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Subject:Benj Bates family near Sharon Litchfield Co 1800's
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My Bates Line

First Known Generation

Benjamin Bates

of Amenia (and Washington), Great Nine Partners Patent, Dutchess County NY
Listed in the Poughkeepsie Journal as the father, in the announcements of his oldest and youngest daughters' weddings:
Found in Dutchess Co censuses of 1800, and 1810 in Washington, 1820 and 1830 in Amenia, and probably 1840 and 1850 in Stanford.
Most of these censuses, I haven't actually seen, just the indexes. However, in the 1810 Dutchess Co. census, which I have seen, he is listed with what appears to be a wife, 3 sons and three daughters, in Washington. In the 1820 census, which I have a transcription of, he is shown with a wife, 2 daughters and 2 sons in Amenia.
At the same time, there is a Benjamin Bates in Sharon, CT; listed in the census there in 1800, 1810, 1820, 1830 and 1840. They are obviously not the same man, but I believe them to be from the same family, definitely of the same generation, perhaps first cousins.
Daughters were both married by Rev C.P. Wilson, who was a Baptist minister in Amenia; assumption is that the families were at least nominally Baptist.
In the Sharon Burying Ground in Sharon CT, are buried more than a dozen Bates family members. There are 2 Benjamin Bates there, though I now believe neither was my Dutchess Co, NY Benjamin. However, I do think there is a family onnection.

Some of my reasons:
Family name carryover; two Benjamins with the same name as my Benjamin, an Almira with the same name as one of Benjamin's daughters and at least one of his granddaughters, and three Charles Bates with the same name as at least one of Benjamin's grandsons and at least one great-grandson.
Great Nine Partners Mortgages show that a Benjamin Bates took over the land of his father John Bates. This could correspond with the John Bates (ca.1701-1784) buried in Sharon CT, and the Benjamin Bates (ca. 1748-1772), although he was only 24 when he died. I will have to check the dates on the patent. (Does anyone have that info handy?)
Stoddard connection; Benjamin's daughter Betsey married Heley Stoddard. There is a Stoddard family buried in Sharon CT, that of Seth and Hannah (Noyes) Stoddard from Woodbury CT. I have been unable to find any Stoddard families in Dutchess Co., at the right time, to be a family of origin for my Heley. I tend to think he may fit into Seth and Hannah Stoddard's large family somewhere, though undocumented to my knowledge.

Proximity of Sharon CT and Amenia NY, and the border disputes between the two states.

My theory:
That my Benjamin may be the son of Charles Bates, buried in Sharon CT, and his wife Rachel; hence, Betsey Bates Stoddard would have named her child Charles B. Stoddard after her grandfather (Charles Bates), or perhaps after both father and grandfather (Charles Benjamin); I don't know what the "B." actually stands for. If so, I believe that Benjamin himself was named after Charles' brother Benjamin, who died young at 24, in 1772. As was the other Benjamin in Sharon CT, who was born ca. 1773, and a close contemporary of my Benjamin of NY. This would also make my Benjamin a brother to Charles Jr, also buried in Sharon CT. This Charles and his wife Sarah had a daughter Almira born in 1816 and died in 1819. If my theory holds water, this Almira would have been a first cousin to Benjamin's youngest daughter Almira, who was of age to be married in 1825. I think this makes my Benjamin a grandson to John and Anna Bates of Sharon CT.

What I'm looking for:
Documentation! Wills or probate papers would be great. Most of this is unfortunately before the required recording of vital statistics, and the Baptists kept minimal to essential no records of individual sacraments. Haven't found an index to wills, etc., that lists these family members so far... always looking.
Names of my Benjamin's wife and the rest of his children. Dates. Facts. anything.

"Betsey" Elizabeth b. ca. 1803-1805, m. 21 May 1826 to Heley Stoddard. Listed as "oldest daughter of Benjamin", and "All of Washington".
Almira m. 9 Feb 1825 to Levi J. Rust in Amenia NY; listed as "youngest daughter of Benjamin" (NOTE: one of Betsey's grandsons was named Levi)
According to census data there should be possibly another sister, and at least 2 and possibly 3 brothers, on whom I have no info.


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