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Subject:Re: Ancestry Family Tree website_merge option
Post Date:December 11, 2012 at 07:08:02
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Thank you for your excellent response and keen insight. I spoke with Ancestry about this problem (more than once) and they pretty much said what you have.

I don't want to appear pessimistic or muleish, but these suggestions really don't take care of the problem. I mean, I can get rid of some duplications ... the ones that don't have a large lineage that has been posted, typed up, added to, and written up with them, along with attachments, BMS records, etc. But I'm not going to take the chance of losing validated references.

How the problem began: You see, my duplications are ALL about people marrying 1st cousins, and I have a few in the USA, and many more in Quebec, Canada. My own grandfather married two full blooded sisters (his 1st wife, my dad's mother, died early).

And then I have boy/girl siblings of one lineage marrying boy/girl siblings of another lineage and I am related to all the lineages back to the 1600's and want to keep this straight ....

When your grand aunts and grand uncles, and great grandparents, have children and grandchildren and many greats who are inter-breeding, it get's downright confusing to keep track of in the Ancestry database (the way it is set up).

I should have caught this problem of duplicate entries in the beginning when I first started adding data to Ancestry Family Trees. But I was new to this and working on so many different lines at one time and didn't realize I had this concern until I was well into the research and postings. But all-in-all, the marriages happened and that has made multiple duplicate entries a reality.

I can't get rid of the duplicates in this type of scenario. I need a merge feature just like I have in my FTM software program.

Ancestry could take care of this, if they wanted to put some time and effort into it. Good grief, they have the finest and most experienced technologist and genealogists in the world on their staff. They have the mind-power to do it. 'nuff said

The fact that you have taken the time and courtesy to reply to my message means a lot to me. Thank you for offering your insight, respect and understanding.

Happy holidays and many blessings to you and your loved ones from above. Merry Christmas Everyone!