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Subject:Dr. John Housen Bush (ca 1770-1832) - a Bennett in his tree?
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Dr. John Housen Bush and wife , Mary Rowland appear to have chosen their children's names with meaning. Sons appear to have been given the names of ancestors or close associates.

John B. Bush appears to have been named for his maternal great grandfather - John Blalock

Alexander Graham Bush appears to have been named for an associate of his father's named Alexander Graham in Sumner Co., TN at the time of Alexander's birth

Palemon Cage Bush named for the family of Major William Cage also in Sumner Co., TN at the time of Palemon's birth

Reuben Rowland Bush was named for his maternal grandfather, Reuben Rowland

Eldest son, William B. Bush had the middle name of Bennett. WHY was Bennett chosen for Bush's eldest son's middle name? Was there a Bennett in the Bush family tree?

Bush's wife's Rowland family had their roots in Hanover, Louisa and Albemarle Counties in Virginia. Reuben Rowland owned land in Albemamarle County until ca 1783. There Rowland married the daughter of John Blalock, Anna Blalock ca 1773. Their daughter Mary married Dr. John Housen Bush ca 1794, most likely in Laurens or Newberry Co., SC.

THis Rowland and Blalock family are related to the Bennett family also in Albemarle County at that time. Micajah Bennett married another daughter of John Blalock. Her name may have been Molly. Bennett and Rowland became Baptist preachers and migrated and worked together to Wilkes County, NC and Laurens/Newberry Co. , SC.

Of great interest and a mystery is the fact that this Micajah Bennett's sister Francis was named as Francis Bush in their father's 1785 will.

The name of Francis Bennett Bush's husband is not clear. He may have been Joseph Bush who did have a wife named Francis when he lived in Albemarle County at the same time as Rowland, Bennett and Blalock (ca 1773-1783).

Was this Joseph Bush who later died in Caswell Co., NC the husband f Frances Bennett????

Mounting "circumstantial" evidence indicates this may be true.

In 1772 Joseph Bush sold land in Albemarle County to Thomas F. Bennett on MIchums River. Francis Bush, wife of Joseph relinquished her right of dower.

Thomas F. Bennett was the brother of Micajah Bennett AND Francis Bennett Bush.

DR. John Housen Bush does NOT appear to be the son of Joseph Bush. Joseph's will names only one son and several daughters. Joseph Bush named Zenas Bush as his son. Zenas coincidently died in Christian County, KY in 1830 where Dr. John Housen Bush resided.

Was Dr. Bush related to Joseph Bush? A cousin or nephew? Joseph was the son of Philip Bush of Spotsylvania and Orange County, Virginia. Descendants of Dr. Bush and Joseph Bush fall within the same DNA group. Although the matches are not exact, they do indicate a common ancestor.

Has anyone come across any information indicating any other Bush-Bennett marriages before 1780??

Does anyone have any idea why DR. John Bush would have used the middle name Bennett for his eldest son???