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Subject:Re: Ash and Pike aboriginal Connception and Bonavista Bay 1800s
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Aboriginal is the Canadian term also... in the Canadian constitution - as of 1984 - "Aboriginal" is defined as Indian, Métis and Inuit. I think because we (Australia and Canada)are both part of the commonwealth similar terms follow... whenever I talk to people in the USA they look at me blankly on Aboriginal...
On the other point - I think the Pike connection is clearly down the St Lawrence and involves Mohawks and Onondagas who traveled to Nfld... I have a dead-end with Mi'kmaq except if the name was change from Pique or other as Hache as in La Hache Hatchet in french could be pronounced "Ash' my family back in the first part of the 19th cent were illiterate - as x on documents shows for the signatures I've seen so- pronunciation to spelling would follow common usage. What were the specific details you were told about your Pike Indian connection and who specifically told you? the exact details are very important to piece this together I've collected about 6 versions so far of pike - Indian connections in Newfoundland.