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Hi Donna,

This seems to fit for Zacharias and Margereta.

Hamburger Passagierlisten, 1850-1934 Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934 about Zacharias Hicke
Name:       Zacharias Hicke
Departure Date:       15 Mrz 1898 (15 Mar 1898)
Destination:       Winnipeg
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1868
Age Year:       30
Gender:       männlich (Male)
Family:       Household members
Residence:       Czernowitz, Österreich
Occupation:       Landmann

Ship Name:       German Empire
Captain:       Edmondson
Ship Type:       Dampfschiff
Accommodation:       ohne Angabe
Ship Flag:       England
Port of Departure:       Hamburg
Port of Arrival:       West Hartlepool (Amerika (USA) via Liverpool)

Volume:       373-7 I, VIII B 1 Band 112
Page:       90
Microfilm Roll Number:       S_13170

The image shows

Zacharias age 30

Margareta, age 31

Franz, age 3

Margaretha age 3/12


Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 about Zacharia Riche
Name:       Zacharia Riche
[Zacharias Hicke]
Gender:       Male
Age:       30
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1868
Date of Arrival:       30 Mar 1898
Vessel:       Lake Winnipeg
Search Ship Database:       View the 'Lake Winnipeg' in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database
Port of Arrival:       Halifax, Nova Scotia
Port of Departure:       Liverpool, England
Roll:       C-4518

Image shows
Zacahrias, age 30, builder

Margarette, age 31

Franz, age 3

Margaretth, age 2

** not sure of age of daughter in first record so may be wrong

Zacharias, age 28, farmer, born 1873 Austria, immigrated 1898

Margareta, age 30, wife, born 1871 Austria, immigrated 1898

Franz, age 8, son, born 1893 Austria, immigrated 1898

Margareta, age 5, daughter, born 1896 Austria, immigrated 1898

Eva, age 2, daughter, born 1898 Canada

Michel, age 1, son, born 1900 Canada



HIGGS (as indexed)
Zacheriah, age 35, born Austria

Margaret, age 35, wife, born Austria

Frank, age 13,son, born Austria

Margaret, age 8, daughter, born Austria

Eva, age 5,daughter, born Austria

Kate, age 4, daughter, born Austria

** the places of birth are just show with ditto marks, not written

** son Mike missing but he is back with them in 1911, next

1911 census is a bit hard to read but will do my best

Zachariah, age 43, farmer, born Jan. 1868 Austria

Margareta, age 45, wife, born May 1866 Austria

Frank, age 18,son, farm labor, born Sept. 1893 Austria

Maggie, age 14, daughter, born June 1897 Austria

Eva, age 13,daughter, born Aug. 1898 Austria

Mike, age 12, son, born Sept. 1899 Austria

Katie, age 8, daughter, born Dec. 1902 Austria

Apralia, age 4, daughter born April 1907 Sask

Katrina, age 1 week daughter born jan. 1911 Sask

*** we know that Eva, Mike and Katie were not born in Austria but in Canada but census records are often wrong.

I there is a Canadian soldiers of 1st world war attestation paper for Franz and it says he is married with wife named Mary but cannot find them.

There is a Saskatchewan database online with some birth, marriage and death records and I found Apolloma (which would be Apralia from 1911)
she was born 1906 to Margareta Klein and Zacharias Hicke

I didn't find any other of the family there. Its odd that I cannot find Zachariah or wife and children after 1911

I took a look at to see if there is anything there on the Hicke family
They have marriage of Zacharias Hicke and Margaretha Klein Sept. 11, 1892 Evangelisch-Katholisch, Czernowitz, Bukovina, Rumania

By the way, also married in same place are a Margaretha Appel and Johann Nycz married in 1880
and a Veronica Appel married Josef Klein 1890
there are more also, all listed under World Miscellaneous marriages 1662-1945 - you can see this database for free

Did George and Katherina go to Canada also? Do you know when they came?

There is a tree at that shows a son of Georg and Katherina
Wenceslaus (Wenzel) Appel born April 13, 1875 Rosch Czernowitz Bukovina
married to Rosalia Ruhr Nov. 25, 1900
immigrated 1903 March 18th
they are shown as living in Saskatchewan with several children so I will see what I can find on that in census

Were they related to the Hicke family as I see they were in Saltcoats also

Hamburger Passagierlisten, 1850-1934 Hamburg Passenger Lists, 1850-1934 about Wenzel Appel
Name:       Wenzel Appel
Departure Date:       18 Mrz 1903 (18 Mar 1903)
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1876
Age Year:       27
Gender:       männlich (Male)
Family:       Household members
Relationship:       Vater (Father)
Residence:       Czernowitz,
Ethnicity/Nationality:       Österreich (Austrian)

Ship Name:       Armenia
Shipping Line:       Hamburg-Amerika Linie (Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft)
Ship Type:       Dampfschiff
Accommodation:       Zwischendeck
Ship Flag:       Deutschland
Port of Departure:       Hamburg
Port of Arrival:       Boulogne; Halifax

Volume:       373-7 I, VIII A 1 Band 141
Page:       600
Microfilm Roll Number:       K_1778

Image shows
Wenzel, age 27

Rosalie, age 24

Marg. age 1

Canadian Passenger Lists, 1865-1935 about Wonzel Uppel
Name:       Wonzel Uppel
Gender:       Male
Age:       27
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1876
Date of Arrival:       5 Apr 1903
Vessel:       Armenia
Search Ship Database:       View the 'Armenia' in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database
Port of Arrival:       Halifax, Nova Scotia
Port of Departure:       Hamburg, Germany
Roll:       T-497

Image shows
Wenzel, age 27

Rosalie,a ge 24

Margaret, age 1-1/2

APPLE (as indexed)
Wensil, age 31, born Austria immigrated 1903

Rose, age 28, wife, born Austria immigrated 1903

Maggie, age 4, daughter, born Austria, immigrated 1903

Kate, age 3, daughter, born Sask.

John, age 1, son, born Sask.

Wenzel, age 38, farmer, born March 1873 Bukovina

Rosal, age 31, wife, born June 1880 Bukovina

Maggie, age 10, daughter, born June 1901 Bukovina

Katie, age 8, daughter, born Feb. 1903 Sask.

Annie, age 3, daughter, born May 1908 Sask.

Sebastian, age 5, son born July 1906 Sask.

John, age 6, son, born Jan. 1905 Sask.

Wenzel, age 1, son, born July 1910 Sask.

Wenzel, age 44, farmer, born Galacia, immigrated 1903

Rosia, age 36, wife, born Galacia, immigrated 1903

Maggie, age 14, daughter, born Galacia, immigrated 1903

Katie, age 13,daughter, born Sask.

Johan, age 11, son, born Sask.

Sabastine, age 9, son born Sask.

Annie, age 8, daughter, born Sask.

Wenzel, age 6, son, born Sask.

Magdelina, age 5, daughter, born Sask.

George, age 4, son, born Sask.

Christine, age 2, daughter, born Sask.

Joseph, age 3 months, born Sask.

the Saskatchewan birth, marriage ,death database I mentioned before has births of Sebastian 1907, John 1905 and Anna 1908 - parents Rosalia Ruhr and Wenzel Appel

Hope this helps you,

Carolyn L