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Carol was right, and I hope I live to finish these wars.

If I don't list your soldier, its because, he or his widow never filed,or under another war, or he may have applied as just a soldier.

Boid, Larry, widow Lydia, Capt. Holman's Co., IN Inf.

Bordwine, Nathaniel,aka Minard Vandyke, widow Elizabeth Bordwine, filed in IL.

Bowen, Thomas, IL Vols.

Boyce, William P., alias Pretyman Boice, widow Susan, he served as a Sgt, in Capt. G. Simpson's Co., of IL.VOLs

Boyd, John, widow Elizabeth, Ebey"s Company, IL Mtd.

Boydston, Nathaniel, MO Vols.

Boyle, Andrew, he enlisted in 1866 in the MO Vols, ( the war is shown as the Black Hawk War, however either the date is wrong on the card or the war is wronng)

Brachall, Bennett, widow Helen, IL Vols.

Bracken, Jesse, IL Vols.

Bradley, Esquire, widow Rachel, MO. Vols.

Bradshaw, Elias, filed in Texas, Brimberry's Co., IL Vols.

Brassell, William, widow Elizabeth, filed in AL, he served in Huey's GA in the Black Hawk War, however, his widow's card gave his service as Capt. Sledge's CO. of GA Cav. in the Creek War.

Bridges, James, widow Rebecca, filed in IL, served with IL Vols.

Brigham, Sylvester, widow, Mary W. filed in KS, served Willis Co. of IL Mtd.

Brines, Roswell, alias Roswell Bryan, widow Delilia, filed in IL, served in Rall's Co. (4th IL)

Bristol, John E., filed in IL, served Ead's Co. IL Vols.

Britt, Leroy, widow Rhoda, filed in IA, served 27th IL. Vols.

Britton, Elijah, filed in KS, served Cool's Co., IL Vols.

Brown, Ebenezer Lankin, filed in MI, MI Vols.

Brown, Harrison, widow Nancy J., Boone's Co. 2nd IL Mtd

Brown, John M. widow Olive, filed in KS. 3rd IL

Brown, Samue filed in TX, 4th MO

Browing, Isaac C., widow Mary filed in IL, served as a Pvt. 1832-3 Beck's Co, US Mtd Rangers,he died 8 March 1870

Browinng, James K., widow Rebecca, filed in IL, served Houston's Co. IL Vols.

Browning,Joseph, widow Mary, filed in IL. IL Vols.

Brumdage, Solomon, widow Catherine, filed in NV. Dawson's Co. IL Vols.

Brunk,David, widow Marie, filed in IL, Goodson's Co, IL Vols.

Brush, Charles A., filed in CA., Ball's Co. IL

Bryant, Daniel, filed in IL. served Powell's Co. IL Vols.

Buck, Peter, filed in MI, served Stewart's MI Vols

Buffman, William G. filed in OR, served Wilkson, IL Vol

Buie, Duncan M. widow Margaret, filed in IL, served in Stout's Co., IL

Burbrige, Jacob, filed in IL. Clark's Co., MI Vols.

Burgess, Thomas, filed in AK, served in Boone's Co. of US Mtd. Rangers. Rejected.

Burns, John R. filed in IL, served Claywell, IL Mtd Vols.

Burns, Thomas, widow Lavina, filed MI. Stewart's Co. MI Vols.

Burson, Abner, filed MI, served Noyes' Co. MI Vols.

Busey, Thomas, widow Nancy, filed in IL, served Mathew's Co, IL Vol

Bush, John, alleged, filed in IA, served Manning, IL Vols.

Butler, Harden, filed in MO, served Morris, IL Mtd. IL

Butler, Thomas L., widow Rebecca, filed in IL, served Brown, US Mtd Rangers, he died April 18, 1894

end of B.