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JAMES HENRY CAMERON b. New Brunswick 8JAN1819, d. Kenosha, Kenosha Co., Wisconsin 12MAR1901, m. MARGARET HALL.
According to a death record, James was the son of Peter Cameron and Polly Hart, both b. NB.
Peter Cameron may have been the same in Queensbury Parish, York County, New Brunswick in the 1851 census as:

Cameron       Peter              M       Head              72                     Oct 1783
Cameron       Mary                     F       Wife                     67                     1783
Cameron       Margaret A.       F       Granddaughter       16       Native       Birth

with, next door:

Cameron       George       M       Head       34       Native       Farmer       Birth
Cameron       Hannah       F       Wife              30       Native                     Birth
Cameron       Andrew       M       Son               9       Native                     Birth
Cameron       Margaret       F       Daughter        8       Native                     Birth
Cameron       Eleanor       F       Daughter        6       Native                     Birth
Cameron       John              M       Son               2       Native                     Birth
Thomson       Samuel       M       Servant       18       Native                     Birth

Peter was Irish and a farmer. That they arrived in 1783 suggests that he and Mary were children of Loyalists. Queensbury Parish is noted a having been settled by members of the Queen's Rangers, an elite, Loyalist unit in the American Revolution. Thus, while Peter is Irish, his parents likely lived in what was to become the USA. In Mary's case, it was more definite as she was described as 'British American'.
What is intriguing is that, in Queensbury Parish in 18651, there was also a Hall family with, especially, John (73) and Susannah (75) Hall, both arrived MAY1783 and both 'British American'. This suggests that their families arrived in the Spring Fleet with the same group of Loyalists.

There are other Cameron possibilities even in York Co. On the lower Nashwaak River, in St. Mary's Parish, are descendants of members of the Black Watch (the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment) (notably James Cameron and John Cameron) and a family apparently associated with that of Capt. Archibald MacLean. In neither (or both) case would it seem likely that they would describe themselves as Irish so I assume that Peter Cameron was not associated with them. This assumption may be incorrect but I am trying to avoid complications.

There were several petitions for land in York co. made by Cameron's. Notably, in 1785, by Hugh Cameron of the 74th Regiment. Another 1785 petition, in Sunbury Co., suggests that 'Huey' Cameron lived in Prince William, which is about where Peter lived in 1851.

Petitions by the Hall's include John Hall in York Co. in 1785. Thomas Hall of the New York Volunteers was granted 203 acres in York Co. on the River Saint John 20FEB1787. This included a number of others including, for example, Joseph Haines who was in the same unit so this was probably in the Keswick area Douglas Parish area. This would be across the river from Queensbury Parish. John Cameron married Hannah White in Keswick Ridge in 1829.

it is stated that James Henry Cameron was the s/o Peter and Mary (Hart) Cameron. It is also stated that Peter was born in Ireland. If this conclusion is derived from his being Irish in 1851 I would not think it a firm conclusion but a likely one. Even so, his parents likely lived for some time at least in the USA. For example, it states that Peter's father was also Peter Cameron b. Scotland. This compilation tends to be excessive. For example, referring to Peter, Sr.'s wife as "Mrs. Peter Cameron" seems unnecessarily superfluous. Generally this is indicative of someone willing to state conclusions that are misleading. It also states the marriage ended in divorce. Divorce, at that time, was extremely difficult. In England, at least, it required an Act of Parliament. Also, Stephen Cameron is married to Charlotte Sloot. While the name was sometimes spelled that way, it was Sloat. "Queenshire, New Brunswick, Canada.", probably means Queensbury Parish, York Co., NB. It is errors like this that make me think that the compiler was not familiar with the area nor the Genealogy of the area and derived their data from someone else's earlier and tentative work. That the marriage of James Henry Cameron and Margaret Hall has no date suggests the Marriage Registers for York Co. were not consulted; which they would have been in a thorough search.
While I generally agree that James Henry Cameron was most likely a son of Peter and Mary (Polly) (Hart) Cameron, I feel it necessary to simply accept on-line genealogies and that the research needs to be repeated and expanded upon. The above and the one at:
seem to be repetitions from some work not clearly indicated.

Of particular interest are three entries in the New Brunswick Genealogical Society's web site, "First Families" at:
In particular, the source used by the two sites above is suggested as, "Donald C. Cameronís 'Cameron, William & Lent, Jane Frances'". Possibly deposited at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick. I would attempt to consult that work as a means for defining further research. For example, Peter, Sr's wife is Mary and she was a widow not a divorcee. That work appears to be more reliable. The entries are pasted in below. I include that for Stephen Cameron. While likely nor related the geographical proximity might make being able to distinguish between his family and Peter's useful.


CAMERON: Peter Cameron Sr. born c1752 at Carnmoney, Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland, d. 1783 aboard ship on way to NB, m. before 1775 Mary       -       b. c1752 at Carnmoney: the widow and children came to NB and first settled in Saint John:
1) Daniel Cameron born c1776 in Ireland:
2) Stephen Cameron born 1778 in Ireland:
3) Peter Cameron born c1779 in Ireland, d. before 1861, married Jul 1803 at Queensbury Parish, York County, Mary Hart b. 1783 in USA, died after 1871 in Grey County, ON: first settled in Queensbury Parish, York County: had nine children: 4) John Cameron born c1782 in Carnmoney, Ireland: 5) James Cameron b. c1782 at Carnmoney.
Sources: MC80/1662 Donald C. Cameronís Cameron, William & Lent, Jane Frances: see also MC80/2354 Saint John Branch, NBGS: Arrivals 99: our first families in New Brunswick, pages 40-41.

CAMERON: Peter Cameron Jr. born c1779 in Ireland or born Oct 1783 at Saint John, NB, s/o Peter and Mary Cameron of Carnmoney, Belfast, County Antrim, Ireland: first settled in Saint John County, then in Queenbury Parish, York County: m. Jul 1803 at Queensbury, Mary Hart b. c1783, d. after 1871 in Grey County, ON, d/o Thomas Hart and Catherine Gump:
1) Catherine Cameron born 1804, m. 19 Oct 1820 in York County, James Hurd or Heard:
2) Stephen Cameron b. 1805, m. (1st) 17 Apr 1828 York County, Charlotte Sloat or Sloot born 22 Jun 1805, died on 29 Sep 1866 in Grey County, ON: m. (2nd) 3 Oct 1868 Sarah Rice, a widow:
3) William Cameron b. 24 Aug 1808 in Saint John County, d. 24 Jan 1884 at Panguitch, Garfield County, Utah, married 23 Nov 1837 Jane Frances Lint b. 19 Jul 1820, died 24 Jun 1896 at Thurber, Wayne County, Utah, d/o John Lint and Elizabeth Niles of Queensbury Parish: they had three children before they moved to Illinois in 1844:
4) James Henry Cameron born 8 Jun 1810 in Saint John County, d. 10 Mar 1901 at Kenosha, Kenosha County, WI, m. Margaret Hall born 1810 in NB, died 27 Aug 1881 at Kenosha:
5) Peter Cameron born 9 Mar 1812 in Saint John County, died 3 Jan 1884 at Leith in Gray County, ON, m. 2 Jul 1835 York County, Elizabeth/Eliza Lint b. 26 May 1818 in Queensbury Parish, died 23 Mar 1894 in Grey County, ON:
6) George Cameron born c1817 in York County, married Hannah Day born 1821 in NB:
7) Eliza Cameron b. 26 May 1818:
8) Mary Cameron b. c1818, d. 1842, m. 20 Jun 1833 Edward Hall b. 1806:
9) Ann Cameron born 15 Jul 1819 at Queensbury, NB, died 8 Jun 1897 at Sydenham, Grey County, ON, m. 16 Jul 1840 John Day, b. 30 Dec 1818 at Grand Lake, Queens County, d. 5 Jul 1899 at Sydenham, Grey County, ON:
10) Jane Cameron born 19 Jul 1820:
11) Frances Cameron born 1821:
12) John Cameron born c1824, m. 24 Jun 1844 Sarah Ann Day born c1830 in NB: 13) Daniel Cameron b. c1825.
Sources: MC1/Cameron #1, 6 pages: see MC80/1662 Donald C. Cameronís Cameron, William & Lent, Jane Frances: see MC80/2354 Saint John Branch, NBGS: Arrivals 99: our first families in New Brunswick, pages 40-41: birth dates for the children differ among these sources.

CAMERON: Stephen Cameron born c1754 in Scotland, died 29 Oct 1828 at Fredericton, s/o James Cameron who died at sea on the way to NB: may have first settled at Keswick, York County and later at Fredericton in York County: married Mary       -       b. 1782, died 8 Apr 1835:
Children are listed in an estimated order:
1) Ann Cameron, eldest daughter, m. 1816 William Taylor: may have also married a Mr. Stanford:
2) Mary Cameron born c1782, died 18 Apr 1835:
3) James Cameron b. 1800, d. 2 Apr 1872 at Fredericton, m. 1835 Mary Ann Graham born 1814, d. 29 Jan 1897, d/o Robert Graham:
4) John Cameron m. Hannah -       and had children:
5) Emma/Emily Cameron b. 1803, m. 5 Apr 1826 Robert Eggar born 1786: settled in Fredericton: had children:
6) Sarah Cameron:
7) Charlotte Cameron m. William E. Bell.
Sources: MC80/132 Lillian M.B. Maxwellís The old grave-yard, page 91: see also MC80/145 Louise Hillís Fredericton, New Brunswick, British North America, page 374: see MC80/2334 Isabel L. Hillís The old burying ground Fredericton, NB, Vol. III, pages 285-288: see MC80/2354 Saint John Branch, NBGS: Arrivals 99: our first families in New Brunswick, page 41: the order of the children differs among the sources.