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THE ADVERTISER. 3 Dec 1900, p.6.
Veteran Thomas said he felt it a very great privilege and honor, on behalf of the
old veterans of her Majesty's service, who had fought and bled for their country, and who were willing to do so again to welcome these young warriors back from the battlefield.
The veterans who handed in their names at a function at the Town Hall were:
1.....Andrews..., Bugler.
2.....Ashby, George, 24th Foot Zulu War, 1877-79 (R.S.L. badge no. 2).
3.....Aird, Alexander, 93rd Sutherland Highlanders, India, Relief of Lucknow.
4.....Baker, F., A.B.
5.....Ball, ..., Private, Marine.
6.....Bates, John, Royal Field Artillery, Crimea.
7.....Bieg, C., 109th Regt Foot, 1856-58 South Africa, 1858-74 India.
8.....Bink, Thomas, Crimean war.
9.....Bird, James, 2nd Battalion, 14th Foot, 15yrs, Ireland & N.Z.
10..Blake, W., 46th Second Battalion D.C.L. Infantry, Egypt and Soudan.
11..Blight, William, Navy, South America and Crimea.
12..Boyd, John.
13..Bradshaw, W.R., Navy; ship Barracouta.
14..Braham, H.A., China and Abyssinia.
15..Braham, William, 14 years Canada and East India.
16..Bristow, W., sergeant farrier, 14th King's Hussars, served 12 yrs India and Africa.
17..Burton, H.J., Royal Navy, 1882 to 1885, Alexandria.
18..Cameron, ..., Private, Marine.
19..Cameron, Peter, 92nd Gordon Highlanders , Kandahar and Kabul.
20..Campsie, Andrew, 2nd Dragoon Guards, served 12yrs India.
21..Cockrane. F., 66th Foot, India, Russia, served 17 yrs.
22..Coffey, M., 14th Regiment.
23..Coker, G., A.B.
24..Conner, Thomas, 50th Regiment, Crimea.
25..Cossins, G.H., Zululand, served 2yrs.
26..Crowe, James, corporal, 97th Foot, served 21yrs Crimea, and Indian Mutiny.
27..Day, Jesse, Scotch Fusilier Guard.
28..Duckmanton, J.N., ships Cumberland and Geyser.
29..Dunnell, A., A.B..
30..Eardley, G.T.
31..Ellis, Samuel, navy.
32..Evans, John, corporal 2nd Lancaster Regiment, India.
33..Fahey, A., navy.
34..Fleming, J., ship Gambier.
35..Foran, Daniel., 40th Foot, New Zealand.
36..Forrester, John, R.A.
37..Frood, R., A.B..
38..Gardner, W., H.M.S. Triton.
39..Glen, Thomas, R.A., Crimea.
40..Gliddon, H.J., sergeant, 40th and 97th Regiments, New Zealand war.
41..Hames, John, Crimea.
42..Hamlin, H., ship Cygnet.
43..Henderson, Nathan, 2nd Battalion, Royal Lancaster.
44..Heney, James.
45..Hill, J.C., R.N., East India, Mutiny, and China.
46..Hoey, M., Crimea.
47..House, J., A.B.
48..Hurst, ..., Private, Marine.
49..Jones, W.
50..Keeler, R., A.B.
51..Kennedy, John, First Battalion, Essex and Devons, served 21 yrs, mostly India.
52..Kevill, A.B.
53...Kyerdale, C., A.B..
54..La Folley, William Francis, sergt 2nd Batt. Rifles Brigade, Gold Coast, Ashanti.
55..H. Livingstone, H., 34th Infantry, Crimea.
56..Lone, R., navy.
57..McColl, J., navy
58..McDonald, C., First Battalion Royal Irish Fusiliers, London, 1884.
59..MacDonald, W., 85th K.L.I..
60..Mainprise, E., A.B..
61..Marshall, A., 92nd Gordon Highlanders, Crimea.
62..Marshall, R., 57th Foot.
63..Mills, William M., 9th Queens Royal Lancers;
64..Milne, A., A.B..
65..Mitchell, George, sub-sergeant, R.N., Crimea.
66..Mitchell, Henry, 1st Staffordshire Regiment.
67..Mytton, Henry, H.M.S. Britannia.
68..Nagle, J., 44th, India.
69..Nation, W., navy.
70..Parry, N., 109th Foot, India, South Africa, Abyssinia.
71..Paulson, B. Crimea.
72..Pawditch, J.R., navy.
73..Penney, C., navy.
74..Perry, W.E., navy.
75...Perryman, navy, Crimea.
76...Powell, George, navy.
77...Reilly, J., 2nd Battalion, S.R., India.
78...Ripley, R.H., navy, Crimea.
79...Rooney, T., 84th Foot, India.
80...Russell, J., 3rd Foot;
81...Russell, W.J., 31st Regiment;
82...Sadler, David, corporal, 51st K.O.H.I..
83...Schilling, Chas., navy.
84...Simpson, ...., Corporal, marine.
85...Smith, George, 44th, India.
86...Smith, W.A., navy.
87...Snow, A., Leicestershire Militia and other regiments.
88...Styles, J., navy.
89...Sullivan, Patrick, 21st R.,Scotch Fusiliers, Crimea.
90...Thomas, Geo., 57th Regiment Foot, Crimea, Indian mutiny and N.Z.
91...Thomas, T.B., captain, 4th Battalion, Natal Contingent;
92..Thwaites, Samuel, 54th Foot.
93..Vaughan, P.J., 18th Royal Irish.
94..Waite, J.W., Queen's Own, 4th Light Dragoons, Crimea.
95..Walker, W.
96..Webster, Joseph, First Royals, 2nd Battalion, Crimea, Turkey, and China.
97..Williams, Joseph, Crimea.
98..Wischhusen, A., navy.
99. W. Yendall, corporal, 51st Regiment.