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I have a follow-up on that last message regarding John Porter, son of Joshua Porter and Elizabeth "Betty" Elwell:
He and Dinah Thomas had twelve children.
A) LEWIS PORTER born May 24, 1786 Danbury, Fairfield Co, CT died Dec 9, 1862 Covert, Seneca Co, NY       
Married 1st SAMANTHA KING, daughter of ASAPH KING and UNKN, born Sept 21, 1791 Covert, Seneca Co, NY died March 21, 1817       
Had five children:
1.) CYNTHIA PORTER born April 30, 1809 died unkn Married DANIEL HALL born unkn, died unkn
2.) ANGELINE PORTER born Oct 6, 1810 Covert, Seneca Co, NYdied Dec 26, 1886 Weston, Lewanee, MI               Married EZRA COLE, son of DANIEL COLE and SARAH HOPKINS, born March 30, 1808 New York State, born March 12, 1895 Weston, Lewanee, MI        Married Feb 2, 1828 Covert, Seneca Co, NY
Had ten children:
a) ORVILLE PORTER COLE born Nov 10, 1828 Covert, Seneca Co, NY died Nov 12, 1851 Fairfield, Lewanee, MI        b) SAMANTHA PORTER COLE born Jan 5, 1831 Catlin,Chemung Co, NY died Jan 4, 1870 Fairfield, Lewanee, MI
c) LYDIA C COLE born Sept 28, 1832 Reed, Seneca Co, OH died July 23, 1903 Fairfield, Lewanee, MI
d) LOIS S COLE born Jan 10, 1834 Reed, Seneca Co, OH died May 3, 1902
e) HARRIET PIXLEY COLE born June 23, 1836 Fairfield, Lewanee, MI died Oct 10, 1899 Fairfield, Lewanee, MI
f) SARAH H COLE born Jan 19, 1838 Fairfield, Lewanee,MI died Jan 5, 1920 Fairfield, Lewanee, MI
g) DANIEL HARRISON COLE born Jan 4, 1840 Fairfield, Lewanee, MI died Nov 26, 1900 Fairfield, Lewanee, MI
h) JANE THURSEY COLE born Feb 4, 1842 Weston, Lewanee Co, MI died March 29, 1912 Austin, Cass Co,MO        Married WILLIAM LOWE TENBROOK, son of JOHN TENBROOK and SARAH JANE ALLISON, born May 21, 1839 Fairport, Chemung Co, NY died March 29, 1899 Austin, Cass Co, MO
Married Dec 19, 1867 Medina, Lewanee Co, MI
i) MATILDA LOUISA COLE born March 30, 1847 Weston, Lewanee Co, MI died unkn                      j) JOHN HALL COLE born Dec 21, 1848 Weston,Lewanee Co, MI died Aug 16, 1927 Fairfield, Lewanee, MI
3.) ASAPH K PORTER born March 2, 1812 died unkn        Married RACHEL GLAZIER born unkn died unkn
4.) LOUISA PORTER born Sept 30, 1813 died unkn        Married HARTWELL RUSSELL bon unkn died unkn
5.) EMMA PORTER born July 7, 1815 died unkn       
LEWIS PORTER married 2nd THIRZA COLE, daughter of JOHN COLE and MARY WASHBURN, born Sept 23, 1797 died unkn
Had seven children:
1.) SAMANTHA K PORTER born Aug 13, 1818 died unkn Married ROSWELL C BARTO born unkn died unkn        2.) OLIVER C PORTER born May 24, 820 died Aug 22, 1821 3.) JOHN C PORTER born June 24, 1822 died unkn        Married LOUISA KING born unkn died unkn
4.) MARY C PORTER born Jan 19, 1824 died unkn        Married HARTWELL RUSSELL (her brother-in-law) born unkn died unkn
5.) OBED W PORTER born Dec 2, 1825 died unkn        Married URSULA A RUSSELL born unkn died unkn
6.) LEWIS PORTER born May 2, 1829 died unkn        Married ESTHER BURR born unkn died unkn
7.) PHEBE HARRIET PORTER born June 22, 1832 died unkn Married HARVEY F KING born unkn died unkn
B) JOSHUA PORTER born May 4, 1788 died unkn
C) THOMAS PORTER born Sept 22, 1789 died unkn        Married POLLY WARING born unkn died unkn
D) JOHN PORTER born Sept 2, 1791
E) SAMUEL PORTER born Aug 9, 1793 died unkn        Married ZILPHA BAIRD born unkn died unkn
F) JOEL PORTER born July 30, 1795 died unkn Fox Lake, WI Married MARY ANN BRADLEY born unkn died unkn        Left Howard, Steuben Co, NY for Fox Lake, WI in the late 1840ís        G) RHODA PORTER born Aug 17, 1797 died unkn        Married ROBERT ALLISON, born unkn died unkn
H) JAMES PORTER born March 30, 1799 died unkn        Married MARGARET MURPHY born unkn died unkn        After Jamesí death, Margaret married Miner Porter, her brother-in-law               I) MARY PORTER born Jan 10, 1801 died unkn        Married JOSEPH S FINTON born unkn died unkn
J) ALANSON PORTER born Jan 3, 1803 died unkn
K) SARAH PORTER born April 15, 1805 Danbury, Fairfield Co, CT died July 17, 1868 St Joseph, MI               Married 1st CALVIN CODDINGTON, son of JOHN CODDINGTON and MARY ANN ROBINSON, born 1800 Ulysses, Tompkins Co, NY died Dec, 1836 (killed by a falling tree)                Had one child:                                    1.) DINAH CODDINGTON born Sept 10, 1835 died unkn
Married 2nd CYRUS ROBINSON born unkn died unkn
L) MINER PORTER born May 30, 1807 CT, died July 22, 1875 Marshall, Calhoun Co, MI                      Married 1st NANCY ACKLEY born unkn died unkn        Married 2nd LAVINIA G UNKN born unkn died unkn        Married 3rd MARGARET (MURPHY) PORTER, his widowed sister-in-law born unkn died unkn                      Married 4th SUSAN S HARVEY RAYMOND born unkn died unkn
I'm not certain if this is the John Porter you're looking for or not, but the connection with Connecticut and New York, as well as with the Elwell family still makes me think that it might be. Good luck!