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Subject:Re: Austin Bearse family
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The Mary Hyanno question is not yet resolved. The idea is to find a daughter of a daughter of a daughter and so on down through ten or twelve or so generations, who would have passed on their mDNA. Finding someone today would tell us about Mary's mDNA. At birth it is absolutely clear who the mother of child is, but with a name change every generation, tracing the line two or three centuries later is much harder. There have been three mDNA tests run so far, and the results have shown that the three subjects have three different maternal lines. At most one of them is descended from Augustine Bearse's wife Mary. Until we find more subjects and sort out which ones really descend from Mary, we won't know which one carries Mary's mDNA. Given Mary's mDNA, we may be able to tell whether or not she was Native American. Margaret Press is doing a tremendous amount of work tracking down candidates, but it is slow going.