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Hi Donna,
Hi Donna,

Kathleen is right, so I looked for a death for Carrie in ON and found her death in 1935. She was born about 1879, not 1836 as you have.

Ontario, Canada, Deaths, 1869-1938 and Deaths Overseas, 1939-1947 about Carrie Muzettie Tolley
Name:       Carrie Muzettie Tolley
[Carrie Muzettie Marshall]
Death Date:       7 May 1935
Death County or District:       York
Age:       56
Gender:       Female
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1879
Birth Location:       Ontario
Father:       James Taylor Marshall
Mother:       Sarah Jackson

The image shows that she was born in ON April 13, 1879. She is a widow.
Her father shown as born Indiana, USA, her mother born ON
Name of informant f Mrs. A. Wilkins, 110 Huron St. , daughter
She is buried at Prospect, Toronto
She died of cerebral haemorhage and chronic nephritis – she died in the Toronto General Hospital

I did not find birth for Carrie, but found what may be her parents in 1920
James T., age 74, laborer, cider mill born IN both parents born IN
Sara, age 65, born MI both parents born MI
George T., age 21, son born NY father born IN mother born MI
Mary V., age 19, daughter-in-law, born NY parents born Italy

James, age 61, farmer, born IN father born Scotland mother born Ireland, 1st marriage, married 38 years
Sarah A., age 55, wife, born Canada English, father born England, mother born Canada Irish, 1st marriage, married 38 years, 7 children born 6 living
George T., age 12, son, born NY father born IN mother born Canada English
Next door to them is the Holms family which I am giving you because I suspect the wife Maytie is daughter of James and Sarah
Arville, 47, farmer, born NY both parents born NY, 2nd marriage, married 9 years
Maytie M., 28, wife, born Canada English father born IN mother born Canada English
May, 8. daughter
Olive, 6 daughter
Arvile 4, son
Myrtle, 2. daughgter
Leon, 8/12, son
All Holmes children born NY father born NY mother born Canada English
**** there is a birth record in ON for Mattie May Marshall born May 4, 1882 Welland Co. to James T. Marshall and Sarah Jackson

James, age 51, farmer, born Oct. 1848 IN father born Scotland mother born OH, married 27 years

Sarah A., age 41, wife, born May 1859 Canada English father born England mother born Canada, married 27 eyars, 6 children born 5 living

Maty M., age 18, daughter, born May 1882 Canada English (American citizen) father born IN mother born Canada English

Olive, age 7, daughter, born Aug. 1892 NY father born IN mother born Canada English

George, age 1, son, born March 1898 NY father born IN mother born Canada English

I have not yet found Carrie with either of her husbands, but as her death shows daughter Mrs. A. Wilkins as informant I looked for any Hawkins girl who married a Wilkins man in ON.

Here she is
Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1928 about Jessie Florence Hawkins
Name:       Jessie Florence Hawkins
Birth Place:       United States
Father Name:       Herbert George James Hawkins
Mother Name:       meuzetta (Unknown Carrie
Spouse Name:       Albert Edward John Wilkins
Spouse's Age:       22
Spouse Birth Place:       Bethune Green, London, England
Spouse Father Name:       Edward John Wilkins
Spouse Mother Name:       Madeline Elliott
Marriage Date:       21 Nov 1923
Marriage County or District:       York

The image shows Jessie’s birthplace as Toronto, ON, not United States as the above index entry says – she is 18 years old (so bon about 1905)

I don’t know why the index says Unknown before Carrie as that is not how it is shown in the original
Her husband born Bethnal Green, London, England- he is a tinsmith
Witnesses are Edith Emma Moore and Harry Frederick Bird
There is also a border crossing July 11, 1925, Lewiston, NY for Jessie F. Hawkins. She is shown born Ontario and is going to visit a cousin Eunis Hale in NY
Jessie’s father is shown as Herbert of Sutton St., Toronto

And another for her Feb. 20, 1909 parents Herbert and Meuzetta
And her birth in ON

Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1913 about Jessie Florence Hawkins
Name:       Jessie Florence Hawkins
Date of Birth:       29 Mar 1907
Gender:       Female
Birth County or District:       York
Father's Name:       Herbert Geo J Hawkins
Mother's Name:       Murzettie Marshall

The image shows her mother as Muzethe Marshall. Her father is an engineer.
The 1909 border crossing has both cards and a manifest so I went to the manifest which shown
Herbert G. J., age 41, marine engineer
Merzettie , age 31, wife,
Frances L., age 6, child
Jessie F., age 3, child
They are going to Lyndonville, NY and nationality for all of them is shown as Canadian

As this is another child shown I looked for her birth also – in the image it shows Carrie M. Marsha and then the page ends – looks like it is folded
Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1913 about Frances Louisa Hawkins
Name:       Frances Louisa Hawkins
Date of Birth:       22 Mar 1902
Gender:       Female
Birth County or District:       York
Father's Name:       Herbert G J Hawkins
Mother's Name:       Carrie M Marshall

I am a bit confused by your post as to Violet – was she a daughter of Herbert Hawkins an Carrie or of Carrie and second husband Tully ? From the above info Herbert and Carrie lived for some time in Canada – perhaps they moved back to US for a while, but I cannot find them in any census records Canada or US

All of the above I found at I then went to where I found births of three more children

Herbert George born Aug. 27, 1895

Nancy Meuzettie Eliza born Feb. 21, 1897

Menzettie Marguarite born Jan. 12, 1912
All born Toronto

These are also at ancestry –(except for last one for Menzettie Marguarite. I went back to check so not sure how I missed them before – I guess I had entered mother as Carrie ?

There is a death for Nancy – she died Feb. 25, 1900 York – she died of Phitusis, 4 months duration – address 54 Hackney St.

And a death of a male Hawkins Dec. 25, 1905 – no name of age given but the address is 81 Hackney St. so close to where Nancy had died – could it be son Herbert George??

With birth of daughter in 1912 it means that the family did return from US after the 1909 border crossing.

I went back to that border crossing in 1909 and saw that I had missed the second page which shows

Herbert paid the passage for the family. It asks if ever in the US before and if so when
Herbert says yes between 1901 and 1902 in Berkley, NY –the rest shown they had not been in US before
Herbert is shown as born Barnett, England arriving July 1884 on the CIRCASSIAN

Carrie shown born Clifton, Canada and the girls born Toronto Canada
So I now realize I had been looking for him in census with a birthplace of New York
From all of this it seems you have the wrong birth year and birthplace for him.
With the proper info I found his death in Toronto Nov. 12, 1927.

It says his parents were James Hawkins born England and Eliza Hawkins, born England – the informant at his death was Meuzettie Hawkins, his wife, address 55-1/2 Augusta Ave. Hervert was buried at St. James and died of Arterio sclerosis and cerebral hemorrhage. His occupation listed as Watchman. He must have died suddenly as place of death is shown as Ferry Dock

I also found his birth in England which shows he was born St. Marylebone, Westminster to James and Eliza Hawkins – his baptism date was March 7, 1868. His father was an organist

His birth is also at which shows birth date of Feb. 15, 1867, baptism March 7, 1868 - father James, mother Eliza (no maid name shown)

I finally found him in a Canada census. He is in Toronto with his mother in 1891.

Eliza, age 64, born England both parents born England

Herbert, age 24, night watchman born England both parents born England

There is a death of an Eliza Hawkins age 74,died April 29, 1900, address 54 Hackney – she died of bronchitis– matches with the address for death of Nancy

Herb, age 34, boarder, married, marine engineer, born Feb. 15, 1867 England, immigrated 1884

So this looks like Herbert, right job, married, born England but where is Carrie?

ON marriage database on ancestry only goes to 1928 and I did not find Carrie’s second marriage which was probably after that time.

I found Herbert coming to Canada in 1884, but indexed as HANKINS- he arrived Aug. 17, 1884, travelling on the CIRCASSIAN – with him was his mother Eliza, her occupation is listed as wife, so seems as though her husband should still be alive at that time, although he is not with them. They arrived at Quebec City

This seems to be them in 1871
Eliza, age 45, lodger, musician, born Hertford, married

Herbert, son, age 4, born Middlesex
So once again no husband/father with them

I looked again for a marriage for James Hawkins and Eliza and there is a James Hawkins, age 27, teacher of music who married Eliza Wheatland, age 35, spinster - marriage Jan. 18, 1865 Battle bridge All Saints, Islington, London
Witnesses William Edwards and Mary Ann Hawkins
James father Thomas Hawkins, clerk
Eliza's father Maskley Wheatland (or may be Markley), solicitors clerk

** I don't know for sure this its he right couple but as Herbert's father was listed as an organist and this fellow is a teacher of music it seems possible

There is a death in 1875 of a James Hawkins, age 39 - died Lambeth, London so a possible for him I guess- no occupation shown and no wife's name shown

There are several Eliza or Elizabeth Wheatland girls in census records, but none with a father with a name close to Maskley or Markley.

I just found marriage for Francis Hawkins - she married William Cox May 24, 1926, she is age 18 born Toronto , he is age 21, born England
her parents Herbert Hawkins and Meuzetta Marshall, (as written in image) His Albert and Emily Cox

Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1928 about Francis Hawkins
Name:       Francis Hawkins
Birth Place:       Toronto, Ontario
Age:       18
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1908
Father Name:       Herbert Hawkins
Mother Name:       Margetta Marshall
Spouse Name:       William Cox
Spouse's Age:       21
Spouse Birth Place:       England
Spouse Father Name:       Albert Cox Cox
Spouse Mother Name:       Emily Cox
Marriage Date:       24 May 1926
Marriage County or District:       York

and Margettie

Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1928 about Margettie Margaret Hawkins
Name:       Margettie Margaret Hawkins
Birth Place:       Toronto, Ontario
Age:       15
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1910
Father Name:       Herbert George James Hawkins
Mother Name:       Margettie Marshall
Spouse Name:       Stanley John Vandeburg
Spouse's Age:       21
Spouse Birth Place:       North Gellimbury; Ontario
Spouse Father Name:       Daniel Vandeburg
Spouse Mother Name:       Margaret Annie Robertson
Marriage Date:       9 Sep 1925
Marriage County or District:       York

Image has mother as Meuzettie Marshall and Meuzettie Hawkins is a witness to the marriage.

I think this is all for now, but if I think of anywhere else I can look for them, I will.

Carolyn L