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I am writing this post to correct some errors I've noted concerning the family of Samuel Browning and Margaret Markee, who married in Harrison Co., OH in 1815. I've researched Sam & Margaret's family for nearly ten years and have quite a large amount of original documentation on the couple and their descendants. I've seen many family trees on Ancestry continue to perpetuate these errors and I'd like to take the time to correct a few seemingly popular errors on this family if I could. Seeing erroneous information passed about in the Ancestry files is making me shudder.

(That said, if anyone has any documentation to the contrary concerning anything I say here, I'll be the first to do any alterations necessary in regards to it! Please feel free to contact me at "locogirlp (at)" (without the quotes and adding the "at" symbol) if you have information for me.)

Samuel Browning and Margaret Markee were married in Harrison County, Ohio on 12 Feb 1815. The couple had the following children:

M       James Browning
Birth*              31 Oct 1815       Cadiz Twn., Harrison Co., OH.
Marriage*       23 Jun 1839       Jane Nevitt (b. 17 Jun 1820, d. 3 Feb 1894), dau of Isaac Nevitt and Rhoda Johnson; Tuscarawas Co., OH.
Son:              18 Apr 1840       Elias Browning; Tippecanoe, Harrison Co., OH.
Son:              2 Jun 1842       Joseph Browning; Tippecanoe, Harrison Co., OH.
Son:              25 Oct 1844       Thomas Newton Browning; Harrison Co., OH.
Daughter:       8 Sep 1847       Sarah Elizabeth Browning; Harrison Co., OH.
Daughter:       2 Feb 1848       Mary Jane Browning; Harrison Co., OH.
Daughter:       20 Jan 1850       Margaret Ann Browning; Bristol Landing, Crawford Co., IL.
Death*              8 Aug 1852       Crawford Co., IL.
Burial*              Wesley Chapel Cem., Montgomery Twn., Crawford Co., IL.

M Elias Browning
Birth*              Jun 1818       Cadiz Twn., Harrison Co., OH.
Marriage*       2 Sep 1847       Elizabeth Crago (b. 29 Nov 1822, d. 12 Jan 1900), daur of James Crago and Sarah Jennings Fordyce; Harrison Co., OH.
Son:              25 Jul 1848       Samuel Franklin Browning; Harrison Co.?, OH.
Son:              8 Sep 1850       James M. Browning; OH.
Son:              21 Apr 1853       Wesley Asbury Browning; OH.
Son:              21 Apr 1853       Isaac Crago Browning; OH.
Death*              16 Jun 1855       Crawford Co., IL.
Burial*              Wesley Chapel Cemetary, Montgomery Twn., Crawford Co., IL.

F Julia Ann Browning
Birth*               21 Jan 1820       Cadiz Twn., Harrison Co., OH.
Liaison*        Jul 1836        James Beck, Harrison, Co OH
Son:              24 Mar 1837        Washington Browning; Moorefield Twn., Harrison Co., OH. (illegitimate)
Marriage*       21 May 1843       John Hoy (b. c1819, d. b/t 1852 and 1860), son of Edward Hoy and Elizabeth; Harrison Co., OH.
Son:              __ __ 1847       William M. J. Hoy; OH.
Son:              7 Jul 1848       Samuel Browning Hoy; Harrison Co., OH.
Daughter:       __Aug 1850       Josephine Hoy; Tuscarawas Co., OH.
Marriage*       7 Jun 1860       James E. Melton Legg (b. 21 Dec 1827, d. ?), son of Edward Legg and Anna White;                                    Crawford Co., IL.
Death*              28 Oct 1869       Crawford Co., IL.
Burial*              Wesley Chapel Cemetary, Montgomery Twn., Crawford Co., IL.

M Samuel J. Browning
Birth*              c __ ___ 1821       Harrison Co., OH.
Marriage*       4 Oct 1849       Sarah Ann Dickinson (b. circa 1831, d. before 1860), daughter of George Dickinson and Effa Emmaline ?; Tuscarawas Co., OH.
Daughter:       25 Jul 1851       Effie Emmaline Browning; Harrison Co., OH.
Son:              circa 1854       George Browning; Crawford Co., IL.
Son:              circa 1857       Samuel Browning Jr.; Crawford Co., IL.
Marriage*       15 Nov 1860       Julia Ann Dickinson; Crawford Co., IL.
Death*              27 Sep 1862       Crawford Co., IL.

M Absalom Browning
Birth*              circa 1823       Harrison Co., OH.
Marriage*       20 Aug 1848       Susannah Crago (b. 11 May 1831, d. 24 May 1890), daughter of James Crago and Sarah Jennings Fordyce; Tuscarawas Co., OH.
Daughter:       22 Mar 1849       Sarah Margaret Browning (1944); Defiance Co., OH.
Death*              15 Jan 1899       Steuben Co., IN

F Rachel Browning
Birth*              25 Jan 1825       Athens Twn., Harrison Co., OH.
Marriage*       9 Apr 1848       John Coleman McConnell (b. 1 Jan 1807, d. 18 Jul 1873), son of Robert McConnell and Prudence Coleman; Washington Twn, Harrison Co., OH.
Son:              25 Jan 1850       Theodore McConnell; Washington Twn, Harrison Co., OH.
Son:              31 Dec 1853       John Wesley McConnell; Washington Twn., Harrison Co., OH.
Daughter:       circa 1854       Margaret Ann McConnell; Washington Twn., Harrison Co., OH.
Daughter:       circa 1856       Louisa Jane McConnell; Harrison Co., OH.
Son:              __ Mar 1859       Samuel Wilson McConnell; Harrison Co., OH.
Son:              circa 1860       James R. McConnell; Harrison Co., OH.
Son:              circa 1862       Elmer Freemont McConnell; Harrison Co., OH.
Son:              31 May 1864       Edward Everett McConnell; Washington Twn., Harrison Co., OH.
Child:              circa 1866        unnamed McConnell; Harrison Co., OH.
Death*              __ Nov 1902       Washington Twn., Harrison Co., OH.

F Margaret Browning
Birth*              circa 1827       Harrison Co., OH.
Marriage*       10 Jul 1850       James Hoy (b. c1821, d. c1866), son of Edward Hoy and Elizabeth ?; Harrison Co., OH.
Son:              22 May 1851       James Franklin Hoy; Tuscarawas Co., OH.
Daughter:       circa 1852       Susan Hoy; Tuscarawas Co., OH.
Daughter:       19 Apr 1852       Sarah Ellen Hoy; Tuscarawas Co., OH.
Daughter:       3 Jan 1854       Emma Alice Hoy; Crawford Co., IL.
Son:              1 Apr 1855       Edward Jasper Hoy; Crawford Co., IL.
Daughter:       circa 1857       Jane Hoy; Crawford Co., IL.
Daughter:       circa 1858       Mary Frances Hoy; Crawford Co., IL.
Son:              13 Dec 1859       Charles Victor Hoy; Crawford Co., IL.
Son:              26 Nov 1860       William D. Hoy; Crawford Co., IL.
Son:              circa 1863       Zera Hoy; Crawford Co., IL.
Death*              circa 1864       Crawford Co., IL.

F Sarah Ann Browning
Birth*              29 Jan 1830       Moorefield Twn., Harrison Co., OH.
Death*              1 Jul 1854       Crawford Co., IL.
Burial*              Wesley Chapel Cem., Montgomery Twn., Crawford Co., IL.

M Asbury Taylor Browning
Birth*       c       irca 1831       Moorefield Twn., Harrison Co., OH.
Marriage*       23 May 1852       Minerva Corderman (b. circa 1836, d. 7 May 1873), daughter of David Corderman and Sarah Viola Barron; Robinson, Crawford Co., IL.
Son:              21 Sep 1853       Olen Barron Browning; Crawford Co., IL.
Son:              6 Apr 1856       Charles Otho Browning; Crawford Co., IL.
Daughter:       __ Nov 1858       Manerva A. Browning; IL.
Daughter:       2 Aug 1859       Sarah Viola Browning; Prairie City (now Toledo), Cumberland Co., IL.
Daughter:       29 Sep 1862       Emma Ellsworth Browning; Prairie City (now Toledo), Cumberland Co., IL.
Death*              19 Apr 1863       of smallpox, Helena, Phillips Co., ARK.

F Susanna Browning
Birth*              __ ___ 1833       Moorefield Twn., Harrison Co., OH.
Marriage*       9 Nov 1854       Isaac Fordyce CRAGO (b. 22 Feb 1825, d. 1893), son of James Crago and Sarah Jennings Fordyce; Crawford Co., IL.
Son:              __ ___ 1856       James T. Crago; Defiance Co., OH.
Daughter:       __ ___ 1857       Emma Jane Crago; Defiance Co., OH.
Daughter:       16 Jul 1860       Luella Clementine Crago; Farmer Twn., Defiance Co., OH.
Daughter:       5 Jul 1864       Mary Elizabeth Adeline Crago; Defiance Co., OH.
Daughter:       __ ___ 1871       Susannah Olliezona Crago; Noble Co., IN.
Death*              __ ___ 1881       Labette Co., KS.
Burial*              Labette City Cemetary, Labette Co., KS.

M John Wesley Francis Browning
Birth*              circa 1837       Moorefield Twn., Harrison Co., OH.
Marriage*       25 Sep 1856       Matilda Corderman (b. circa 1834, d. after 1871), daughter of David Corderman and Sarah Viola Barron; Crawford Co., IL.
Daughter:       __ ___ 1857       Alice Browning; IL.
Daughter:        Mar 1863       Sarah Viola 'Kate' Browning; Coles Co., IL.

M Ezra C. 'Zera' Browning
Birth*              20 Sep 1838       Moorefield Twn., Harrison Co., OH.
Marriage*       circa 1864       Amanda J. Smith (b. 16 Jan 1847, d. 16 Dec 1893), daughter of Stephen Smith and Julia Ann Vails; Cumberland Co., IL.
Son:              10 May 1865       Daniel Edward Browning; Cumberland Co., IL.
Daughter:        Oct 1868       Allice Bell Browning; Cumberland Co., IL.
Death*              22 Jan 1902       Effingham, Effingham Co., IL.
Burial*              Faunce Cemetary, north of Montrose, Cumberland Co., IL.

M Edward Alfred Browning
Birth*              18 Dec 1839       Moorefield Twn., Harrison Co., OH.
Marriage*       circa 1861       Malissa A. Scott (b. circa 8 Dec 1840, d. 30 Aug 1864), daughter of James Uriah Scott and Adaline Vails
Daughter:       circa 1863        unknown Browning
Marriage*       circa 1866       Mary Elizabeth Gibbons (b. 29 Mar 1845, d. 16 Feb 1930), daughter of Alfred Pierce Gibbons and Melvina Kimmer; Cumberland Co., IL.
Daughter:       circa 1868       Martha M. Browning; Cumberland Co., IL.
Daughter:       circa 1869       Wealtha Jane Browning; Cumberland Co., IL.
Son:              13 Dec 1873       Thomas W. Browning; Cumberland Co., IL.
Son:              20 Nov 1876       Lawrence Alfred Browning; Cumberland Co., IL.
Daughter:       8 Apr 1879       Iva May Browning; Effingham Co., IL.
Son:              30 Mar 1881       Genius Edward Browning; Montrose, Spring Point Twn., Cumberland Co., IL.
Death*              28 Feb 1884       Cumberland Co., IL.
Burial*              Faunce Cemetary, north of Montrose, Cumberland Co., IL.

Margaret died in Crawford Co. IL on 19 Jan 1856 and was buried in the Wilkin Cemetery in Licking Twn., Crawford Co., IL.

Samuel remarried on 1 Mar 1857 in Crawford Co., to Sarah Ann Bell, former wife of James Gaddis. Sarah was born in Jun 1818 in Randolph Co., NC, the daughter of John Bell and Nancy Elkins. Samuel and Sarah had the following children:


F Laura Rebecca Browning
Birth*              23 Jan 1858       Crawford Co., IL
Marriage*       03 Sep 1874       John Andrew Dickson (b. 25 May 1854, d. 27 May 1936), son of George William Dickson and Elizabeth Delk                                    
Daughter:       31 Oct 1875       Sarah Elizabeth Dickson; Putnam Co., MO
Daughter:       14 Dec 1877       Ann Virginia Dickson; Putnam Co., MO.
Son:              25 Feb 1880       Samuel Browning Dickson; Putnam Co., MO.
Daughter:       16 Oct 1883       Mary Bess Dickson; Putnam Co., MO.
Daughter:       28 Jun 1886       Edna Edith Dickson; Putnam Co., MO.
Daughter:       30 Nov 1889       Altha Lenore Dickson; Putnam Co., MO.
Son:              07 Feb 1892       George Halleck Dickson; Putnam Co., MO.
Daughter:       21 Mar 1896       Rebecca Gwendoline Dickson; Putnam Co., MO.
Death*              13 Jun 1923       Unionville; Putnam Co., MO.
Burial*              Dickson (Bethany) Cemetery, Jackson Twn; Putnam Co., MO.

F Mary Medora Browning
Birth*              12 Dec 1861       Windsor, Shelby Co., IL
Marriage*       circa 1884       W. M. Walker; KS
Daughter:       15 Oct 1888       Olive Ann Walker; Marvin, Smith/Phillips Co., KS
Marriage*       03 Sep 1874       Fernandes Orion Delk (b. 19 Feb 1853, d. 19 Jul 1903), son of John Delk and Sarah Ann Kerns                                     
Daughter:       06 Oct 1896       Sarah Crystal Delk; Putnam Co., MOL.
Death*              31 May 1941       Des Moines, Polk Co., IA.
Burial*              Lemons Cemetery, Lemons, Putnam Co., MO.

Now to the notable errors:

1) Many family trees have placed a George Washington Browning (b. 1839 OH, m. Letisha Parker, m. Elizabeth Jane Jordan 1880 Douglas, IL, d. 1920 Decatur, Macon Co IL) as a son of Samuel and Margaret. I have found no documentation to prove this connection.

I believe this is being assumed because the 1850 Harrison county, Ohio census shows the couple with a "Washington Browning" who everyone naturally assumes was Samuel and Margaret's son. However, this Washington is NOT Samuel and Margaret's son but their grandson. He's the illegitimate son of their eldest daughter Julia Ann. In July of 1836 the teenaged Julia had a relationship with a man named James Beck. Julia and her father sued James Beck for bastardy and trespass on the case in Oct 1837 over child support. (some details of this case can be found in the Harrison Co. OH Common Pleas Journal D, 1836-1840 pp. 131-2 but there are many more loose case files stored in the Harrison Co. Genealogical Society basement.) The Brownings won. I have all the pertinent case files for this case in my possession. Washington was born on 24 Mar 1837.

Furthermore, While Washington did travel with Samuel and Margaret to Crawford Co., IL around 1852, he could not have been the G.W. to die in Decatur, Macon Co. IL in 1920 because Washington died at the age of 18 in June 1854 and is buried in the Wesley Chapel Cemetery in Crawford Co., IL. His tombstone clearly states, "Grandson of S&M Browning."

2) There is no documented proof that I know of to show that Samuel M. Browning's parents are Samuel Baker Browning and Nancy Hobbs OR Samuel Browning and Rebecca Shipley. Addressing first the Browning/Shipley set: Samuel Baker Browning and Rebecca Shipley can almost certainly be eliminated because this couple didn't even marry until 1807 and the Samuel who married Margaret Markee was b. c1796 and married in 1815! The admittedly better fit is the Samuel who married Nancy Hobbs in 1792. According to Hurley, this couple have only been proven to have one known son, William. This of course doesn't eliminate the possibility that Samuel M. was their son but it certainly doesn't prove it either!

There is more circumstantial evidence linking Samuel M., husband of Margaret, to a John Browning living in Harrison and Washington Co., OH in 1820 and 1830. In the 1820 census John, who is listed as living in Cadiz Township and as aged 45 and over, is living with a female (probably his wife) who is also 45 and over. They are living within a six household radius of Samuel and his wife Margaret. In 1830 John Browning is shown living in Freeport Township aged 50 to 59, with a wife also aged 50 to 59. Taken as a whole, these two censuses show that both John and his unnamed wife were born between the years 1771-1775. As Samuel was born around the year 1796, the possibility exists that he is their son.

3) Although I have not yet been able to locate a tombstone or any primary source of evidence narrowing down Samuel's date of death, secondary evidence places his death date closer to 1868 than, as is most often quoted, July of 1865. According to his daughter Laura Rebecca's (b. Jan 1858) obituary published in the Unionville (MO) Republican on 20 Jun 1923, her father died when she was "ten years of age." Samuel's granddaughter Olive Ann (Walker) Osterhoudt wrote in a letter to her daughter Mary in 1933 that her grandfather died in the two-room log cabin in Windsor, Shelby Co., IL, that the family was living in at the time.

I hope that I have addressed a few problems with some of the published trees concerning this Browning family. Please feel free to contact me if you would like further information or if you have further information you think I would be interested in. Thanks to all for your time.


Patti Browning