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Subject:Connection between Scottish/Danish/Swedish and Macedonian/Bulgarian People
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Hello to all.
I just found this Forum Topic over the Search Engine searching infos about the Family Name "Micev" and it was sugested to post this Info now also in the Scottish Part of the Forum.

The Familiy Name "Micev" is pretty usual Name in the Balkans especially in Macedonia and Bulgariaмицев;

The Family name Micev can be found all over the Slavonic world. In Russia as a example it is written as "Mitzev" or "Mizev"мицев+site%3Aru

Child who have this Familly Name have usally Firstname like
"Zoran"/"Soran", "Goran" or "Gordan"
This First name that exist in the Slavonic World only in Macedonia an Bulgaria are the same Firstname that are used in Denmark and Sweden as "Sören"/"Soeren" and "Gören"/"Goeran" but also in Scottland as "Gordon"öran+site%3Adk

Meaning of the Names is
GORAN => High Langer derivted from the root word "GORA" which mean Highland
ZORAN => Sunrise/Dawnrise derived from Root Word "Zora" which mean Sunrise Upcoming or Dawnrising
GORDAN => Proud-one derived from Root Word "Gorda" which mean Proudness

Genealogy People from Denmark, Nordwest Germany, Scotland and South Sweden are strong connected with the Macedonian and Bulgarian People.

IF i am not wrong it is the Gen Haplotype I1 M253 that bring the evidence that Denish,Swedish, Scottish and Northwest German People are connected to the Macedonian/Bulgarian ones.

Beside the Name and Genetical Paths it is also Historical Written by Germans that Denmark and North West Germany was inhabited by Slavonic People very early. One of the Center where this People lived is the today North West German Town "Luebeck" that has preserved its Slavonic Roots and mean till today nothing else than "Lovely Place" in Slavonic Language "Ljub Eck".
About the region: Luebeck: In 819 already the name of a Slavonic trading centre "Liubice" at river Trave is confirmed. Luebeck - founded 1143,

One Last Evidence that i found out is that Scotts from Scotland has the Same Family Name tradition like the Macedonian and Bulgarians one. So have the Parents of a new Born Child allways to ask the Grand Parents first if it is Possible to give the Name of the Grand Parent to the Child. Only when the Grandparents has spoken the Last Word the Name of the Child can be given to the new Born.

Beside this Scotish People had not so long the same Religion as the Macedonian and Bulgarian ones. So is the Religion of the Painted/Tattooed Scottish Picts simillar to the Painted/Tattooed Thracians today Bulgarians written by Greek Philosophers.

And most interessting is also the Scotish Bagpipe that exist only in the Balkans today especially Macedonia/Bulgaria but no where else in other Countrys really beside Scottland.

Thanks for Reading.