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SF Call, 6/10/1906
Louise Hanley sues for divorce from Harry C Hanley on the grounds of cruelty, asks for custody of the two sons and $125 month child support, Harry earns $250 per month as a cashier at Wells Fargo

Louise is granted $100 month alimony and support, $100 attorney fees, $25 to pay court costs, she had charged Harry with adultery and cruelty

The Curtin Dectective Agency sued Harry G Hanley for $393, he had hired them to shadow Louise but that the detective assigned to the case, William Smith, had been a bodyguard of Louise's, he couldn't get the information that he needed, and it cost him $4000 in attorney's fees

Louise M Hanley Denies Charges
Harry had sued for divorce on the charges of cruelty, intoxication, and misconduct by his wife Louise and naming Wenceslao Loaiza as co-respondant

Wenceslao granted divorce from Maria San Vicente Loaiza on the grounds of desertion who is at present in Hermosillo, Mexico.

There is a story in the San Francisco Call 4/20/1909 about how the custody battle between Harry and Louise for their two sons, Robert, 5, and Paul, 6. Wenceslao was described as a paramour of Louise. Harry had obrtained a divorce 18 months earlier. The interlocutory decree had given Harry custody of the children and gave Louise and her mother the right to see them, but the final decree gave the children solely to Harry without any visitation rights for Louise and her mother. It said that in the last year Louise had been living with Loaiza in New York and didn't have any contact with her children, that Loaiza had been seperated from his wife for 5 years and had filed for divorce from his wife last year in Alameda County.

5/4/1909 Morell-In this city, May 3, 1909, Joseph F., dearly beloved husband of Margaret Morell, and loving father of Frank J, Joseph J and Margaret A Morell, Mrs. Mary Thompson and Mrs. L. Hanley, a native of Germany, aged 63y,2m,20d

California, Death Index, 1940-1997
about Wenceslao Francisco Loaiza
Name: Wenceslao Francisco Loaiza
Social Security #: 556070167
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 6 Apr 1911
Birth Place: California
Death Date: 19 Mar 1943
Death Place: San Joaquin
Mother's Maiden Name: Morell
Father's Surname: Loaiza

In 1918, there was a passport issued to Wenceslao, the son. It said that his father was Wenceslao Y. Loaiza, from Guaymas, Mexico, and that his father was living in Guadalajara. It was attached to his brother's application, Morell C. Hanley.

Morell's application says that he was going to Mexico to join his mother and stepfather

1920 census. San Francisco Assembly District 32, San Francisco, California
Emily M Loaiza 47
Carmen D Loaiza 21
Louise M Loaiza 35 CA f Alsace Lorraine FRA m IRE
Morell C Hanley 17
Robert E Hanley 15
Wencesloot Loaiza 8

1930 census, San Francisco, San Francisco, California
Louise M Loaiza 46 CA f FRA m N IRE
Robert E Hanley 26 service mgr automobile
Nicholas Loaiza 18 (Wencelao)
Joseph L Loaiza 31 nephew oiler merchant marine

California, San Francisco Area Funeral Home Records, 1895-1985
about Carola Dorothy Loaiza
Name: Carola Dorothy Loaiza
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 11 Jun 1938
Birth Place: San Francisco, California
Age: 1/12
Death Date: 23 Jul 1938
Father: Robert Loaiza
Mother: Edythe M Gascoigne
Funeral Home: Godeau Funeral Home
asphyxia by suffocation
Cypress Lawn cremation
she got tangled in her crib blankets

I can't find Louise in the 1940 census. She is in SF in 1932 as a widow, she is in San Jose in 1934, 1935, 1936.

The only other person that is in her age catagory on the death index is this-
California, Death Index, 1940-1997
about James Joseph Monaghan
Name: James Joseph Monaghan
Social Security #: 559011717
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 10 Oct 1874
Birth Place: Other Country
Death Date: 16 Apr 1959
Death Place: Nevada

Henry is Henry Grattan Hanley

1910 census, San Francisco Assembly District 41, San Francisco, California
Mary S Hanley 50
Henry G Hanley 48
Charles P Hanley 40
Nora B Hanley 35
Frances H Mcallister 31
Henry W Mcallister 29
Charles W Mcallister 4
Paul C Hanley 7
Robert E Hanley 6
Letitia Thomas 23

Joseph is Joseph Franklin Morell, in 1876-1879 he's in Yolo Cty

1920 census, San Francisco Assembly District 25, San Francisco, California
Margeret Morell 75 imm 1874
Francis J Morell 47
Margeret Morell 41

Hope this helps