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Subject:Wade, or Koonicitch?
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I am looking for what may be a half-sister of mine, that I did not know anything at all about until this past year, after the death of my father. He died Sept. 28, 2002, and my mother had passed away the previous November 6 (2001). I have been an only child all my life, to my knowledge at least. While going through some photo albums that belonged to my dad, I discovered a photo of a baby. On the front of the photo is says only "Your daughter Karen." On the back- it says "5 months- Karen Koonicitch- San Fransisco California." Nothing more. Now, this photo was tucked away very carefully inside an album that my mother had argued with my father over many times- wanting him to get rid of it. He had it tucked away out in his workshop in the backyard, carefully folded up inside a heavy plastic sack. He wouldn't throw it away, for some reason. I have more or less eliminated all the other possiblities now- including that baby having been a the child of a navy buddy, etc. My Dad was enlisted in the Navy, date of enlistment was 6-26-1942- He was in San Diego in 1943. He and my mother married on 11-30-1945. Somewhere between June of 9142, and November of 1945, he was involved with a woman named Minnie Wade. I do not know where Minnie was from, know absolutely nothing about her background, or anything else. It's possible that it is someone that he met there in San Diego, or San Fransisco, or she may have been someone that he knew as he was growing up. I just don't know. He was born in Grant Parish, Louisiana, also lived with an Aunt of his at one point in time- in either Dallas, Texas, or Vernon Parish, Louisiana. I did find out that there was only one M. Wade, listed in a 1947 San Fransisco telephone directory. My heart says it's probobly her, Minnie Wade, but my head says there's really no way to know for sure.
I later, just a few days ago, found another photograph- of a woman and two children. The child is about 3 years old, roughly- a little girl, and the woman is holding a baby. On the back, it says "Minnie and her babies- Carol Ann and Lyman Lee." Nothing more. So, my thinking is that the original photograph, the name was written hurridly, or ? and that "Karen" may actually be Carol Ann- born ca 1945- apparently in San Fransisco. The baby in that second photograph- Lyman Lee- would have been born late 1947, or 1948. I don't know if Minnie Wade ever actually married- if so, I've not been able to find out anything about it- nor, have I been able to find anything at all on a surname that is spelled- "Koonicitch" or anything even remotely close. I've gone through variations such as "Kooviritch, Kooncitch, Koncitch.... " and nothing turns up, anywhere. It's as though this name does not exist.
So, to make a long story a little clearer- here's what I'm looking for:
Anyone with a surname that either sounds like, or is spelled close to "Koonicitch".
Anyone who may know anything about a woman who was named "Minnie Wade' in the San Fransisco area in the mid to late 1940's. Possibly in the area as early as 1943. "Minnie" - may be a nickname.
A baby born in iether 1944, or 1945, possibly even 1946- named Karen Koonicitch- or, Karen Wade, or Carol Ann Wade, or Carol Koonicitch.
A baby born in possibly 1947, or 1948 named Lyman Lee- anything! That's a somewhat unusual first name, I think- not real common. So any child born in that time period, in this general location- by that first name- may be a clue.
Anyone who knows of a Wade family, that may have settled in San Fransisco, that may have had ties, or connections in some way- even friendship, to a Mayo family from Louisiana- Rapides, Grant, Beaureguard, Vernon, St. Charles parishes.
Anyone with any ideas, suggestions, information, any anything can email me at
I thank you in advance.
Nancy Bishop