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Subject:Re: Myth of Mary Hyanno
Post Date:September 17, 2004 at 13:24:21
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Just something I want to throw into the mix here for everyone to chew on a little bit.

Point 1:
The Wampanoag Indians like many of the Algonquin Indians believed in having more than one wife at the same time.

Powhatan had over 50 wives, but only sported his twelve favorite wives at any one time. Many times if he took a new wife, he would give one who had fallen out of favor to a lessor in his tribe as a gift.

Indian women were many times trade as though they were cattle. Not just by the Indians themselves, but by those who took them as slaves "the White Man".

Point 2:
I see many times over that those seeking to debunk the Mary Hyanno possibilities only say that "Mary Hyanno" cannot be located. Have you tried searching for her as "Little Dove" if so were those results also negative?

My point being that the Cape Tribes chose at will to change names almost as frequently as we choose to change our under ware. I don't know about the rest of you, but I change mine Daily!

As an example: Powhatan was not his real name he was also know as Wahunsonacock.

Another great example of name changes lies with Massasoit real name Yellow Feather. AKA: Massasoit Ousa Mequin, Ousamequin, Woosamequin, Asumequin, Oosamequen, Osamekin, Owsamequin, Owsamequine and Ussamequen.

Sometimes it is quite hard to follow who is who when they changed names so frequently.

This may not be new information to anyone, but it is definitely food for thought when one is trying to trace their Indian ancestors.