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Subject:Elias P. Barringer - Confederate soldier from Iredell County, NC
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I am a civil war collector and trader and also a writer. I am currently working on a book regarding the "Saltillo Boys". This is a company of voluteers in the Civil War from Iredell County, North Carolina. They were called the Saltillo Boys because some of their number had participated victoriously in the Battle of Bueno Vista during the Mexican War. Their actual designation was Co. C of the 4th Regiment of North Carolina Volunteers. All of Co. C was from Iredell County, N.C.

One of the people in the company was Elias P. Barringer. He was 18 years old when he enlisted and was mustered into Co. C on June 7, 1861 as a private. He died on 9/5/1861 at the Battle of Manassas in Virginia.

I am interested in additional information regarding Elias for use in my book. I am interested in any and all info that can be obtained - especially personal information. Please e-mail me directly at

The 4th Regiment completed its organization in May 1862 at Camp Hill, near Garysburg, NC. It was ordered to Virginia, where the unit served in General Featherston's, G.B. Anderson's, Ramseur's and Cox's Brigade. It was active at Williamsburg, Seven Pines, and the Seven Days' Battles, then shared in the campaigns of the army from South Mountain to Cold Harbor. Later the 4th was involved in Early's Shenandoah Valley operations and the Appomattox Campaign. It lost 77 killed, 241 wounded, and 6 missing of the 678 engaged at Seven Pines, sustained 58 casualties during the Maryland Campaign and had 45 killed and 110 wounded at Chancellorsville. At Gettysburg, the unit lost thirty-one percent of the 196 engaged and 18 were disabled at Bristoe. The records show 8 officers and 101 men present on April 9, 1865. Its field officers were Colonels George B. Anderson, Bryan Grimes, Edwin A. Osborne, and James H. Wood; Lieutenant Colonels David M. Carter and John A. Young; and Majors Edward S. Marsh and Absalom K. Simonton.

A complete list of soldiers, for whom I am asking for information, associated with Co C 4th NC Infantry include:

William M. Adams
Claudius S. Alexander
Thomas A. Alexander
Andrew J. Anderson
George A. Andrews
John B. Andrews
Charles B. Armes (Arms)
John F. Armstrong
C. Pinkney Arthurs
Martin L. Arthurs (Arther)
John A. Baggarly (Beggerly)
Thomas B. Bailey
Elihu Barkly (Elisha)
Jesse M. Barnette
Elias P. Barringer
Miner P. Beard
Robert Carmi Beard
T.M. Beard
William S. Beard
A.L. Bell
Melmoth A. Bowles
James W. Brack
George Brady
William Brady
David L. Brandon
John A. Brandon
Robert Brantley
James S. Brawley
William R.I. Brawley
Isaac N. Brotherton
Sylvester Brotherton
T.T. Burrell (T.F.)
David S. Bustle
Henry L. Bustle
J.H. Cameron
August F. Campbell
James P. Campbell
John H. Campbell
W.J. Campbell
Jacob M. Canoy (Cannoy) (Caynoy)
Daniel F. Carpenter
H. Carpenter
Henry Alexander Chambers
William M. Chipley
J.H. Christy (I.H.)
Milas A. Claywell (Miles)
William A. Claywell
J.A. Cline
Rufus B. Combs
Robert B. Cook
Daniel A. Currie
Nicholas W. Carpenter
Solomon A. Claywell
David P. Dobbins (Daniel C.)
Joseph Dobson (James A.) (Joseph B.)
William Dobson
John R. Eidson
Archibald B. Ervin
John A.S. Feimster
John A. Feimster
Rufus P. Feimster
Freeman J. Fisher
John A. Fleming
William Freeman
Joe W. Fry
James A. Garrison
Joseph F. Gibson
Alvin H. Goodin
D.A. Goodin
H.A. Goodin
Alfred F. Goodman
B.L. Goodman
John T. Goodman
William M. Goodman
A.B. Goodwin
D.L. Green
Robert O. Hair
Eugenius Alexander Hall
J.R.A. Hall
Robert A. Hall
James F. Harbin
W.F. Harbin
James H. Harkness
Noah Frank Harkness
George W. Hendren
Solomon Hendren
Willis H. Holder
James A. Holmes
John F. Holmes
Robert J. Holmes (Robert G.)
Robert M. Holmes
Robert Q. Holmes (Robert O., Robert D.)
W.C. Holmes
Milas Holtshouser
Nelson P. Hooper
John C. Hoover
Sumpter A. Hoover
James A. Houpe
William Thomas Hutchins
Pink Jacobs
H.H. James
William W. James
Charles L. Johnston
Henry T. Johnston
Isaac M. Jones
Green B. Jordan
Columbus Kerr
Robert T. Kerr
Thomas Alexander Kerr
William A. Kerr
William Laughery
William H. Lazenby
Alexander F. Lewis
Franklin A. Lewis
James A. Lewis
Thomas M. Lewis
Robert Osborne Linster
George W. Locke
H. Lewis S. Lollar
Reuben S. Lollar
Henry L. Marshall
Edward May
H. McGowan
Frank A. McHargue
Samuel McHargue
James A. McKay
James P. McKay
William B. McKinney
Silas M. McLaughlin
James R. McLelland
Charles M. Miller
J.B. Miller
Peter T. Miller
Abner S. Mills
Gilbert N. Mills (Gilbreth)
J.M. Moore (John M., J.N.)
Marshall William Moore
John M. Moore
Dave Murdoch
Nathan A. Murdock
Thomas L. Murdock
J.P. Norton
James C. Norton
Cye Orsburne
Edwin Augustus Osborne
John T. Parker
Robert English Patterson
James M. Peek
J. Putnam
Jacob Nathaniel Raymer
John C. Reamer
W.D. Reamer
James A. Reid
James Rufus Reid
Walter W. Reid
John Revis
Daniel A. Reynolds
Jos. Rhunner
J.M. Rickert (John)
Jacob T. Robb
John Scroggs
Constantine S. Sharp
Richard A. Sharp
Joe B. Sherrill
F.A. Shuford (T.A. Schuford)
James Columbus Steele
Thomas W. Stephenson
Washington A. Stephenson
Thomas L. Stevenson
J.C.N. Stikeleather
William J. Stikeleather
Alfred L. Summers
Augustus F. Summers
Humphrey Summers
James E. Summers
Nathan Columbus Summers
Robert C. Summers
Samuel H. Summers
Thomas Summers
Thomas B. Summers
Poley Wilson Swann
Thomas B. Swann
J.T. Tays
Jesse Thomas
Amos S. Tomlin
John J. Troutman
Thomas S. Tucker
Alfred Turner
Henry H. Turner (Henry C.)
John C. Turner
Wilfred Turner (Wilford)
John A. Waddell
William Alex Walker
James W. Waugh
William Waugh (William L.)
Alfred M. White
George W. White
Joseph C. White
John L. Wilson
Samuel L. Wilson
J.G. Woodside
A.C. Yates
David S. Yates (David G.)
Martin V. Yates
Thomas A. Yates
John Graham Young

Thank you very much,
Joy Shivar
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