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Thanks. Yes, I have Charles Moss' death certificate. Belle died in 1967, so her death certificate would not be online. Belle was born a Brewer in 1874 (her first husband was born in 1876 and was 72 when he died, while she was 70, so I estimated), married a William Johnson and had 6 children: Lula in 1914 (my great-grandmother, died a few years ago), Daisy, Leon, Roy, Clarence, and Ethel.

I don't have birth dates on the other children. Lula Marie Johnson married William Hind and had Gloria Hind and Clara Hind Darden (my Grandmother)(she married James Darden).

William Franklin Johnson died in 1945 (his death certificate is online).

I'm pretty sure it's the same William Johnson, since everything matches up (and he died in Piedmont), but it lists his wife's name as Lily Belle Johnson, so Belle's first name may have been Lily. William Johnson died in 1945 at the age of 72. His truck stalled on the tracks and he was killed instantly. According to my Grandmother, her mother told her William had died in a mental hospital, so I'm not sure why Lula (my Great-Grandmother) would've lied about that. My Grandmother, Clara, was born in 1943, so she didn't know William Johnson or remember his death.

After William's death, Belle married again, but my Grandmother did not remember his name. Belle was 70 when her first husband died, so obviously she did not have any more children. After husband #2 died, Belle married Charles Moss. Apparently his family ran the Piedmont Hotel there in Piedmont, Missouri on Main Street. I have a lot of Mosses from Piedmont on my Dad's side of the family (Belle Brewer Moss is my Mom's Mom's Mom's Mom, if that makes any sense). It's likely that Charles Moss and the Mosses on my Dad's side are probably related, since they're all in the Piedmont area. All my Grandmother could remember is that Charles Moss was grumpy a lot. He died in 1952, when my Grandma was 9.

I would ask my Aunt Gloria (Clara's sister), some questions (born in 1939, so she might remember more), but she recently had a stroke. She can remember well enough, but she can't speak very well or write anything (no use of her right hand).

Belle Brewer also had a brother named George and his wife Myrtle, who would visit from Ohio. However, I don't know if Belle was born in Ohio or not.

I tried calling my Grandmother, but got no answer. I'll call her soon and she if she has any idea when her mother's siblings were born or who they married. She probably doesn't know, but I'll ask anyway. Hopefully eventually my Great-Aunt Gloria can recover enough to be able to tell me something, but I'm not counting on it any time soon. I've searched that for Brewers, but I can't find George or Myrtle. They may have died after 1957 (when the free records online stop).

Also, if anybody would know where I can find free Ohio records online, it would be nice to search there. George and Myrtle may have died in Ohio. I searched on (sometimes you can at least see a preview of the record), but I couldn't find them there either. Once I get some more info I'll reply. Thanks for trying to help!

-- Leanna Waller