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Subject:Engels from Hungary destination:, V.D.C.K Winnipeg
Post Date:July 26, 2011 at 00:40:43
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I am sure a large percentage of people who Immigrated to Canada before the war( Of German Ethnicity ) had written on their "Immigration Records" Listed Destination: V.D.C.K @ 439 Main St. Winnipeg, Manitoba.
When I read this I had no idea what the letters stood for so I did a bit f research, it stands for : Saint Ralph's Society for the Protection of German Catholic Emigrants, which was up and running 1919-1939, and the had a colony near Winnipeg in the spring of 1927 where German Emigrants could live,work and not be harassed.
My question if any would know is, Is there any lists or written history of the Emigrants who actually ended up there?
I am searching for a family of German Hungarians (Anton Engels,wife Anna & son Caspar) that had the address of V.D.C.K as their destination. This family also had a Registered Land Grant in Saskatchewan near the town of Neudorf but I was told there is no history of any Engel owning the land?? Any hints as to where to turn now??