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Subject:War Veterans, AD1923. Is yours here. S.A.C.V. 54 men
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1. Arnold, T., colour-sergeant, I.S.M., 4th Foot, Zulu War, 1879
2. Ashby, G., corporal, Frontier Light Horse, Kaffir and Zulu Wars, 1877-8-9
3. Bainbridge, E., lieutenant, Cape Mounted Yeomanry, Moerassi Campaign, 1879
4. Ball, W. W., warrant-officer, 11th Hussars, Egypt, 1882,
..........and World's War, 1914-18
5. Banning, W., sergt-major, M.M., King's Royal Rifles, Burma (Chitral), 2nd Boer War,
..........and World's War
6. Barker, E., 14th Foot, New Zealand
7. Black W. B., lieutenant, R.M.L.I., Egypt, 1882,
..........and World's War, 1914-17
8. Blake. W. corporal, Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, Egypt, 1884-5
9. Bell, W. J., captain, King's Own Scottish Borderers, Chitral, 1895, Tirah, 1897,
..........South Africa, 1899-1902,
...........and World's War
10. Bland, W. J., colour-sergeant, Oxford and Bucks, Afghanistan,
...........and World's War
11. Bradshaw, W. R., Royal Navy, Ashantee, 1873-4
12. Braham, H. A., I.S.M., Royal Navy, Abyssinia, 1868, Afghanistan, 1878
13. Burton, H. J., Royal Navy, Egypt, 1882
14. Butterworth, T. J., sergeant, 32nd Regiment, Egypt, 1884-5,
.............and World's War
15. Clarke, E. W., troop' sergeant-major, 7th Hussars, 1st Boer War, 1881
16. Colley, L. E., lieut., 19th (Yorkshire) Regiment, Burmah, Tirah Campaign,
..............Khyber Expeditionary Force, South Africa,
..............and World's War
17. Corbett. J. W., sergeant, Camerons, Egypt, 1892, Boer,
..............and World's Wars
18. Creswell, R., corporal, 14th Foot New Zealand
19. Currell, H., Royal Navy, Egypt 1882
20. DePassey, W., lieut.-colonel, 17th Lancers, Zulu War, 1879, 2nd Boer War
21. Fabri, A., Royal Navy, Egypt, 1882
22. Filmore M., corporal, Cape Mounted Rifles, Basutoland, 1880-1
23. Freeman, W., Naval Transport Corps, Crimea
24. Gee, A.J., Royal Navy, Egypt, 1882
25. Gibbs, J., Royal Navy, Jamaica Rebellion, 1865
26. Glazbrook, J., Royal Navy, Zulu War (H.M.S. Shah), 1879
27. Gordon L. R., lieutenant, Burrowes' Horse, Zulu War, 1879
28. Griggs, H. W., sergeant, 9th Lancers, Afghanistan, 1878-80
29. Hanley, T.,, Gordon Highlanders, Afghanistan, 1878, 1st and 2nd Boer Wars
30. Hearn, J., Warrant-officer, Royal Artillery, Egypt 1882-5, 2nd Boer War
31. Hepburn, W. G., Warrant-officer, Black Watch, Egypt, 1882, Boer War,
................and World's War
32. Hewett E.H., corporal, 12th Lancers, Afghanistan, 1878-80
33. Hull. S. E.. sergeant, Rotheby's Horse, Zulu War, Egypt, 1882
34. Jennings, E., American Civil War, 2nd Boer War
35. Kerr, J., Northumberland Fusiliers Afghanistan, 1878
36. Knaggs, G., corporal, 14th foot, New Zealand
37. LaFolley, W., lance-corporal, Black Watch, Ashantee, 1874
38. Madden, J., sergeant, 17th Foot, Afghanistan 1878-80
39. Miller, W. J., lieutenant, R.M.L.I., West Africa
40. Moore, J., captain, Royal Navy, Crimea and Baltic
41. Mudd, F. J., corporal, 60th Rifles, Zulu War, 1879, and 1st and 2nd Boer Wars
42. Nicholson P., corporal, R.A., Burmah, Bechuanaland, and 2nd Boer War
43. Paul, J. K., major, D.S.O., 107th Regiment, Egypt, 1882, Eastern Soudan, 1884-5,
.............Hazars Campaign, 1888, 2nd Boer War, 1899-1900,
.............and World's War, 1916-17
44. Redan, J., Engineers, Franco-Prussian War, 1870-1
45. Reilly J., 90th Perthshire Light Infantry, Zulu War 1879
46. Rose. C. E. S., sergeant-major, 3rd Waikato Regiment, New Zealand
47. Sadler, D., corporal, 51st Foot, Afghanistan, 1878
48. Simpson, H., 2nd Royal Fusiliers, Afghanistan, 1878-80
49. Snow, A., sergeant, 17th Foot, Basutoland and Transkei, 1880-1
50. Taverner, J. G. M., sergeant, 2nd Batt. R. Nth. Lancashire, Afghanistan, 1878-80
51. Walker, R., Land Transport Corps, Crimea
52. Watson, R., 38th Foot, Crimea and Mutiny
53. West, J., Coldstream Guards, Egypt, 1882
54. Wright, W. R., 7th Hussars, Egypt, 1882-4-5..