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Subject:Nancy Peebles and John Browning- their Bible and their children
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A long time ago Corky Swanson, a member of the John and Nancy Browning family, saw the old Boazman/Browning Bible which was in the family at Arkansas- she said that she transcribed the Bible and she wrote down John Rittson Browning- but when everyone was copying the popular Browning book which had the mistakes in it and had "John Radford Browning" in it, she thought she must have copied Rittson wrong, so she changed it to Radford to match what everyone else believed. Mrs. Ferig probably did the same thing in her application to DAR for the Browning family.

However I found a Radford Browning in southern GA who had some of the children which were put under John Browning's wife Nancy Browning's name in the book. So what happened is that Radford Browning and John Browning were combined into one man and their children combined under one woman- Nancy Peebles Browning. However the original Bible list transcription does not have the children of Radford Browning who were born down in southern GA. Their mother was Honor Grace. Radford was born about 1757. But John Browning was born 1767.

In lots of birth lists of the children born to Nancy Peebles Browning, they have left out Nancy Peebles Browning's daughter Nancy Peebles Browning and they have the birthdays wrong. These lists are not the transcription from the Bible. They are from the false "family book" from the Browning family which was "composed" by a Mrs Ferig in charge of applying for DAR membership at Arkadelphia.

The transcription of the Bible has the real date of marriage and the dates of the children born to Nancy Peebles and John Browning, as well as some relatives- like their nephew Daniel who is the 1st child listed and is not their son. But they have 12 children and people have left out their daughter Nancy -and you have also used the birthday list from a so called "family book" which was "doctored" to fit in names of Radford Browning's children who were born to Radford Browning and Honor Grace in southern GA. They werent born to Nancy Peebles and her husband John Browning in Greene Co GA. The undoctored Bible list is as followed, NOT the list inserted by Mrs. Ferig at Arkadelphia Library in 1954 when the family book "transcription" was made for a DAR application-
John Browning and Nancy Browning was married 27 SEP 1792
John Browning was born May 17, 1767
Nancy Browning was born November 6, 1776
Daniel Browning was born October 2, 1791 [not a child but a nephew, the son of William Browning- John's brother]
Elizabeth Browning was born January 5, 1794 [Nancy's first child]
Nathan P. Browning was born December 17, 1795
David M. Browning was born July 15, 1798
Francis J. Browning was born October 1, 1800
William F. Browning was born July 9, 1802
Nancy Browning was born June 5, 1804
Patsy O. N. Browning was born June 1, 1806
Polly H. Browning was born July 23, 1808
John V. Browning was born October 6, 1811
Lucy Ann Browning was born September 23, 1813
Didema Browning was born December 28, 1815 [she is confused up with Patsy O. N. who is sometimes called Martha Didema- died at age 20- had one child]
Joseph Alanson Browning was born 21 Aug 1818 [died September 15, 1839]
the children listed after in the Bible this are grandchildren and neices and nephews

Susan Aldridge