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Subject:Non Aboriginal Coloured people in South Australians 19th century
Post Date:November 26, 2013 at 18:29:21
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I am doing research into the non-British people who settled in South Australia in the 19th century. There were many sailors who were Indian, African, Arab etc. I have found many stayed in South Australia and had families here with English women. One of whom is an ancestor of mine. Many had Anglicized names so going by the name you would not be aware they were non-British.

I would like to urge anyone who suspects they have an ancestor who was a non British sailor or lascar to have autosomal DNA testing done on the earliest generation they can. Our autosomal DNA is diluted by 50% each generation and it does not take many generations for their DNA information to be lost. Autosomal DNA matches find recent ancestors from within around the last 6 generations and although it cannot tell you which ancestor it is, it can give you an idea of the geographical locations your DNA comprises of, as a percentage.

I have started a database of individuals(not DNA), mainly sailors or cooks from the ships who were described as colored men, who appeared to have stayed in South Australia for some time. I have found hundreds of them in South Australia so far and am still finding more. Many people believe Africans, Arabs and Indians are a recent addition to our society but in fact they were here from the very early days and some of us are descended from them.

Any info or questions please email me. For email address just click on my name.