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San Diego Union, 3/31/1899


Bold Act of a Yaqui Indian Near Campo.

The Girl Only 13 Years of Age, and the Daughter of Mrs. John Ward, a Widow- Yaqui and His Captive Being Hotly Pursued

Ellen Ward, the 13-year-old daughter of Mrs. John Ward, a widow living near Moreno dam, was abducted Wednesday afternoon by a Yaqui Indian known as Jose Garcia. At last accounts Garcia had taken the girl into the mountains of Lower California, south of Campo, and was supposed to be on his way to the Cocopa desert. Several men are on his trail, and the Indian may be killed if overtaken.

The girl is the daughter of John Ward, the rancher and stockman who was killed two or three years ago by falling upon a knife, whether with suicidal intent or accidentally has never been determined. His widow, the mother of the girl, is an Indian, and since the death of Ward, the ranch has been infested with numerous lazy Indians. Garcia, who is about 25 years old, became enamoured of Ellen Ward, who, despite her Indian blood, was rather prepossessing, but it was not known whether she reciprocated his affection. Not long ago Garcia was told by Mrs. Ward that Ellen was too young to know her own mind, and that he must stop paying her attention.

Garcia left the ranch and went to Campo, and it was believed that he would not return. Wednesday afternoon, however, when the ranch was deserted by everyone except the girl, Garcia sneaked into the house and induced the girl to go riding with him. They were last seen going towards the boundary line, each riding a horse belonging to Mrs. Ward. As soon as the matter was reported to the mother, upon her return from a neighboring ranch, she sent another Indian out to find the Yaqui and recover possession of her daughter. Word was also sent to Campo with a request for Constable Elliott to join in the chase, but the officer was out on the desert.

The Indian in pursuit of the Yaqui went armed and ready for trouble, and at Campo two or three cowboys volunteered to track Garcia. He is a hard character, having been in trouble in Sonora, and will probably fight before giving up the girl. Considerable excitement has been created at Campo by the abduction.

Ellen Ward, the 16-year-old girl who eloped with an Indian from her home near here left him after a few days and is now living with a Mexican named Dumard. The couple took advantage of the inebriated condition of the Indian and after taking what money he had and loading onto a wagon a barrel of wine that he had provided for the nuptial fete started out for parts unknown.

Campo Notes.

The girl, Ellen Ward, who eloped with an Indian, swapped husbands immediately after the nuptial fete and eloped for the second time inside a week with a man named Dumara, a Mexican. They took advantage of the inebriated state of the Indian, whose pocket they rifled of $20 in money, and loading onto a wagon the barrel of wine which was provided for the moistening of the festival and the senorita, they set out for parts unknown, leaving "poor Lo" a sadder and poorer grass widower.

12/30/1916 San Diego Union
20 years ago 12/20/1896
Marriage licenses were issued yesterday to Edwin B. Stokes, a native of Arkansas, aged 29, and Martha Ward, age 18, a native of California, both residents of Morena;...

11/5/1911 SD Union
Marriage licenses
Edwin B. Stokes, San Diego age 42
Zetta P. Mahr, San Diego age 24

Evening Tribune 7/27/1896

A Day at Campo.

Probable Murder and Serious Accidents.

Saturday was a great day for murder and serious accidents at Campo. John Ward, age 65, was murdered as described in Saturday's Tribune. Ward was found with a large knife sticking through him. He had an Indian wife and lived in the Moreno valley.