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Subject:Jean-Baptiste Lefebvre: Quebec and Yukon resident
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Hi everyone,

I'm actively searching for information on the Lefebvre branch of my family tree. I do not know very much about my Lefebvre ancestors, but here is what I have uncovered at this point.

My great-great-grandfather was Jean-Baptiste Lefebvre (b. circa 1872, d. unknown - possibly circa 1939). He married Clara Parent (b. and d. both unknown) in St. Honoré (St-Honoré-de-Shenley), Quebec, Canada on February 15, 1892.

The couple had three children (all daughters):

-Marie Anne (Marie-Anne), who married Joachim Granger in 1909. The couple had two children, Alfred and Clara.

-Arthemise, who married Edward Millard Bell in 1913. The couple had two children, Robert Edward and Marie Eveline Arthemise. (Tragically Arthemise, Edward and their two young children all perished when the ship the SS Princess Sophia sank of the coast of Alaska in 1918.)

-Marie Wilhemina (my great-grandmother), who married Charles Frank Burkhard in 1912 (in Dawson, Yukon). The youngest of their nine children (Bernice, b. 1930) is my grandmother.

Sometime around the start of the 20th century (possibly 1901), Jean-Baptiste and Clara moved their family from Quebec to the Yukon (Klondike).

The 1911 census includes five people with the surname Lefebvre: Jean-Baptiste, Clara, Arthemis, and Marie Wilhemina; the family is listed as residing in Sulphur Creek, Yukon (note that by 1911 Marie Anne, the eldest Lefebvre daughter was already married and no longer residing with her parents). The fifth Lefebrve - which I have no idea as to if they are in any way related to my Lefebvres - is someone by the name of M.A. Lefebvre, age 49, "head of the household", who lived in Stewart River, Yukon.

Jean-Baptiste may have leased or owned 20 acres of land around Dominion Creek, Yukon, during some or all of the years between 1905 and 1924. Later sometime between 1929 and 1937, he may have leased (or owned?) 160 acres of land around Gravel Creek/Stewart River, Yukon (interestingly, the same area where in 1911, the "mystery Lefebvre" ["M.A" - mentioned above] is listed as residing).

However, after the 1911 census I time I know virtually nothing about what became of Jean-Baptiste and Clara (it may be possible that Clara returned - sans Jean-Baptiste - to Quebec at some point, but I truly do not know if there's any merit to this story).

I do not know the names of Jean-Baptiste's parents (something I'm very actively trying to uncover) or siblings, nor those of any my Lefebvre ancestors save for the ones mentioned here.

I was wondering if the names in this post ring a bell with anybody, as I would dearly love to learn more about my Lefebvre ancestors (including, if possible, which of the initial Quebec Lefebvre settlers they may have been descended from), and would truly appreciate any information anybody could provide me with regarding Jean-Baptiste Lefebvre and his relatives/ancestors.

Sincere thanks in advance,
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