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Hi Phyl
Many thanks for this information.
The first part about the travel – in 1926 fits perfectly, though my record show the Carmania (Yours the other ship ‘ Caronia’)
Withansea – is quite amusing as that is how our accent in the North would pronounce it , so that is how it would be written by the clerk . It is actually Withernsea )
Great to have the San Diego address and now I have an image of the house from Google Earth !! It is too hard to see but there is a sign outside the house that is some sort of information – it could be a for sale board. The Logo is MC (pos MG) and the name could be McG... (poss ending in Y).
CK Hall was known as Kenneth , so that would be correct – is San Marco’s a district ?
Have to check out the Macy information again – any other well known large department stores there at the time ?
Really hoping Lillian is still alive but don’t know what name was her married name.
Maybe some more information about her time as a ‘California Debutant’ will help ?
In a programme for 'Romany Love' at His Majesty's Theatre,
Haymarket, London dated 12.4.1947 :

Irene Hall appears as part of the 'Californian Debutantes' along with:

Helen Wysatt, Suzette Meredith, Phyllis Bateman, Elizabeth Brusher, Dani
Nelson, Jeane Bal, Betty Galavan.
Many thanks Phyl )