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Subject:Müüriku mõis “Marienhof”
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near the little church Klein St Marien in northern Estonia (today the church is called Vaike Maarja Virgin Mary kirik) my ancestor ,Peter Johann "Papachen" Hoffmann, in 1817 bought a humble estate which he called"Marienhof ".
PJH was a merchant from Reval/Tallinn .
PJH opened a shop at "Marienhof" and as there was no competition he became rich in no time .
A proper manor house was built- a long wooden building that can be seen even to-day.
PJHs son, Georg, erected a small building for officials.
In that building (?), the first Klein Marien/Väike -Maarja school for girls was opened in 1902.
The place as well housed the first hospital in Klein Marien/Väike-Maarja with four beds .
A Hoffmann worked as a doctor at that hospital.

In 1891, probably because of the competition by the newly opened railway-line, "Marienhof" was sold by "Papachens" son Georg , to an Estonian called Jaan Allik who had become wealthy on running a tavern.

Obviously, the place has suffered a lot since then - though the attached drawing of 1978 shows that quite a bit was left even after those 100+ years
But, when my Estonian friend Uku drove up there in 2009
to kindly take some photos the place looked rather
poorly, indeed.
From the fifties until the end of Soviet time (1991) Marienhof (or Muuriku Mois ) was part of a colchos.
Have you got more info ?