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Hi Dorothy,

I have not found the marriage yet, but here is death of Ruth - looks like her father's name is incorrect - whoever gave the info may have given James father's name in error?

British Columbia Death Registrations, 1872-1986

birth:       12 Jun 1879       
death:       17 Nov 1958       
parents:       William Penn Mather
spouse:       James Frederick Mather
death date:       17 Nov 1958
death place:       Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
name:       Ruth Mather
gender:       Female
age:       79y
birth date:       12 Jun 1879
birthplace:       , England
marital status:       Married
spouse:       James Frederick Mather
father:       William Penn Mather
digital folder number:       4437867
british columbia archives film number:       B13239
registration number:


Odd thing is, I see that Kathleen gave you into on a Ruth Mather married to a Robert F. Mather and there is a death of a Robert Fenton Mather listed in B.C. with wife Ruth ??

I have not found a death for James Frederick Mather

*** there is a passenger list which I think may be Ruth and children - not absolutely sure but here it is

New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 about Ruth Mather
Name:       Ruth Mather
Arrival Date:       25 Jul 1939
Birth Year:       abt 1879
Birth Location:       Canada
Birth Location Other:       Manchester, England
Age:       60
Gender:       Female
Ethnicity/Race≠/Nationality:       English
Port of Departure:       San Francisco, California
Port of Arrival:       New York, New York
Ship Name:       City of Baltimore

Ruth, age 60, housewife, born Manchester, England, good health, 5' 8", fair complexion, grey hair, blue eyes

Frederica, age 16, student, born Vancouver, Canada, good health, 5' 6", fair complexion light hair, blue eyes

Emily, age 15, student, born Vancouver, Canada, good health, 5' 4", fair complexion, light hair, blue eyes

last permanent residence for all is shown as Vancouver, Canada
Home in Canada is 1864 Matthews Ave. Vancouver, B.C.


Okay there is another odd thing - on Robert Fenton Mather's death record his father is shown as Robert Addison Mather, mother Maude Cameron, wife Ruth Mather

I had thought that the William Penn Mather shown as father for Ruth in her death record was perhaps actually the name of her husband James' father, BUT

I just found a birth for a James Frederick Mather with father Robert Addison Mather -mother Maud Cameron, same parents as Robert Fenton so could James and Robert F. be brothers and either both married a woman named Ruth or your Ruth married two brothers ??

Ontario, Canada Births, 1869-1913 about James Frederick Mather
Name:       James Frederick Mather
Date of Birth:       5 Feb 1886
Gender:       Male
Birth County or District:       Rainy River District
Father's Name:       Robert Addison Mather
Mother's Name:       Maud Cameron

British Columbia Death Registrations, 1872-1986

death date:       22 Oct 1936
death place:       Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
name:       Robert Fenton Mather
gender:       Male
age:       52y 8m 30d
birth date:       23 Jan 1884
birthplace:       Ottawa, Ontario
marital status:       Married
spouse:       Ruth Mather
father:       Robert Addison Mather
mother:       Maude Cameron
digital folder number:       4437849
british columbia archives film number:       B13157
registration number:


There is also a border crossing card for Emily Mather which shows she is accompanied by mother Ruth
Father's name is shown as James Frederick Mather (so I guess that confirms right family in passenger list above)
She and Ruth are going for a visit to grandmother Mrs. W.P. Mather 353 Slater Ave. Providence RI

Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1956 about Emily Mather
Name:       Emily Mather
Arrival Date:       2 Sep 1940
Port of Arrival:       Buffalo, New York, United States
Accompanied by:       Mother Ruth
Arrival Contact:       Grandmother, Grandma Mrs. W P Mather
Departure Contact:       Father James Frederick Mather
Birth Date:       26 Jul
Birth Place:       Vancouver, British Columbia
Gender:       Female
Race/Nationality:       Scottish (Scotish)
Record has photo?:       No
Record Type:       Cards

So another mystery as grandmother is Mrs. W.P. Mather which would match with the name William Penn Mather in Ruth's death record so I am confused.

Ruth's card shown Mrs. W.P. Mather as her mother - could it just be that Ruth's mother also married a man named Mather at some point ? Seem quite a coincidence.

Ruth is shown as first entering US in 1892 and living there from 1892-1912. She came in through NY in 1892 aboard the SS Garmand (hard to read)
She was born Manchester 6/12/79

Border Crossings: From Canada to U.S., 1895-1956 about Ruth Mather
Name:       Ruth Mather
Arrival Date:       2 Sep 1940
Port of Arrival:       Buffalo, New York, United States
Arrival Contact:       Mother Mrs W P Mather
Departure Contact:       Husband James Frederick Mather
Birth Date:       12 Jun
Birth Place:       Manchester
Birth Country:       England
Gender:       Female
Race/Nationality:       English
Record has photo?:       No
Record Type:       Cards

Now it gets a bit more interesting as I found a NY passenger list for a Ruth Mather age 28, traveling to Providence RI and her father is listed as William Penn Mather

New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 about Ruth Mather
Name:       Ruth Mather
Arrival Date:       3 Apr 1908
Birth Year:       abt 1880
Birth Location:       England
Birth Location Other:       Manchester, England
Age:       28
Gender:       Female
Ethnicity/Race≠/Nationality:       English
Port of Departure:       Hamilton,bmu
Port of Arrival:       New York, New York
Ship Name:       Bermudian

SO could it be that Ruth Irene Owens was actually Ruth Irene Mather? Maybe Owens was first marriage name for her?

1930 census has an Emily Mather, age 74, widow, born England living at 353 Slater Ave. , same address as Ruth and daughter Emily were going to visit.
With this Emily are Son in law Edwin Codman and daughter Janet. They immigrated in 1892 which matches with Ruth's border crossing info.

There are several passenger lists for Emily Mather, one is in 1921 travelling with her husband William Penn Mather and Daughter Janet «odman. They are shown born Great Britain and living in RI. William is 72, Emily 65, and Janet 40.

New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 about Emily Mather
Name:       Emily Mather
Arrival Date:       1 Jun 1921
Birth Year:       abt 1856
Birth Location:       England
Birth Location Other:       Manchester, England
Age:       65
Gender:       Female
Ethnicity/Race≠/Nationality:       British (English)
Port of Departure:       Southampton
Port of Arrival:       New York, New York
Ship Name:       Olympic


So William was alive in 1921 but deceased by 1930 when Emily is shown as a widow

The 1881 England census has William P., Emily, Ruth, Janet all in Prestwich, Lancashire.
1892 passenger list shows MATHER
W.P. 43
Mrs. E. 36
Miss Ruth 13
Miss Janet 11
Miss Phylis 10
Miss Doris 7

New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 about MS. Ruth Mather
Name:       MS. Ruth Mather
Arrival Date:       24 Sep 1892
Birth Year:       abt 1879
Age:       13
Gender:       Female
Ethnicity/Race≠/Nationality:       English
Port of Departure:       Liverpool, England
Port of Arrival:       New York, New York
Ship Name:       Germanic

** I thought it was Garmand from Ruth's border crossing but obviously I read it wrong.

Well, I did find a previous marriage for Ruth but not to an OWENS

Ruth Mather
Rhode Island, Marriages, 1724-1916

birth:       1880       
marriage:       20 Mar 1909       Providence,​ Providence,​ Rhode Island
parents:       William P.,​ Emily
spouse:       Walter Wells Griffith
groom's name:       Walter Wells Griffith
groom's birth date:       1876
groom's age:       33
bride's name:       Ruth Mather
bride's birth date:       1880
bride's age:       29
marriage date:       20 Mar 1909
marriage place:       Providence, Providence, Rhode Island
groom's father's name:       Leonard G.
groom's mother's name:       Mary
bride's father's name:       William P.
bride's mother's name:       Emily
indexing project (batch) number:       I09561-9
system origin:       Rhode Island-EASy
source film number:

This Walter W. Griffith seems to have been remarried by 1920 so he and Ruth must have divorced between 1910 and 1920 as they are in the 1910 census together in RI - in 1920 and later he is in Washington

I just found Ruth with Walter in 1915 RI census so they were still together at that time

James Frederick Mather is int he Soldiers of the First World War - Canada database. he is single, living in Vancouver, he is a barrister and next of kins is shown as his father R.. Mather, Vancouver. Dated 1915 so he must have married Ruth after that date as she is still with first husband in 1915 census RI

I have not been able to find any record with Ruth listed as OWENS - where did you find that surname for her?

From what I have found above it does look like this is Ruth married to James Frederick Mather but also looks like she was maiden name Mather also so am stuck on the OWENS name. I tried looking for a marriage for her and James under OWENS, GRIFFITH and MATHER but found nothing for any of them.

My suspicion was that Ruth was married to the two brothers Robert F. and James Frederick. The passenger lists and border crossing seem to agree with her and James and I have not yet found anything proving she and Robert were married but it does seem a possibility AND he died in 1936 and shown as married with spouse Ruth, but she should be married to James at that time as James is shown as father of Emily in border crossing in 1940 and she was born about 1923 so confusing.

I am wondering if perhaps if James and Ruth both worked on ships, they may have married in one of the ports they visited? What was the date of the trip in 1924 where you found them on The Kingsley as I could not find it. I did find an"ED KINGSLEY" ship with an R.F. Mather aboard who I thought might be Robert ?

I hope this helps somewhat.

Carolyn L