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I am an 8th grt. granddaughter of Mary "Little Dove" Hyanno and Austin Bearse and this is my story and how it connects.
My 3rd grt. grandfather Dr. Joseph D. MOODY WAS an Indian and he was a Doctor / Medicine Man / Shaman, whatever you want to call him. He lived in Lowell, Midddlesex Co., MA for many years and is found there in the Lowell city and Middlesex County directories as well as the Lowell census'.
I have a picture of my grt. grandfather wearing one his full headdress costumes and my grt. grandmother kept many of "Dr. Joe's" articles and used to tell stories about how "strange" he was. I have a picture of my 2nd grt. grandfather a son of "Dr. Joe's" and the jet black hair and eyes tell all.
My link goeslike this....Joseph MOODY (my 4th grt. grandfather)was born c1777 in Maine and was "of Buxton", York Co., Maine when he married Content CROCKIT in 1802 in Gorham, Cumberland Co., Maine. Content was a daughter of Samuel Crockit (old records spelling of surname) and Tabitha HAMBLEN/Hamblin. Tabitha's lineage line is as follows - Tabitha Hamblen > Content Hamblen b. 1709 who married her cousin Jacob Hamblen, > Esther Hamblen b. 1676 who married her cousin Jonathan Hamblen b. 1670, > Sarah BEARSE who married John Hamblen, > Mary "Little Dove" HYANNO and Austin BEARSE.
After Content Crockit died (bef. 1820) Joseph MOODY (my 4th grt. grandfather who was called Lieut. in the 1810 Buxton, ME census and then from a MOCA burial record of his daughter in 1825 whose last name is listed as Thomas and yet she was only 3 years old, said he was "Capt." Joseph Moody. In 1810 there were no wars going on and he was born c1777 so he was born After the Revolution and the War of 1812 hadn't started yet. It was Very common for men of distinction among an Indian tribes to be given the titles of Lt. or Capt. etc. They were Not the Chief's but somewhere just below that status. I believe this to be true of my 4th grt. grandfather Joseph MOODY whose REAL name may have been Joseph THOMAS (TOMAH)b. c1777 in Maine.
Joseph married 2nd to Hannah MITCHELL or Thomas (long story and I still don't know for sure her surname) in Brunswick, Cumberland Co., Maine in 1819.
Hannah was also most likely Indian.

I am still trying to determine if my "Dr. Joe" was a son of Content Crockit who died young, before 1820, which was around the time my Joseph was born, OR Hannah MITCHELL. I suspect Dr. Joe was born c1814 and IF this is so then he is a son of Content Crockett's but would have been raised by Hannah and only known her as his mother. (On Dr. Joe's 2nd marriage record from Lowell, MA he says his parents are Joseph and Hannah MOODY). Content Crockit and Joseph MOODY had at least 2 known children - Samuel C. Moody born 1805 in Buxton, ME and Achsah Moody born 1807 in Buxton, ME. Samuel C. Moody and Achsah moved to Brunswick with their father just before 1820. By 1830 Samuel was married to Catherine MERRYMAN of Harpswell, Cumberland Co., Maine. They had only one son John F. MOODY born 1831 because Samuel died in Brunswick in 1832.
Okay, that's most of the particulars on this line.
Back to the Hamblen's ...
The Intermarrying of all the Hamblen's is VERY suspect too and among the Indian's would have been quite common IF and I really emphasize IF, there was even a hint of truth to the Narragansett "Princess" story. This could explain all of the intermarrying. I feel quite certain that there were Indian's among the Hamblen's as well and Sarah Bearse's husband John Hamblen very well may have been an Indian.
I was told by an Indian woman that the intermarrying in the family was to keep the blood lines Pure and that sister would marry brother if that's what it took to do so. These were considered to be Royal blood lines among the Indians and the strength of the tribe was of utmost importance in those very early days.
I know Nothing of this story and today is the first I've ever read it, but I have to say it sure gave me a big Lift to read it because the ONLY Moody Indian I have Ever found on a tribal record was a Daniel MOODY who just so happened to have appeared on an 1881 NARRAGANSETT Tribe list with his family in Rhode Island. I have No idea where he came from and cannot find a trace of his lineage.
My entire family was/is from Maine and Mass, so this was a Great story to me. Whether it be true or not, I cannot say. There is good evidence going either side, but I tend to lean towards the Indian connection. I was also told by the Indian woman that if family oral history said you had Indians in your lineage, they are Most Likely true because NO one who was White wanted to admit there were Indians in their family's lineage way back then.

Indeed this story might be embellished a good bit, and the "Indian Princess" thing Always makes me suspicious, but who knows, this could very well be a True story. Who the heck can prove it at this point anyway? Are there still in existence Indian marriage records from the Early 1600's? Did they even record such things in those very early days?
I use Thomas Jefferson's story as my crutch one would have believed he fathered many children with one of his black slave women either, but today we KNOW he did, so whites have been mixing with other races for a long time.
Take the Indians of Maine for example...many are mixed with the French of Canada so many of them could easily pass as whites on the census'and did.
Well anyway, thanks for posting all the Great it true or not, it makes for Great reading and it sure made my day to read the Narragansett link.