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Hi Molly,

Baptisms show parents as Edward Cassidy and Anne Gannon. Godparents to Bridget were Michael Coe and Mary Gannon
Godparents for John were Michael Meehan (or Michan, not sure) and godmother's name is shown as not given

Ontario, Canada, Catholic Church Records (Drouin Collection), 1747-1967 about Edward Cassidy
Name:       Edward Cassidy
Spouse:       Ann Gannon
Event Year:       1868-1895
Event:       Mariage (Marriage)
Religion:       Catholique
Place of Worship or Institution:       Brudenell
Province:       Ontario

Image says: May 6, 1871
We the undersigned, Parish priest of Brudenell, married Edward Cassidy, son of John Cassidy and Bridget Harman, to Ann Gannon, daughter of Thomas Gannon and Bridget Smyth. Witnesses John Cassidy, and Rosa Gannon.

I have had trouble finding the family in the census so I looked at ON births to see if there are any more children listed. There are

Elizabeth Jane Cassidy born Oct. 22, 1884 Hastings Co. to Edward F. Cassidy and Ann Gannon
I didn't find her in the Catholic records

Joseph P. Cassidy born Oct. 11, 1891 Hastings ON - parents Edward F. Cassidy and Ann Gannon
This is a delayed birth record, dated 1928

The above were from also has births for
Rosan July 14, 1877 - christening Sept. 28, 1877 Brudenell, Renfrew
Mary Nov. 30, 1875 Brudenell, Renfrew
Elizabeth Jane Oct. 23, 1884 Maynooth, Hastings
Bridget, May 22, 1872 Brudenell, Renfrew

I went back to ancestry to look for Rosan in Catholic records and she is there
with godparents named as Philip Lave and Rosan Gannon
Mary is also there she was baptized Dec. 14, 1875, godparents Mich Gannon and Rosan Gannon

Thomas Michael is also there baptized March 19, 1879, born Feb. 2, 1879 . Godparents Louis Leveque and Maxine McInernery

I finally found them in 1881

Edward, age 31, farmer, born ON

Ann, age 28, born ON

Bridget, age 9, born ON

John, age 7, born ON

Mary, age 5, born ON

Roseann, age 3, born ON

Thomas Michael, age 2, born ON

William James, age 3/12, born ON (Feb)

next door to them is the family of William Casidy, age 35 so possible brother for Edward - William born Ireland


Edward, age 42, farmer, born ON both parents born Ireland

Ann, age 38, wife, born ON both parents born Ireland

Bridget, age 18, daughter

John, age 17, son

Mary, age 15, daughter

Roseann, age 13, daughter

Thomas, age 12, son

William, age 10, son

Jane, age 7, daughter

Cathren, age 5, daughter

Joseph, age 1, son


Edward, age 52, farmer, born Dec. 1848 ON

Annie, age 48, wife, born June 1852 ON

Rose Ann, age 23, daughter, born July 14, 1877

William J., age 19, son, farmer, born January 27, 1882 ON

Lizzie J., age 17, daughter, born Oct. 22, 1883 ON

Katie,a ge 15, daughter, born March 27, 1886 ON

Joseph P., age 11, son, born Oct. 11, 1889 ON

Annie A., age 8, daughter, born Aug. 6, 1892 ON

** Lizzie J. was actually born 1884 from birth record info.

Here is death of Edward

Ontario, Canada, Deaths, 1869-1938 and Deaths Overseas, 1939-1947 about Edward Cassidy
Name:       Edward Cassidy
Death Date:       29 Jan 1936
Death County or District:       Frontenac
Age:       86
Gender:       Male
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1850
Birth Location:       Hungerford Township
Father:       John Cassidy

It says:
Place of death: Hotel Dieu Hospital, Kingston, Frontenac, ON
Born - Hungerford township, ON
Nove. 27, 1849
Age 86 years 2 months 1 day
Name of deceased wife - Ann Cassidy
Father - John Cassidy born Ireland
Mother - not known
Informant - Sister St. Gabriel, Hotel Dieu, Kingston
Burial - Bancroft R.C. cemetery
Cause of death - stoppage of bowel, non cancerous, circulatory failure, gangrene of feet


AND death of Ann

Ontario, Canada, Deaths, 1869-1938 and Deaths Overseas, 1939-1947 about Anne Cassidy
Name:       Anne Cassidy
Death Date:       23 May 1928
Death County or District:       Frontenac
Age:       75
Gender:       Female
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1853
Birth Location:       Eganville

Image says:
Address - 675 Johnston Street
Age 75 years
Place of birth - Egansville, June 10, 1853
Father Thomas Gannon, born Ireland
Mother Bridget Smith, born Ireland
Informant: Mrs. Morris, 23 Nelson Street - daughter
Burial - Bancroft, ON
Cause of death - abdominal malignancy - carcinoma of colon - 8 months


Next I looked for marriages for the children of Edward and Ann: Bridget, John, Mary, Roseann, Thomas, William, Eliz. Jane, Catherine, Joseph and Annie

I only found Bridget and brother Thomas' marriages so far.

Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1928 about Bridget Cassady
Name:       Bridget Cassady
Birth Place:       Maynooth
Age:       24
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1873
Father Name:       Edward Cassady
Mother Name:       Ann Gannon
Spouse Name:       Francis Exavier Labarge
Spouse's Age:       40
Spouse Birth Place:       Hungerford T Hastings Co
Spouse Father Name:       Francis E Labarge
Spouse Mother Name:       Mary Lefevre Labarge
Marriage Date:       27 Apr 1897
Marriage County or District - Hastings


Ontario, Canada Marriages, 1801-1928 about Thomas Michael Cassidy
Name:       Thomas Michael Cassidy
Birth Place:       Maynooth
Age:       22
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1880
Father Name:       Edward Cassidy
Mother Name:       Ann Gannon
Spouse Name:       Mary Eliza Applin
Spouse's Age:       19
Spouse Birth Place:       Bancroft
Spouse Father Name:       John Applin
Spouse Mother Name:       Elizabeth Murphy
Marriage Date:       4 Jun 1902
Marriage County or District:       Hastings


Francis X., age 44, farmer, born July 18, 1856 ON, French

Bridget, age 28, wife, born June 1, 1873 ON, Irish

John, age 14, son born June 29, 1886 ON French

Louis B., age 11, son, born July 29, 1889 ON, French

Mary C., age 7, daughter, born April 29, 1893 ON French

Francis X., age 5, son, born July 4, 1895 ON French

Joseph H., age 4, son, born Oct. 18, 1896 ON French

Antoine,a ge 2, son, born Dec. 8, 1898 ON French

Annie B., age 31/2, daughter, born Jan. 1, 1901 ON French

As Bridget and Francis married in 1897 the elder children would be from his first marriage.


Frank, age 45, farmer, born July 1865 ON(age off from previous census)

Bridget, age 39, wife, born Jan. 1872 ON

Louis, age 21, son, farmer, born July 1889 ON

Mary C., age 18, daughter, born April 1902 ON (indexed as age 8, but 18 in image but year of birth shown as 1902??)

Francis E., age 16, son, born July 1896 ON

Joseph H., age 14, son, born Oct. 1898 ON

Anthony, age 12, son, born Dec. 1899 ON

Bernette, age 10, daughter, born Dec. 1900 ON

Agatha, age 8, daughter, born Sept. 1902 ON

Thomas, age 4, son, born May 1907 ON

Charles, age 2, son, born Dec. 1909 ON


Death of Bridget

Ontario, Canada, Deaths, 1869-1938 and Deaths Overseas, 1939-1947 about Bridget Labarge
Name:       Bridget Labarge
Death Date:       23 Apr 1920
Death County or District:       Hastings
Age:       46
Gender:       Female
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1874
Birth Location:       Monteagle

Image says:
Born Monteigle Twp.
Occupation - household duties
Father Edmond Cassidy
Mother Ann Gannon
Informant - Frank labarge, son
Cause of death - influenza- 4 days
Primary cause - Pneumonia
Burial - RC cemetery

** her husband Frank is listed on the same page

Ontario, Canada, Deaths, 1869-1938 and Deaths Overseas, 1939-1947 about Frank Erebia Le Aborge
Name:       Frank Erebia Le Aborge
Death Date:       11 Apr 1920
Death County or District:       Hastings
Age:       62
Gender:       Male
Estimated Birth Year:       abt 1858
Birth Location:       Hungerford Tw

Image says:
Born Hungerford Twp.
Informatn- Timis Labarge, son
Burial R.C. cemetery
Cause of death Pneumonia
Primary cause Lobar Pneumonia - 12 days

Other death on the page was also from influenza and pneumonia so I wonder if there was an epidemic at the time ?

I think part of the problem with finding births, marriages and deaths for this family is the many ways of spelling Cassidy.

There is a death of a Sarah Labarge Oct. 31, 1896, farmers wife, age 33 - I wonder if she is 1st wife of Francis Xavier- this woman died of blood poisoning after confinement

Annie Bernetta Labarge born about 1901 died March 20, 1919 Hastings , age 18, daughter of Frank LaBarge and Bridget Cassidy
Annie died of Pericarditis - 4 months
Informant was her father Frank

Thomas Edward Labarge born May 6, 1908 died Jan. 26, 1920 of acute lobar pneumonia - 14 days. He was 12 years old, parents Frank Labarge and Bridget Cassidy
So another 1920 death in their family

I think this is all I can find.

Carolyn L