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       In 1790 Lodowick Archer and Frederick Archer were on the Orangeburg, (North district) South Carolina census.[Today this is Lexington Co. SC] In Lodwick’s household, there was one white male over 16 (presumably Lodwick himself), one under 16, and 3 white females. (page 94.) In Frederick “Archy’s” household there was one male over 16, (page 96.) [Thomas “Bartet” was on page 96. Rhoda (Archer) Bartlett was one of the administrators of his Lex. Co. SC estate in 1817.]

       In 1794 Lodowick Archer is found on the Hancock county, Georgia tax list in Captain Eiland’s district. He has 40 acres of land on the Buffalo Creek originally granted to “Philips.” The tax he paid was 34 ½ cents. (File drawer 50, box 77, Georgia State Archives in Atlanta.)
In 1802 Lodwick Archer gave five head of cattle and a chesnut sorrel phillia (sic,filly) to his “loving daughter” Nancy Carter (Hancock County, Georgia, deed book F page 284.) The deed was recorded June 7, 1803. Nancy was married to James Carter, an heir named in the deed when all the heirs of Lodowick Archer sold his land to Jesse Carter in 1807.
In the Hancock County 1804 tax list, Ludowick (sic) Archer lived in Eiland’s district, page 58. He had 123 acres of pine land originally granted to “Philips” adjoining a man named Harvey on Rocky creek.        
On June 14, 1805 Lodwick Archer of Hancock County gave his son Frederick Archer 128 acres in Hancock County adjoining the land of William Sanders, Still, Abercrombie, Bonner, and Harvey. Nancy Harvey and Zephaniah Harvey, J.P. were witnesses. This Archer-to-Archer deed was not registered until 1820, page 331 of the deed book covering that date. [Harvey was the same Justice of the Peace who officiated the marriage of Starling and Betsy Archer in 1807.] [{Robert} Still was the original grantee of the first 100 acres of land on which Starling Bartlett paid 1812 tax according to the list itself.]
       In the 1805 land lottery, Lodwick Archer from Hancock County drew 2 blanks (meaning that he did not win.) No other Archers are listed from Hancock County in this lottery. Since this particular lottery lists all residents who were available to draw, the assumption is that Frederick Archer may not have yet lived in Georgia long enough for the one year residency requirement to draw. In 1805 James Carter also drew 2 blanks (Lodwick’s son-in-law.) Jesse Carter drew one blank and one prize.

[As an aside: Newman Richardson from Columbia County, Ga. drew 1 blank. William Stanton sold Hancock County land to Newman Richardson recorded in 1804 (Deed book G/68. ) Robert Still sold land to Thomas Vickers in Hancock county recorded in 1804. Robert Still and wife Elizabeth sold 200 acres in Hancock County to John Mann in 1806. (H/304) Robert Still sold 250 acres of Buffalo Creek property to George and James Still on January 31, 1807, and the deed said that it was the land where
their mother Susanna lived (recorded 1808 deed book H, page 416). The land was adjoining John Hamilton, Robert Still, Viccars (sic) and Mrs. Kenan (sic). On February 11, 1812, Robert Still of Morgan County, Ga., sold to Frederick Archer of Hancock County 200 acres of land on the Buffalo (creek.) In 1814 Susanna Still married Newman Richardson in Hancock County. In 1816 George Still (of Morgan County, Ga.) sold (his interest in the) 250 acres of property on the Buffalo adjoining John Hamilton, Sterling Bartly, Viccors, and Kennon to Newman Richardson [recorded in 1818, deed book L (or M), page 546.] All of this information is provided to point out that Newman Richardson, was a close, if not next-door, neighbor of Sterling Bartlett’s because of the land that Frederick Archer bought from Robert Still. And Trimmakin J. Richardson (Starling Bartlett’s son-in-law) was a buyer at the estate sale of Newman Richardson in 1826. In December 1818 James and Susannah Still sold to John Richardson ½ tract on the rocky branch of Buffalo Creek where James and Susannah live adjacent John Hamilton, Sr., John Hall’s land, Viccars, and Kenan. (Deed book M/211)] This brings up three questions: Who was John Hall? Why wasn’t the land still called Sterling Bartley’s land? Did Susanna Still (the mother and widow) marry Newman Richardson, or was it her daughter Susannah who married him? Okay, enough lateral information!

On May 18, 1807 in Hancock County, Christiana Archer, wife of Ludwick (sic) Archer, deceased, Rhoda Bartlett, Fedrick (sic) Archer, Harbert (sic) Archer, Williamson Johnston, and James Carter, legatees of said Ludwick Archer, deceased, sold to Jesse Carter of Hancock County, 123 acres for $300 on the rocky creek of Buffalow (sic) adjoining Thomas Lankester, Brodnax, John Mann’s spring branch. William Carter and John Miles, J.P. were witnesses. Deed book A page 324, recorded 1811(?)
In 1808 James Carter of Hancock County got a grant in that County for 105 ½ acres (Grant book G.5, page 429.) In 1813, he got a grant for 419 ¾ acres (Grant book I.5, page 198.) James Carter of Baldwin County (next to Hancock County) sold 105 ½ acres of Hancock County land on Rocky Creek to William Brooking in 1808. The land was adjoining the said James Carter, Still, Dennis, and unknown. It was not recorded until 1820 ( Hancock Deed Book M/289). William Brooking sold the same land to Jesse Carter in 1817 (M/290), and also John Mann had sold 120 acres of land on Rocky creek to Jesse Carter in 1812 adj. Brodnax and Trawick that was recorded in 1820. (M/290)
It appears that Jesse Carter sold the Lodwick Archer land to James Claiborne on November 4, 1809 and it was recorded in 1811.
William Archer owned 250 acres of pine land in Hancock County on the Buffalo water course adjacent “Mann” and “Traywick” in the 1812 Tax Digest. The “grantee” had been “Harvey.” Find out if Harvey sold to William Archer. Whose son was William Archer? It APPEARS he was probably Frederick’s son, BUT NO POSITIVE PROOF.

       Where has Harbert Archer gone? He lived in Union County, S.C. for a while. [Union County, SC Deed Abstract Vol I, A-F 1785-1800 (1752-1800) by Brent Holcombe: page 155 and 156.] “Deed Book D, pages 98, 99: 20 March 1795, Harbert Archerd (sic)and Mary his wife of Union County SC to Hannah Lamb of same for 5 pounds SC money, 22 acres on waters of Pacolate River adjoining Joshua Scisson’s land, granted to John Strange (part of tract of 180 acres of land conveyed by John McChator to said Harbert Archerd 14 March 1794 adj. John Strange.) Wit: Philip Davis (*), Frederick Archer. Proved by Davis 3 April 1795. Recorded 1 June, 1795.” [Of note that may or may not be significant on page 166, John and Martha Strange sold land granted to him in 1791 and one of the witnesses was Starling Strange…………..jeb]
       Union County Will Book “A” page 147 records the will of Hiram Haney. “To wife 80 acre tract I purchased of Harbird Archer on the waters of Pacolett River 12 Oct. 1808. Will book “B” pages 307-310 records the will of Thomas H. Armstrong who wills land to heirs on the waters of “Thickety Creek” adjacent lands of R. Lusk, J. Lusk, Harberd Archer and others 1842.
In the above Hancock County tax digest, Frederick Archer owned 128 acres and 215 acres in Hancock County on the Buffalo adjacent “Bonner” and “Hamilton.” “Archer” had been the originial grantee. (The writer assumed that would be Lodwick Archer who was the original grantee for the 128 acres. But the writer could not find Lodwick’s name in the Headright and Bounty grants for Georgia. However, Frederick Archer got a grant for 49 acres in 1820 in Hancock County (Grant book .5, page 192.) When did Frederick/Federick get the 215 acres? Was this the “200” acres he just bought from Robert Still adjoining Hamilton and others?)

[In 1818 the following Carter men paid a poll tax in Conecuh County, Alabama: James Carter, Jr., Archer Carter, Morris Carter, Jesse Carter, Hiram Carter, James Carter, William B. Carter, and Jacob Carter. These certainly do sound like the Hancock County Carter men to me.]
1820 James Archer from Miller’s district, Hanc. Co. won lot #181 section 6 in Appling County, (in the 1820 lottery.) It contained 490 acres. (The writer thinks maybe James Archer was Frederick’s son, but has NO PROOF of this at all.)

In 1821 Frederick Archer from Swint’s district, Hancock County, won lot #57 in section 8 of Monroe County, (in the 1821 lottery.) [Swint’s was the same district as Miller’s…it just changed Militia Captains.] It contained 202 ½ acres. Monroe County is adjacent to Bibb county, Ga.

In 1821 William Archer, Sr., from Swint’s district (Hanc. Co.) won lot #7 section 3, Houston County, 202 ½ acres. The grant was dated March 19, 1822. (The writer thinks maybe this is also Frederick Archer’s son, but again, has NO PROOF.)

On April 14, 1821, Fredrick Archer was a juror in Hancock County, according to the Superior Court records.
1825 Lottery, Hancock County residents elligible for draws in the 1827 lottery:
       Frederick Archer got 2 draws.
       William Archer got 2 draws.
       James Archer got 1 draw.

1825 Tax returns show these holdings of land for residents in Capt. Swint’s district in Hancock County:

       Frederick Archer 337 acres on Buffalo, adjacent “Coleman.” (Six acres have been disposed of some time between 1812 and 1825, or the survey was corrected.)

       James Archer 290 acres on Buffalo, adj. “Vickers.”
       James Archer also paid tax on 490 acres he owned in Appling Co. (lot 181, 6th dist.)
       Simeon Archer 100 acres on Buffalo adj. “Osborne.”

       William Archer 200 acres on Buffalo adj. “Lingo” and “Vickers.” (This sounds like the land that Frederick Archer bought from Robert Still in 1812, adjoining Hamilton, and Viccars.)
William, Frederick, and James Archer were all major buyers in the 1826 sale of Newman (married Susanna Still 1814) Richardson’s estate, sold by his administrator John Richardson in Hancock County. Trimmakin J. Richardson, who married Rhoda Bartlett (PROVEN daughter of Sterling Bartlett) in 1825, was also a buyer of 3 things.

1830 Hancock County Census (which the census taker put in alphabetical order instead of the order of the households:)
Male Female (Key for ages: under 5, 5-10, 10-15, 15-20, 20-30, 30-40, etc.
James Archer 000001 --1011 (James Archer married Maria Norris 1829 in Hancock Co.)
Elias S. Archer 00001 --1001 (Elias married Elizabeth Gilbert 1838 in Hancock Co.)
William Archer 0021001--120001 (William married Elizabeth Jackson 1833 Hancock)
Williamson Archer 00001 --0000 (Williamson married Mary P. Simpson 1832 Hanc.)
Frederick Archer 110100001 -- 00001001 [page 145]
[I did not find Rhoda Bartlett in this census.]

1830 Henry County, Ga. Census:
Lodowick Archer 110001-- 00101 [I don’t know who this Lodowick Archer is, ] (census page 199) If he is 30-40 years old, he was born 1790-1800.

1832 Gold Lottery:
       Lodowick Archer from Henry Co., Ga. won lot #1031 in district 3 section 3, which is now Cobb Co.
       James Archer from district 118 Hancock County, Ga., won lot #427 in district 3, section 1, which is now Forsythe Co.
       Williamson Archer from Hancock Co., Ga. won lot #908 in district 12, section 1, which is now Lumpkin Co.
(These were all in the area called Cherokee County at that time.)
William Archer sold lot #307, district 13 in Houston County to John Laidler, but a second entry says that William Archer sold to Harry A. Archer lot #307 district 13 in Houston County on February 11, 1834. The writer does not know who this William Archer is.        

Williamson Archer sold 2 6/10 acres in Powelton in Hancock County to Solomon Rainwater on November 3, 1836.
Tax list, Macon County, Ga.
Frederick C. Archer paid 1 poll, no property. Capt. Berry’s district.
James Archer paid tax on 238 ½ acres of oak and hickory in Macon County, and 490 acres on pine in Telfair County. (Telfair County was taken from Appling.)

Hancock County deed book P, page 118. William Archer deeded property to John Patterson.
1840 Macon County Ga. Census: (Census key: same as 1830.)
Frederick C. Archer was b. 1810-20, wife b. 1810-20. Female child b. 1835-40. Page 6
Federick (sic) Archer 20011 10001 plus one female and one male both 70-80 yrs old. Page 13.
James Archer was also on this census.
Rody Bartley was on the following page (page 14) of this census. She was 70-80. She had a female 20-30 years old living with her. [Rody appears to be the same age as Federick (sic) Archer, doesn’t she? I wish she had lived to 1850 so we could know where she was born, but it was probably Virginia, since she was his sister.]

1850 Macon County Census, household #272.
Frederick (age 86) and Sarah (age 70) Archer live in the household with James and Maria Archer. Frederick and Sarah were both born in Virginia.
James Archer was 53, b. in S.C., Benj. F. was 11; James W. 4 months; Maria 40; Sarah A. 18; Mary Frances 17; Rebeca 15; Amanda 13; Hariet 10; Elisa 8; Julia 6; Arabella 4; Camilia 2;
James Archer died in 1869, age 73. He was born in South Carolina about 1796-7 according to the 1850 and 1860 censuses. He married Mariah (sic) C. Norris. She died at the age of 65 on September 3, 1853.

1852 Macon County Tax Lists
District 757 James Archer paid 1 poll, l MD (?) for 300 acres in the 2nd. District Macon County and lot #165. Also 490 acres in the 6th district Appling County, and lot #181.
In Macon County, James Archer deeded to (son) Benjamin F. Archer 150 acres for $750, originally in Muscogee County, now Macon County. The land was cut off of the west side of lot #165. (Macon County Deed Book B/428.) The deed was recorded in 1869.