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Hi Bob,

As in 1870 census the two eldest children of Philip and Josephine were born in NY about 1865 and 1868 I looked in 1860 to see if Philip and Josephine are listed there.

Philip is in Chazy, Clinton which is where he was shown as born according to death record of daughter Delmira.

In 1860 he is living in the home of John and Lucy Aldridge - Philip is age 20, a farm laborer, born NY

Also in Chazy is an Abair family:
Joseph 58, born Canada East
Harriet, age 54, born Canada East
Joseph J., age 17
Adalaide, age 15
Nicholas, age 13
Charles, age 10
Adaline, age 9
Elizabeth, age 7
Philip, age 4
Henry, age 2all the children are born NY

as Harriet is 54, it is doubtful that she is mother of the youngest children - I suspect they are grandchildren, although this census does not show relationships.

and another family
Isaac, age 54, born Canada East
Sally, age 39, born Canada East
Wilbert, age 19
Peter,a ge 16
Nwall,a ge 14
Lewis, age 12
Henry, age 11
Frederick, age 6
Henriett, age 3
John, age 21

children all born NY
Isaac is not old enough to be father of Philip but likely some relation - likely a brother of Joseph above

in 1850 I found Joseph and Harriet - although their ages a bit off, with them
are children Joseph , Nicholas, Charles, Leodit, and Mary - Leodit right age to be Adelaide - but no Philip with them. I had thought them likliest to be his parents.

Just found him in 1850 - he is listed as Philip Labare (Philip Abare)

Joseph, age 33, laborer, born Canada

Millie, age 30, born Canada

Philip, age 10, born Canada

Peter, age 4, born NY

Millie, age 7, born Canada

Mary, age 4, born Canada

Rosalie, age 2, born NY

it may be an error where it shows Philip born Canada ?? I am not completely positive this is your Philip but does seem to fit and place is right.

If birth places for his siblings are correct, then they could have been in either NY or Canada in 1840

I looked to see if there are any trees for any of these people on ancestry - found one with Rosalie but it is not public - they show her name as Hebert (Abair) - this is the same tree that has Philip - problem is they show that they have several sources and photos but with it being private I cannot see any of them - when I check the other siblings names they are also in same tree - but without seeing the tree itself and the sources it is not that much help.

I found another tree which shows the family and shows Joseph born Contrecoeur, Lajemmerais, Quebec Feb. 4, 1819, and wife as Emille Trombly, born Aug. 6, 1819 St. Luc, St. Jean, Quebec

it does not show a marriage, but I thought with this info I would look for a marriage and then for births of any of the children

I found a marriage for:

Quebec, Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967 about Joseph Hebert
Name:       Joseph Hebert
Spouse:       Emilie Tremblay
Event:       Mariage (Marriage)
Marriage Year:       1839
Marriage Location:       St-Valentin, Québec

the record shows his parents as deceased Joseph Hebert and Charlotte ........(cannot read the surname) and Emille's parents as Francois Tremblay and deceased Rosalie Frechette

I also found a baptism for a Philippe Hebert in 1840

Quebec, Vital and Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1621-1967 about Philippe Hebert
Name:       Philippe Hebert
Event:       Baptême (Baptism)
Baptism Year:       1840
Baptism Location:       St-Valentin, Québec

It is quite faint but I can make out baptism of Philippe, of legitimate marriage of Joseph Hebert and Emelie Tremblay.

So a good possibility - in 1870 census Philip is shown as born Canada - so likely that daughter Delmira's death record has it wrong.

I suppose that to be absolutely certain you would need to find Philip's marriage and death records and see what parent names are shown.

I tried to find marriage for Philip and Josephine - using all spellings I could think of for Abair and using Mayo and Maheu but nothing BUT there are some NY marriages for Mayo - in Clinton CO. NY the marriages are all in the 1909-1922 range.
the Mayo names are

Josie Mayo, parents George Mayo and Julia Muso- marriage 1909 to Maude Vassar

Joseph Mayo , parents George Mayo and Julia Mooso, married 1921 to Eva Laforest

not sure but Josie and Joseph may be same person as both shown born about 1886

Leonard Joseph Mayo, (born about 1890)parents Louis Mayo and Emily Mitchel - married 1914 to Louise Olivia Mayville

Millard Joseph Mayo (born about 1899) , parents Frank Mayo and Elizabeth Cardin, married 1922 to Emma Mary Lavalley

So the Lavalley name again which makes me think it very possible these Mayo's are somehow related to your Josephine but will see what I can find
although William Lavallay and Delmira married in MA - still seems quite coincidental ??

Emma's parents Henry Lavalley and Lena Arnold - I don't know Wm.'s parents names

I looked for these folks in 1910 census as I wanted to figure out when the Mayo parents were born and where.

I found Leonard, but not with parents. he was born NY though so should be in 1900 census.

I found Joseph - born NY and wife Maude - living with her parents.

Joseph & Julia are there, he is age 47, born about 1863 NY
I found a Joseph Mayo who fits for age in 1870 census and it gets stranger - he is living with an Abare family

Charles, age 77, farmer, born Canada

Slieta, age 76, keeping house, born Canada

Millie, age 38, house keeping, born Canada

Mary, age 14, born NY

Charles, age 12, born NY

Joseph, age 10, born NY

Amelia, age 8, born NY

In 1860 Millie is Amelia age 27, and with husband Peter 30, and children Mary 4, and Charles 2, and surname is shown as Mayhew - but in this one all are shown born NY - but it is just ditto marks down the page so ??

Millard is in 1910 with parents - father Frank Mayo age 36, born about 1874 NY
I looked for Frank in earlier years and there is a Frank Mayo in 1880 census born about 1874, father Peter, born about 1833 Canada

I did not find Louis & Emily

From ages of Joseph (Julia) born about 1863 and Frank born about 1874 - it seems more likely they would be nephews of Josephine if related at all or at least they are more of that generation I would think

For your Josephine,

1870 shows her born about 1836, 1870 says she was born about 1838

and her death shows her as born about 1817

so once again I am stuck and not sure where to look from here.

Carolyn L