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Subject:Re: Austin Bearse family
Post Date:November 03, 2008 at 19:23:24
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Hi Mike,

Sorry that my posting was so long-winded that I wasn’t clear! Or maybe you saw my short reply, but not the full posting to which it referred - . My intention was to start a fresh thread, but I also replied to several old threads to direct people there.

You are exactly right in both testing cases, and hopefully between our two explanations it will be clear to others.

Not only does the tester need to be a direct descendent, for project (1) he/she must be a direct descendent on an exclusively female line (mother’s mother’s mother’s… as we both said). For (2) he must be descended from Austin along an exclusively paternal line. In the majority of cases this would be true if he’s descended and his surname is Bearse/Bearce or a variant.

So – all you Bearse-named males out there –- help us determine if Austin was a Rom! Females – if you look at your family tree and by following ONLY mothers back you trace back to one of Austin Bearse’s daughters - help us solve this decades-old mystery! (his means you will NOT have the name Bearse.) Just send us your line and we can tell you if you’re a candidate or not.

Austin had 9 daughters so I think we should have plenty of candidates for the mtDNA test. And we KNOW there are lots of Bearse males, judging by the many Bearse posters to this forum.