolcraft

Alpheus Rood 56, NY - farmer
Fanny Rood 49, OH
Arristens Rood 18, MI

1880 -
Name:       Leonidas Road
[Leonidas Rood]

Home in 1880:       Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Age:       59
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1821
Birthplace:       New York
Relation to Head of Household:       Self (Head)
Spouse's Name:       Electa M. Road
Father's birthplace:       Unkn
Mother's birthplace:       Unkn
Neighbors:       View others on page

Occupation:       Farmer
Marital Status:       Married
Race:       White
Gender:       Male

Leonidas Road 59, NY - farmer
Electa M. Road 46, NY
Mary E. Road 22, NY
William C. Road 18, MI
Charles F. Road 8, MI

1880 -
Name:       Bolivar S. Rood
Home in 1880:       Mendon, St Joseph, Michigan
Age:       50
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1830
Birthplace:       New York
Relation to Head of Household:       Self (Head)
Spouse's Name:       Elizabeth Rood
Father's birthplace:       Connecticut
Mother's birthplace:       New York
Neighbors:       View others on page

Occupation:       Farmer
Marital Status:       Married
Race:       White
Gender:       Male

Bolivar S. Rood 50, NY - farmer
Elizabeth Rood 46, OH
Eliza Rood 22, MI
Amanda Rood 18, MI
Isaac Rood 16, MI

death record -
Name:       Rood
Death Date:       10 Jan 1871
Death Place:       Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Gender:       Male
Death Age:       1 month
Estimated Birth Date:       1871
Birthplace:       Kalamazoo
Marital Status:       Single
Father's Name:       Leondus Rood
Mother's Name:       Electa M. Rood

death record -
Name:       Aristeen Rood
Death Date:       28 Dec 1877
Death Place:       Cooper, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Gender:       Female
Death Age:       25 years 6 months 4 days
Estimated Birth Date:       1852
Birthplace:       Michigan
Marital Status:       Married
Father's Name:       Alpheus Rood
Mother's Name:       Fanny Rood
Occupation:       Dress Maker

death record -
Name:       Leonidas Rood
Death Date:       13 Oct 1897
Death Place:       Kalamazoo Twp, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Gender:       Male
Death Age:       77 years 3 months 20 days
Estimated Birth Date:       1820
Birthplace:       New York
Marital Status:       Married
Father's Name:       Asa Rood
Mother's Name:       Hannah Bucklin Rood
Occupation:       Farmer

death record -
Name:       William Rood
Gender:       Male
Burial Date:       
Burial Place:       
Death Date:       03 Feb 1932
Death Place:       Pavilion, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Age:       70
Birth Date:       1862
Birthplace:       Michigan
Occupation:       Farmer
Race:       White
Marital Status:       Divorced
Spouse's Name:       
Father's Name:       Lenidas Rood
Father's Birthplace:       New York
Mother's Name:       Electica Lowarer
Mother's Birthplace:       New York

marriage record -
Groom's Name:       H. E. Rood
Groom's Race:       
Groom's Age:       55 years
Groom's Birth Date:       1845
Groom's Birthplace:       Kalamazoo, Mich
Bride's Name:       Ida Mrs. Wackwire Newton
Bride's Race:       
Bride's Age:       47 years
Bride's Birth Date:       1853
Bride's Birthplace:       Ohio
Marriage Type:       
Marriage Date:       30 Jan 1900
Marriage Place:       Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Groom's Father:       Alphens Rood
Groom's Mother:       Fannie Hopkins

marriage record -
Groom's Name:       Alphens Rood
Groom's Birth Date:       
Groom's Birthplace:       
Groom's Age:       
Bride's Name:       Frances Hopkins
Bride's Birth Date:       
Bride's Birthplace:       
Bride's Age:       
Marriage Date:       09 Jul 1840
Marriage Place:       , Kalamazoo, Michigan
Groom's Father's Name:       

marriage record -
Groom's Name:       Henry Passage
Groom's Race:       
Groom's Age:       55 years
Groom's Birth Date:       1836
Groom's Birthplace:       New York
Bride's Name:       Edna E. Rood
Bride's Race:       
Bride's Age:       34 years
Bride's Birth Date:       1857
Bride's Birthplace:       Alamo
Marriage Type:       
Marriage Date:       15 Sep 1891
Marriage Place:       Mendon, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Groom's Father:       Joseph Passage
Groom's Mother:       Sarah Deforest
Bride's Father:       Bolivar Rood
Bride's Mother:       Eliza Bennett

death record -
Last Name
Given Name
Birth Year
May 1841
Death Day
Death Month
Death Year
Father's Given Name
Father's Last Name
Rood, NY
mother's name - Fanny Hopkins, NY

Michigan Death Records 1897 to 1920 [actual death certificate image]
USE the ADVANCED search option on the RED section; then scroll to the right & enter the name, etc.......

Try this site for death records – FREE SITE
Social Security Death Index = FREE, Searchable = ALL STATES
•       * * * * This index features individuals who died after 1960. * * * * * *
•       The Social Security Administration does not have information about people who died before about 1940 when Social Security payments were first paid out. The SSDI has very few entries for people who died from 1940-1961.


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