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These trees do not have, so to speak, links that I know of. They are listed on Some folks use Ancestry to list their trees instead of purchasing a package for their personal computers. Some of the trees are public, which anyone has access, and some are private which means you need an "invite" to view pictures, stories, etc listed on them. I suscribe to Ancestry, so I have access to public trees and lots of records. The census, military registration cards, death, birth and marriage records that Ancestry has copied are available to view. If you do not have a subscription to Ancestry, you can usually visit your local library and use their computer with your library card. Or that is how it is done in most areas. Some locales have genealogy libraries, or a section of the library is genealogy related. You would need to ask what is available in your area. Most libraries that are linked with Ancestry also have Heritage which has added info. What you do on Ancestry is list your ancestor in the specified area along with other known info; year and location of birth and death. If the year is not known, that is not always a big deal, but it helps to have it. The location of birth is fairly important as you run into a number of folks with the same name. There are several James Brewers born in AR in 1889, so every bit of info is good to be sure you are looking at the correct family. If your local library has access to Ancestry, they probably have someone who can walk you through as to how to access files on Ancestry or Heritage. When you insert the person along with birth and death info, the system pulls up any name-info matches as well as lots of possibilities. Ancestry has recently changed their data page and I have not yet figured out just where or what I am doing at times. I got too familiar with the other form.

I looked a little more earlier for your Brewer line, but haven't been able to locate much else. I do think J.Samuel had a brother, James Randolph. Samuel is in the household of a James R. as a brother in 1910. I found a military registration card for a James Randolph Brewer b.8/20/1882 Stone, AR. He listed his address as Lake City, Craighead, AR. and he signed it J.R.Brewer. As yet I have not located Your J.Samuel on the 1900 or 1920 census. Sometimes I find that is the easiest way to be sure I am looking at the correct family, and to prove the family trees at times.

My husband's grandmother was a Brewer, but they lived in TX. There may be some link between the families, but as yet I haven't located one. I haven't done too much work on that line as his cousin and aunt were doing most of that work. However your name did catch my eye, his grandmother's name was Cassie Viola Brewer. Small world at times.

At this point, I would probably suggest that you try to locate a genealogy library near you and use the info that you have to research the census and land records in Craighead Co. since that was where most of your activity seemed to fall. Sometimes when these records are scanned, the names are picked up with odd spellings, so you have to stretch your imagination-think of all ways someone might have spelled a name by how it could sound. As in the Strickland being penned on the census as "Stryckland". Many times the folks could not read or write, and the census taker didn't do much better. Ancestry uses a soundex like system, so the scanned files may turn up with a weird spelling, but when you look at the document you can see that it was actually written differently.

I am sure I have really confused you at this time, so if you have questions feel free to ask.