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I am confused, after reading your infomation,if I am reading it right you have Peter and Allen S married to the same woman
These are copied from your files.
Peter Bryan
He was married to Betty Hubbard in 1777 in Augusta County, Virginia.(12) I believe the Augusta County, VA birthplace lies in modern day Rockingham County, VA because Bryan lands were in Augusta County are in modern day Rockingham County. Rockingham County was once part of Augusta County.
Betty Hubbard(1) (9) (13)(2) was born about 1760 in Virginia. She died in 1830 in Sevier County, Tennessee. Birth and death dates are educated guesses. A woman 70 years of age was living with the family (Thomas Bryan and Nancy Cate) at the 1830 census. Since Nancy's mother died before this date, it is very likely that this was Thomas's mother. She is said to have died in 1830. (Elizabeth Cate Manly)

Betty Hubbard is thought to be related to Col. James Hubbard the well-known Indian fighter of Jefferson County, Tennessee.
Allen S Bryan
He was married to Elizabeth Hubbard (daughter of Col. James Hubbard and Elizabeth Anderson) about 1796 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Elizabeth Hubbard (20)(21) (22) was born on 19 Jan 1777 in North Carolina. She died before 1810 in Sevier County, Tennessee. She was buried before 1810 in <Old Bryan Cemetery, Sevier County, Tennessee>. Allen S. Bryan Sr and Elizabeth Hubbard had the following children:

Here is what I have, Maybe we can compare the two and get all of these people in the right places. Please let me know what you think.

Ancestors of Allen S Bryan

First Generation

1. Allen S Bryan-[2561], son of Peter Bryan-[2582] and Martha Sarah
Hunt-[2748], was born about 1775 in VA. and died on 29 Dec 1838 in
Tn., about age 63.

General Notes:
Will of Thomas C. Bryan names 12 children or heirs in his will,
made March 24, 1867.
Thomas states in his will that "should the Judgement I have
obstained against Allen S. Bryan be collected it is my will that
the amount collected be equally divided among my heirs". It is
my will that my executors have the graves of my two deceased
sons J. W. and T. C. Bryan marked by tombstones or otherwise if
it seems best. Executors: P. H. Bryan and R. R. Bryan.
Signed:Tho. C. Bryan
Wit: Perry Cate, Thomas Drinnon, and Elisha P. Cate

'James McMahan, James Baxter, Allen Bryan and John Dixon
commissioned Justices of the Peace in and for the County of
Sevier during good behavior, November 2nd 1797 (Ref: SMHS NL
1989 Vol XV, No 2, page 37)
Source: 'The Final Irony,' Katherine Lane Nichols, 1974, p 193.
Joe Chilton GEDCOM, 7 November 1994.

. SAMUEL HENRY was born July 13, 1787, Henry's Cross Roads,
Sevier County, Tennessee and
died there on March 16, 1835,. He married Margaret Bryan in
1822. She was born September 19, 1799, Sevier County and
died August 09, 1845, Henry's Cross Roads. Samuel Henry was a
merchant, and in 1821 was the first postmaster at Henry's
Cross Roads. He served under Gen. Andrew Jackson in the War of
1812. They were the parents of six children.
6. HUGH HENRY, JR. was born April 11, 1796, Henry's Cross Roads,
Sevier Co. TN. He moved to
Alabama before 1830, where he is said to have been the first
white man to sell goods a Gunter's Landing. He transported
down the Tennessee River from East Tennessee to New Orleans. He
married four times: First to his cousin,
daughter of Allen Bryan, second to Martha "Patsy" Gunter, third
Annie Clanch and fourth, Sarah Williams. He died April 29,

17.PLEASANT HENRY was born December 18, 1825, Henry's Cross
Roads. He married his cousin Mary Bryan,
daughter of Allen S. Bryan, and they moved to Mercer County,
Missouri. They had about seven children.

January 1777 in North Carolina, and died Bef. 1810 in Sevier,
Tennessee. She married ALLEN S. BRYAN SR Abt. 1795 in Tennessee,
son of PETER BRYAN. He was born Abt. 1775 in Of North Carolina,
and died Aft. 29 December 1838 in Tennessee.

Notes for ALLEN S. BRYAN SR:
Allen served in the Tennessee Legislature in the 9th, 10th,
11th, 12th, and 14th General Assemblies (1811-19) and 1821-23)
representing Sevier County. He was appointed as a trustee for
Nancy Academy in Sevierville in 1806.

Both Allen Bryan Sr. and his wife Elizabeth are buried in
Saffel's Cemetery.

AHAS BRYAN, b. 29 February 1792, Virginia; d. 29
August 1852, Mercer, Mo.
22. iii. THOMAS BRYAN, b. Abt. 1796, Jefferson, Tennessee; d.
Aft. 24 March 1867, Sevier Co, Tennessee.
iv. ALLEN BRYAN JR, b. 1797, North Carolina; d. Abt. 1857; m.
Fact #1: Moved to Mercer Co, Mo

23. v. MARGARET BRYAN, b. 19 September 1799, Sevier,
Tennessee; d. 09 August 1845, Kodak, Tennessee.
vi. WILLIAM BRYAN, b. Abt. 1800, North Carolina; d. Abt.


'James McMahan, James Baxter, Allen Bryan and John Dixon
commissioned Justices of the Peace in and for the County of
Sevier during good behavior, November 2nd 1797 (Ref: SMHS NL
1989 Vol XV, No 2, page 37)
Source: 'The Final Irony,' Katherine Lane Nichols, 1974, p 193.
Joe Chilton GEDCOM, 7 November 1994.

. about seven children.

Allen married Elizabeth Hubbert-[2562] [MRIN:825], daughter of James
Hubbert-[2570] and Elizabeth Anderson-[2571], circa 1795 in Tennessee.

Children from this marriage were:

i. William A Bryan-[1677]
ii. Ahaz Bryan-[2563]
iii. Thomas Bryan-[2564]
iv. Margaret Bryan-[2565]

Second Generation (Parents)

2. Peter Bryan-[2582], son of Thomas Bryan-[2747] and Elizabeth-[2749], was
born about 1748 in N.C and was christened about 1798.

Peter married Martha Sarah Hunt-[2748] [MRIN:862].

Children from this marriage were:

i. Allen S Bryan-[2561]

3. Martha Sarah Hunt-[2748] .

Martha married Peter Bryan-[2582] [MRIN:862].

Third Generation (Grandparents)

4. Thomas Bryan-[2747], son of Cornelius O Bryan-[2750] and Unknown.

General Notes: Not proven yet as Parent

born 1725 in ?, and died Bet. 03 Jan - 25 Feb 1793 in Rockingham
County, Virginia. He married ELIZABETH ?. She was born 1729 in
?, and died Bef. 1793 in Rockingham County, Virginia.


THOMAS BRYAN/O'BRYAN SR. - Friend and Neighbor of "Virginia"
John Lincoln

Thomas Bryan Sr. settled in Rockingham County, Virginia in the
mid 1700's. On 24 June 1744, his father Cornelius and his
brothers John and Cornelius Jr. purchased 500 acres on Linville
Creek near Bald Hill, Watering Spring Run, from Hite, McCoy &
Co. On 9 February 1762, Thomas purchased 300 adjoining acres
from James McKay. Then, on 10 July of the same year, John and
Cornelius Jr. conveyed 150 acres of their land to Thomas. On 17
July 1772, Thomas is listed as owning 350 acres on the Head
Branch of Long Meadow, a branch of the North Fork of Shenandoah.
In these land transactions, the name was spelled variously as
Brian, Bryan, Bryant, and O'Bryan. Thomas was mentioned as a son
in Cornelius Sr.'s 1751 will and as a brother in the 1762
conveyance from John and Cornelius Jr.
Thomas Bryan Sr. was a close neighbor and friend of "Virginia"
John Lincoln, greatgrandfather of the future President. He and
John Lincoln shared a granddaughter - Hannah Bryan, later Hannah
McDaniel or McDonald. Thomas's brothers John and Cornelius, as
well as a William Bryan, were witnesses to Lincoln's 1786 will;
sharing a granddaughter disqualified Thomas as a witness since
it made him less than a disinterested person.
Thomas wrote his own will on 23 January 1793, naming his
granddaughter Hannah McDonald. The will was produced in court on
25 February 1793 but was eventually transferred to a court file
concerning litigation by Casper Moyers against the heirs of
Thomas Bryan.
Thomas died in January of February of 1793 and left a
considerable family, some of whom are recorded in "Irish
Settlers in America" by Michael Joseph O'Brien.

1. 1751 Will of Cornelius O'Bryan [Sr.] (Augusta County, VA Will
Book 1, pp. 30-31).
2. 1762 Deed from James McKay to Thomas Bryan, executed 9 Feb
1766 (Augusta County Deed Book 10, pp. 292-296).
3. 1786 Will of John Lincoln ("The Lincolns In Virginia" by John
W. Wayland, 1946, pp. 35-36).*
4. 1793 Will of Thomas Bryan, proved 25 Feb 1793; assigned
#1856-002/CC and stored offsite from the Rockingham County Court
House under a preservation grant from the Virginia State Library
(Rockingham County, VA Minute Book 2, Part I, p. 126; 1 Dec 1997
letter from L. Wayne Harper, Clerk of the Circuit Court of
Rockingham County, to Juanita M. Bryan).
5. Rockingham County, Virginia Minute Book 2, Part I, p. 126.*
6. "Abraham Lincoln, An American Migration" by Marion Dexter
Learned (1909, pp. 113-117).
7. "Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791" by Peter Cline
Kaylor (1938, p. 73).*
8. "Chronic1es of Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia" by Lyman
Chalkley (1966, Baltimore, MD, vol. III, pp. 387 (quoting p. 458
of Deed Book 10) and 533 (quoting p. 357 of Deed Book 19).
9. "Irish Settlers in America" by Michael Joseph O'Brien (1979,
Vol. II, p. 344).
10. "The Lincolns in Virginia" by John W. Wayland (1946,
reprinted 1987, pp. 30,36).*

Children of THOMAS BRYAN and ELIZABETH ? are:
</users/l/a/y/Loretta-L-Layman/GENE3-0004.html>       i.              BENJAMIN?4
       ii.              PETER BRYAN.       
       iii.              THOMAS BRYAN.       
       iv.              WILLIAM BRYAN, b. 16 May 1762.       
       v.              ALLEN BRYAN.       
       vi.              DEBORAH BRYAN, m. JOHN RIDDLE.       
       vii.              ALICE BRYAN, m. JOHN WARREN.       
       viii.              MARY BRYAN.       
       ix.              REBECCA BRYAN.       
       x.              SARAH BRYAN.       

Thomas married Elizabeth-[2749] [MRIN:866].

Children from this marriage were:

i. Peter Bryan-[2582]

5. Elizabeth -[2749] .

Elizabeth married Thomas Bryan-[2747] [MRIN:866].

Fourth Generation (Great Grandparents)

8. Cornelius O Bryan-[2750], son of Bryan O Bryan-[2751] and Unknown.

General Notes: 2. CORNELIUS O'BRYAN2 SR. (BRIAN1 O'BRIAN) was
born about 1697 in Ireland, and died Bet. 30 Mar - 28 May 1751
in Rockingham County, Virginia. He married REBECCA ?.


CORNELIUS O'BRYAN SR. - Yeoman of Augusta, Colony of Virginia

Cornelius O'Bryan Sr. settled in Augusta (later Rockingham)
County, Virginia by 1744. He may have been in Virginia as early
as 1724. On 9 July of that year, one Cornelius Bryan was bound
into service in exchange for a land patent on the James River;
the James River is on the west side of the Chesapeake Bay and
runs almost to Augusta County. If this is our Cornelius O'Bryan
Sr., the next twenty years brought him a change in fortune. On
24 June 1744, Cornelius and sons John and Cornelius Jr.
purchased 500 acres on Linville Creek near Bald Hill, Watering
Spring Run, from Hite, McCoy & Co. At the time of his death in
1751, Cornelius O'Bryan Sr. called himself a yeoman, a person
who owns and cultivates a small farm.
Cornelius O'Bryan left a wife, Rebecca, as well as sons John,
Cornelius Jr., and Thomas, a grandson through Thomas named
Benjamin, and a number of other grandchildren.

1. "Early Virginia Families Along the James River" by Louise
Pledge Foley (1974, p. 62).
2. "Chronicles of Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia" by Lyman
Chalkley (1966, Baltimore, MD, vol. III.
1. 1751 Will of Cornelius O'Bryan [Sr.], Yeoman of Augusta
County, written 30 Mar 1751, proved 28 May 1751 (Augusta County,
VA Will Book 1, pp. 30-31).

Children of CORNELIUS SR. and REBECCA ? are: Thomas
       i.              THOMAS3 BRYAN, b. 1725, ?; d. Bet. 03 Jan - 25 Feb 1793,
Rockingham County, Virginia.       
       ii.              JOHN BRYAN.       
       iii.              CORNELIUS BRYAN JR..       

Cornelius married (name unknown).

Children from this marriage were:

i. Thomas Bryan-[2747]

Fifth Generation (Great Great Grandparents)

16. Bryan O Bryan-[2751] .

General Notes: 1. BRIAN1 O'BRIAN was born about 1670 in County
Clare, Ireland, and died Unknown in Pennsylvania.

Notes for BRIAN O'BRIAN:

BRIAN O'BRIAN - The Immigrant Ancestor

Brian O'Brian came to America from County Clare, Ireland about
1724. His known children were Cornelius and Brian. They lived
first in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Cornelius is believed to
have moved to Rockingham County, Virginia. This report will
focus on Cornelius Bryan or O'Bryan Sr. of Rockingham County and
some of his descendants.

1. "Irish Settlers in America - A Consolidation of Articles from
The Journal of the American Irish Historical Society" by Michael
J. O'Brien (1979, Baltimore, MD, Vol. II, pp. 347,355-362).

Children of BRIAN O'BRIAN are:
       i.              CORNELIUS O'BRYAN2 SR., b. about 1697, Ireland; d. Bet. 30
Mar - 28 May 1751, Rockingham County, Virginia.       
       ii.              BRIAN O'BRIAN.       

Bryan married (name unknown).

Children from this marriage were:

i. Cornelius O Bryan-[2750]